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MonDieu666 chapter 8 . 8/15
I was going to save this story as a reward for finishing my own but I was sick, I was weak and spent the last couple of hours devouring this story. Uh so good! I liked having Jackie's POV in this story.
I like how you weave canon into the stort and actually provide an explanation for Hyde's shitty behavior in season 7.
It was exactly what I needed :)
Starlight77 chapter 8 . 8/8
I really enjoyed this story and how you had them work out their issues. Jackie reaching out to Eric was a nice touch (and I missed Eric in S8, so it was a nice way of having his influence still working) and I love that she went for honesty and didn't let him back out or run away.

What I enjoy about this story is how they both owned up to their mistakes and the pact was a nice way of having them truly work out all their trust issues.
mi-shell87 chapter 8 . 4/20
Please tell me that you have a sequel or a grand idea of a sequel planned out! Loved this one, and I wish there was more!
Guest chapter 8 . 1/7
Okay, so first of all; this is freaking amazing! Seriously, you captured the characters perfectly, I felt like I was with them the whole time! Each character was perfectly flawed (if that makes any sense). It was only 8 chapters but yet everything was perfectly written, even better than the longer fics I've read. You are fabulous, this was beautiful, not ooc, the plot was solid. I'm rambling, I know but sorry not sorry! I wish ( & I hope) that somewhere in the That 70's Show universe they end up like this. Thank you sooooo much, it was fantastic! Jackie & Hyde are honestly meant to be!
Kats02980416 chapter 8 . 12/17/2015
Aww this is exactly what I pictured on what should have happened for Steven and Jackie. They are just so good for the other. This story was great and I loved the obstacles they went through and the trust they began to rebuild with the other. It was wonderful and a great read.
daChickaDee chapter 8 . 8/14/2015
I have read a few fanfic stories in the last few days after binge re-watching the show and pining (again) over the Hyde and Jackie break-up and the awfulness that was the 8th season, and some of them were really nice and well written, but yours is hands down the BEST. Not only did it capture the characters perfectly but it also didn't shy away from the complexity and the eventual darkness the show itself had chosen to explore but handled oh so badly. Even though I hate the 8th season, I think that in it's own twisted way the plot with the stripper could have been not that bad, and you provide it: you actually managed to put in order all the OOC behavior of the last seasons and give it the intensity and depth it was lacking on the show. And you've kept your Hyde and Jackie so true to themselves, so in character! Even if I love reading romantic scenes, Hyde is not a talker, and him saying the right stuff doesn't come naturally. You have managed to make the character grow remarkably. Thank you for the wonderful reading, I'll be checking your other stories soon and maybe even try something myself. Beautifully done!
107derwent chapter 8 . 6/1/2015
what a great story! I love 8th season and post-finale fanfics cause authors always try to bring back the three-dimensional characters lost during the last season of the show. This story was no different! It was amazing how you digged into jackie and hyde's concerns about his relationship with Sam and all the unclear stuff about that hidden in the show. The way they become friends and the whole friendship journey was great too! Superhard for them to deal, i guess! Hope you'll write more of this someday, cause i kinda like all the crazy stuff that Sam's character brought to HJ relationship. :)
mlmsharpy chapter 1 . 4/3/2015
I just finished binge-reading your story. It was fantastic. You were completely true to all the characters - not just J&H, but Eric and Fez and the Formans. All the meanness and angst felt organic to the story. It made sense. You did the impossible! You made Hyde marrying the stripper (he thought it was Jackie!) and staying married to her (he was punishing himself) make sense! Even the pact made sense, it didn't feel like a plot device to extend the story or create more barriers, as is often the case in fan fictions.
My only criticism is there were some extraneous words, wrong pronouns (his when you meant hers), things like that. It may seem minor, but it confuses the reader and temporarily takes them out of the story. You're too good for that. Your story deserves better than careless mistakes!
Anyway, this is how I will think of the last season of T7S from now on. Thank you for giving fans the ending we should have had all along!
wprincessannw chapter 8 . 3/27/2015
Very sweet!
Ella chapter 8 . 2/1/2015
This was beautiful. Thank you.
Guest chapter 8 . 1/5/2015
I just finished binge-watching the entire series for the first time since it ended. This story was a great way to correct the crap that was season 8. Bravo!
zpplnchick chapter 8 . 12/9/2014
So, I read a whole bunch of your stories these past couple of weeks, but have just been too lazy of a noob to review. Haha. So, I'm doing it now :D

Firstly, that line Jackie says in the first chapter (which I would copy and paste here but FF won't let me) about Sam and the lube and tunnels had me cracking up SO HARD. And then later when she thinks about writing "Tolerated Eric" made me laugh even harder. Haha.

This story was all kinds of "Awwwwww!" I've read a lot of Season 8 fixit fics, but I don't believe I've ever read one where consciously take a year to repair their relationship & trust. And I think that's such a great idea. I really like how this & Hyde's Long Way Home (ugh, that one is sooo good too) actively show how committed they are to each other by the amount of time it takes to really get back together. It's definitely not an overnight process. It does take time to build that trust up again. Quick fixes just put a band-aid on the issue that will eventually crop up later, and are often much, much worse than before.

Anyway, bravo :) You've written another winner.
jandjsalmon chapter 8 . 11/17/2014
This was utterly wonderful! I felt all the feels!
HydeLuver chapter 8 . 8/12/2014
This story was wonderful. I'm sad it's over but oh so happy that it ended the way it did. This last chapter is definitely my favorite of the eight only because it shows how far their relationship has come. I really respect that Hyde wanted so desperately to stick to their pact and show her that he could do it, and even though they ended up not fulfilling the pact, her explanation of why it wasn't necessary anymore was so Jackie-like and I love how they came together again. Him proposing at the end, I wasn't expecting it but it's perfect, specially with him using the charm as a way to give her a hint. I absolutely loved reading this story, thank you so much for sharing it with us.

PS: Eric's "A damnable lie" line was really funny and I visualized him saying it lol
HydeLuver chapter 7 . 8/12/2014
Woohoo go Jackie! Good for Hyde for suggesting she apply, it really shows how much he's matured and cares about her enough to want a better future for her. I like to imagine that after the show, he came to his senses and turned out something like that.

I think your idea of a one year pact was really smart and it's interesting seeing them reject the things that might feel so natural, like touching each other, in order to rebuild trust and give their relationship a better chance. I think it's great of them to do that and I'm curious to see if they will actually make it, seeing as how they're slowly forgetting about the rules.
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