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Chuni Luni chapter 27 . 1/29
Chuni Luni chapter 21 . 1/28
Wow they really did screw up didn't they?
Gregory Hanssen chapter 29 . 1/24
You have the mind of a writer, this story was great, I loved it.
SonicAnime2010 chapter 29 . 1/10
I'm a little bit confused from this update.. uh.. maybe i missed something
xxxLeanniexxx chapter 29 . 12/18/2017
Excellent the Iuter Senshi are back and Pluto seems to have some idea what is going on.
Ookii Mamoru chapter 29 . 12/13/2017
Really enjoyed the story, as a long time reader, this will fall under my top 20. Can't wait for the next 2 chapters.
Sim chapter 29 . 12/7/2017
Chapter for Christmas! YAY!

Okay, to chapter: Did you know there IS a jewish autonomy area inside Russia? Not like Israel, but near. It's in Siberia. So you could send these negaverse refugees to Sakhalin or north or east of Khabarovsk, where they could make normal colonies and they will slowly integrate to rest of peoples.
Polishing of Jadeite? Hahaha! Literally golden! Usage will get a nice slap.
tanithlipsky chapter 29 . 12/9/2017
suikofan chapter 29 . 12/7/2017
I'm interested in how Usagi was affected by the power if I'm right with my guessing she can now develop emotionally and Mars wont.
orion0905 chapter 29 . 12/6/2017
Definitely time for some rest. Fun chapter I'm assuming that chibi usa no longer exists. Poor kid.
Byakugan789 chapter 29 . 12/5/2017
Impressions you're trying to flirt is the least of your worries. Although, I suppose this is mid 90's japan, not current western countries.

nice... mindrape without it becoming an angst train.

Cute scene between Harry and Usagi, but I hope people dont start shipping them.
Heh, and when you said Tokyo Todai, I mind farted and thought of A Certain Scientific Railgun. Would be interesting to see how academy city handles Senshi and wizards alongside their ritualists and espers.

Rofl. I like Jadites sense of humor.
I suppose from Pluto's explanation that the central core up on the moon is completely destroyed then? None of the other planets are getting anything, even if their infrastructure is in tact? Because that'd actually be just the slightest bit annoying. I was hoping the battle over it would end up with Earth retaining its magic and there being a rebirth of sort for magic on earth.

Ah well. Set up the MSC and the dark portal we're about to build to play Yin-Yang with each other to Negate the Nega and Posi verses while the node collects the resultant carnage! Woo!
DarkRavie chapter 29 . 12/5/2017
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
smith.andrew195 chapter 29 . 12/5/2017
Continue from my chapter 12 thing ,

Every senshi power set is their to use with a few broken and the one with the least ideal of what she can do is usagi with her main power set of infinite power(she will never run out of power) and infinite reincarnations( which lets her straight up reserect herself up to her own soul getting destroyed and is acutely the source of her healing power since yes she can acutely reserects other as well in fact the reason the people of new kingdom she made only have 1000 year lifespans is she believes in the natural cycle of life in death so you can die of old age but not much else since if you were killed or going to reincarnate anyway she is fine bringing you back).

Also one of the biggest differences is the manga does not mention the whole flood thing that supposedly happens in the anime and most of the people of earth start to reclaim their memories of living in the moon kingdom or one other planets or earth. Also Usagi is almost a harem protagonis.

Also Chaos the big bad of the full sailor moon is what is left of what came before exsitance and wants to destroy existence and then itself to return evething to what it is and most of the bigger bads of each arc are either controlled manipulated by or just straight up are its spawn.

As for the only male senshi it is of course mamoru who has the golden crystal of earth which is part of the reason Chiba is so messed up she can somewhat tap into her mother and fathers crystal as well as her own growing inside her which is the actual soul of the moon. As for the reason she is sent back to the present it is to connect with her knights and Saturn who is her Venus to Usagi. Personal knight and it is stated that even before meeting Usagi was in love with her princess aka Usagi past life this is part of the sailor V manga where she also flew to Venus and back
smith.andrew195 chapter 12 . 12/5/2017
The 90 anime changed a lot from the manga like ageing mamoru up to 21 from 15/16 , i believe it also delayed the whole Usagi hair turning silver as her genetics quite literally refer to the same as her old self( in fact this happens eventually with everyone ) also the whole considering your past self as you with no real difference except mamoru who has no real connection to anything on earth in fact the only reason he goes by his name is that's what the doctors told him his name was and his ability to read objects history(yeah the 90 anime is what gave him just the rose thing he had more in the manga) on what was supposed to belong to his family gave him nothing so he has no modern day memory's

In terms of the outers( for lack of the better term to refer to them ) it more the nature of their powers start at a higher level of access(planet) and the nature of this power is more broken. Saturn power is Death as in her strongest attack is her dropping her glaive as it is called and everything in her range including herself will just drop dead(said range happens to be the solar system and the only reason Pluto survived is she has her own little pocket dimension with the gate of space and time( which is both more and less powerful than most people make out Pluto has no way to directly see through time normally but if the gate is used against a degree of what is implied to be Plutos farther the god of time who made a few more taboos it links the points in time for a while at least a year and allows you to directly alter that future time by changing the past like taking out a senshi in the past also caused them to straight away collapse and their crystal to foot above them) though the other two outers got killed by this and this was after the fall of the moon kingdom since the frist three met up to decide what to do and Saturn was summoned to do what she does best )
Though funny enough Saturn might be able to remove the horcrux in harry with the attack she made up silence glaive surprise( she points her glaive at he really target right in front of them the surprise comes from the fact only what she is aiming at is affected though she does have a limit to how strong she can make it without her power spreading She tried to use it to free the metor scouts ( I think the ones who would become small lady's knights also implied Saturn is into chibi)

Pluto is broken but if she uses her full brokenness she will be smiteed for breaking the taboo of time specifically you do not spot time she did this is the furture to stop the two silver crystals from touching and blowing up the earth and the neo queen serenity just reincarnated her back in the present day( yes this is how powerful usgai in her second strongest form where she scarificed her ability as a battle Mage for being a goddess Mage who can to such thing as grant 1000 year lifespans and eternal youth(which cause the black moon clan to start acting like Isis and calling her the devil or one of his servents) causally restoring a city, a infection that was affecting the very soul of the planet and having bad side effects on the one who shared that soul and resurrected all the people killed by the black moon clan with a wave of her arm)

In terms of power all senshi and one not senshi reach planet busting level in the manga except maybe the not senshi since males can not use the full power of a senshi crystal.

The senshi crystal is the source of a senshi power and the normal way they are made is a planet become capable of sustaining life and the planet/clestial body starseeds evolves into a senshi crystal ( not counting that most in the sol system had help getting started) there are three exceptions to this. Also all but one crystal is held by a female and is the reason the people of the moon kingdom looked down on the earth kingdom since they didn't have a senshi.
Their are few benefits all senshi get like immortality and they stop ageing at 21 also the power to fly faster than light, barrier magic and maybe other form as well and the fact that as long as their crystal is intact both their planet and themselves will entenaly reincarnate eventually except in one case which I'll mention later because this is already far too long. Any other power they use is either a minor or major ability of their crystal except the sol senshi also have the ability to teleport anywhere within the sol system

The three exceptions are the crystal of sailor glaxia( or something) the sliver crystal that is faking being the moon crystal( Usagi real sailor name is sailor cosmos and is tied for third strongest in all existence) and sailor chaos ( who is basically the ultimate big bad of sailor moon backup plan) . The powercaling goes
Tier 1: Arc 1 Senshi, Tier 2: Star Power Senshi, Tier 3: Planet Power Senshi, Tier 4: Awakened Sailor Crystal, Tier 5: Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Galaxia, Senshi of the Milky Way Galaxy
Tier 6: Neo-Queen Serenity, Tier 7: Sailors Chaos and Cosmos, Tier 8: Guardian Chaos and Cosmos

Tier 1: City-Buster
Tier 2: City-Continent Busters (2 Tier 2.5s can mass scatter a planet if they go to their limits and work together
Tier 3: Continent-Planet Buster (Saturn is an outlier as her domains are Silence and Death. She brings down her Glaive and anything in the radius will die. Can lifewipe a Solar System but will die doing so)
Tier 4: Planet Buster
Tier 5: Casual Planet vaporizer-attacks on the Galactic Scale
Tier 6: Bullshit Tier
Tier 7: Universal Bullshit Tier
Tier 8: Creator and Anti-Creator Tier.

Also all the senshi have divine blood exept maybe two one of which is the daughter of the mortal incarnation of a moon goddess and implied to also be Cosmos daughter( aka female god) and the mortal incarnation of Aphrodite( you have three guess who this one is not the one who literally has love as part of her main powerset)
misherukuro chapter 29 . 12/5/2017
Yay for updates
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