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docfrodo2 chapter 22 . 13h
Haha awesome chapter
cko2 chapter 22 . 11/27
Nice to see a new chapter which was rather funny.
Mangahero18 chapter 22 . 11/27
Great stuff
Mangahero18 chapter 21 . 11/27
Thanasi chapter 22 . 11/26
This story is losing its way really quickly which is a shame. We went from having a real focus on Harry and seeing the changes in his life, to well... the Black and Ami show... and the silver millennium people seem to be too important in a Harry Potter world... Its just, Harry is pretty much shit compared to the silver millenium folks and honestly I dont read HP fics for Sirius Black. Thanks for the story but with Harry being relegated to the back line ive really lost interest. I hope you keep writing and I run into a story by you in the future :)
Mangahero18 chapter 14 . 11/26
Mangahero18 chapter 12 . 11/26
Aww I wanna hear the end of that story...
Mangahero18 chapter 6 . 11/26
Heh sirius you DOG
Byakugan789 chapter 22 . 11/26
An amusing thought. If the japanese wizarding population left, leaving behind their squibs and muggleborns, the lack of magical culture and apparently high rate of muggle born births offered by HP canon could combine quite easily into the demon hunting and mystic martial arts insanity that is Anime Japan. Though it's never really explored in HP canon, both Lily Evans and Tom Riddle were detailed and Hermione Granger explicitly stated to have developed controlled juvinile magical abilities whereas purebloods merely had accidental magic. It ties in easily with the idea that wandless magic is a cultural bias rather than an impossibility, and as Harry Potter and company went through a magical growth spurt in their fifth and sixth years that ties in even better to the trope where mid teens is where most anime kids 'discover and develop' their fantastic abilities. Another thing to think about, 'accidental magic' always appeared strongest when emotions were high, which also ties in well with the anime kids awakening and introduction chapters.

As to the rest of the chapter, that was a very interesting trip to Hong Kong. I rather enjoyed reading it. Nice subversion on the Harry with a special wand core thing as well. Glad you're still working on this and looking forward to when Saiko finally breaks down and she and Sirius are back together. Her dad was a DICK here.
orion0905 chapter 22 . 11/26
Happy thanksgiving. Beer helps with difficult in-laws, great story I'm half it's back yeah
Shebajay chapter 22 . 11/25
I enjoyed reading this chapter. Loved seeing how their trip to Hong Kong went. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.
SonicAnime2010 chapter 22 . 11/25
Well no-.. ah, hold on, just received word from Oxford, Reincarnatey is now an official word in the dictionary. At any rate.. bank drama that I can't make heads or Tails from.. aside from that, fun update
The Richmaster chapter 22 . 11/25
This was a good chapter, I enjoyed the way you showed Sirius, Ami and Harry bonding as a family and your descriptions of the magical district was done rather well.
I look forward to seeing what souvenirs they got their friends.
DarkRavie chapter 22 . 11/25
Great chapter. I love this story and can't wait to read what happens next.
Kellybug chapter 22 . 11/25
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I do love seeing Saeko and Sirius intect! :) I also loved Sirius' remininences of the Black Familly history! Every family beeds a (should I say it?) "Black Sheep" to keep them in line ;)
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