Reviews for Being Her Mothers' Daughter
Guest chapter 61 . 4/17
Love this story so much x would love to see Sam and daria maybe skip school and go back to sams house for a little fooling around and get caught by Gabrielle x but whatever happens love each and every chapter x
lazytown2000 chapter 61 . 4/18
Eve is hurt ya feelings man lol
Rox5755 chapter 61 . 4/18
Fun little snippet. More, more, more!
LauratheChef chapter 61 . 4/18
they really should have known not to leave trouble by herself for too long unsupervised.
MONEBUDDHA chapter 61 . 4/17
Excellent! Needed a good chuckle. Thank you!
caseyrn12 chapter 61 . 4/17
lol..looooove the commotion too funny N OF COURSE eve was the instigator..also love how sam came out with a way to still do the play without all the trouble..cute funny chapter..loved
ArtemisAzkadelliaRika chapter 60 . 4/17
Guest chapter 60 . 4/7
Great chapter, and can't wait for more!
MONEBUDDHA chapter 60 . 4/8
I think this was great! I love how in one simple question Xena was able to show Sam how much she's grown and matured. Great Job!
The Rising Phoenix chapter 60 . 4/7
Happy to see the update!
Keep up the great work!
caseyrn12 chapter 60 . 4/7
Aaah poor sammy ..the joy of adolescence is just so confusing at times the interactions between both her n her moms..n the ending was we gonna learn in the nezt chapter is gabby caught rory? Great job..look forward to the next installment
lazytown2000 chapter 60 . 4/7
Kml. That was just what I needed. Awesome chapter love.
tammy henson chapter 60 . 4/7
Please please update soon
Rox5755 chapter 60 . 4/7
I love this story, however, I love to get to the end. I'm over 62 and worry I'll die before you complete the story. LOL Keep on keeping on!
Guest chapter 59 . 3/8
Good chapter! Thanks for continuing with this story. I love the series, and have read it at least twice. I read your "Mockingbird" series, and really enjoyed it too. You're an awesome writer!
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