Reviews for Being Her Mothers' Daughter
LexieGrey2003 chapter 62 . 9/24
Hello! I wanted to tell you how much I loved your "Mother Daughter" series! I actually binged through the first and second parts within a few days! I love how you portray Sam's emotions and maturity within the series. Sam has grown a lot and I was so happy when Gabrielle and Xena got their memories back at the end of the first part. Sam's relationship with her siblings are so cute!

Regarding this chapter, it looks like Sam got herself in a bit of trouble. Oh gosh, Gabrielle and Xena eon't be happy. Looking forward to the next chapter! :D
Chapters chapter 49 . 8/30
They are as long or a short as they have to be
caseyrn12 chapter 62 . 8/24
just read the chapter.. too cute.. n way to kick ass (as usual of course sammy)..dying to find out how mom n mama n"queen" handle the news eh..great job! .well worth the wait
Guest chapter 62 . 8/21
I really enjoy this chapter. Please don’t take so long for the next one. I want to know what injuries Sam had and total injuries of Kyra. Can wait for Xena and Gabrielle reaction! I’m excited as you can see.
Guest chapter 62 . 8/20
Another great chapter! Was so glad to see it finally post. This is such a fantastic series, and I can't wait for you to post more!
jeb1606 chapter 62 . 8/19
I have missed your updates, I love the Sam stories.
I dont think xena or gabrielle will be happy when they find out about this. Unlucky Sam.
Please update soon. Thanks
Guest chapter 62 . 8/19
***Another author note: And I screwed up again! Khenzie pointed out! Not Taliesin. So sorry. It’s very late where I am and I should be asleep.

Guest chapter 62 . 8/19
lazytown2000 chapter 62 . 8/21
Awesome update!
MONEBUDDHA chapter 62 . 8/20
Definitely worth the wait. Always enjoy seeing Sam kick a little but. Good job!
Masyl chapter 62 . 8/20
Of course it was worth the wait! If something is as wonderful as your story, it takes time to create it. In addition, there is a real person behind every story, with their own lives and the challenges of life. Keep doing your wonderful work and bring the light to waiting souls.
Kikilia14 chapter 62 . 8/19
****Author’s Note here: Jedi is the one who had the fun with Pegasus. Not Mavri. Mavri is a gelding as Taliesin pointed out. Jedi is not. I’ll get that fixed as soon as I figure out how.

Khenzi chapter 62 . 8/19
Not be a pain in the behind, but how did MAVRI make a pegasus pregnant if hy does not have the tools? When Haven was purchased (Her mothers' daughter), Sam told Xena he is a gelding.
Taliesin The Eternal Bard chapter 62 . 8/19
I like this one, my only wish is that the fight was fleshed out more, but that's just the martial artist in me coming out
LauratheChef chapter 62 . 8/19
nice to see that kyra chick got her arse handed to her by Sam...good chapter,
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