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havayanah chapter 4 . 12/15/2006
My dear, you are so cruel. I love you! This is the best story I have ever read (next to A Destructive Obsession, that is). Great work, wonderful plot, and it's just so sad. I think I'll eat my chocolates now.
a reader chapter 4 . 6/21/2006
I read this fic a while back, but back then i wasn't in the habit of leaving reviews. Thank goodness i finally found this story again.

Anyway, this story is amazing! It's definitely one of my few favorite SD fanfics. When it comes to pairing, i am definitely a senru fan (just don't like hanaru or mitru, etc). This story is the FIRST fic ever that i was rooting for a HanaRu pairing! Your Hanamichi is just so adorable and sweet. Given how loud and expressive Sakuragi is in SD, I can imagine him being so caring and protective to his lovers (male or female). I love how you describe Rukawa's reaction when he found out about Hana and Haruko: stunned, tired, overwhelmed with emotion yet indifferent. The bittersweet ending seems appropriate for the story.

Hopefully you'll write more long SD fics in the future. thanks for this fic
JL chapter 4 . 10/29/2005
Well, what do you know a sequel? And I thought I wouldn’t find one. Honestly right after reading EXPECTATIONS, funny & weird, but I cant seem to sleep that night. The story affected me so and I was like wondering on how much I feel so *sad* with what happened to Sendoh. Gosh, I really loved that guy a lot.; And I guess I loved him even more when he’s with Ruru ;; Anyway, this fic rocks. Yeah, and I can see a lot of happy & satisfied readers- that’s very good. I like your style & I think the characters have been treated equally so no point in sulking. What happened to Hanamichi I think is just /quite/ normal and predictable. Even in your fic Expectations, he did admitted that he *still* has feelings for Haruko. I guess I just have to disagree yet again with someone down there who thinks that you made Hana a /traitor./ -_- Of course Hana isn’t a traitor here, it only shows that he is /human/ and was born with flaws. Everybody makes mistakes. And well, about the part where the story seems to imply that his love is not as strong as Sen’s love… well, *grins* I guess that’s /how/ the world goes when it comes to a touchy subject called ‘love’. Everyone seems to think of it as being unfair or unjust.-_- Besides, (in my own opinion only) I really think that it was Sen that Ru *truly* loves (even in Expectations-I can somewhat sensed it already), he just cant seem to realized it /enough/ though—and heh, he did *admit* that he missed the older man’s company & all. Missing someone means that /that/ person is a dear to you and I think everybody can see why Sen is *that* special to Ru. ; Oh well, I think I’ve blabbered enough….it was a great fic and an even greater ending. Ciao.

Ps: My heart goes to Kosh here also… he’s such a martyr-but you cant simply say that he suffered because of Sendoh. It only shows that if you truly, truly, /love/ someone, no matter how much you try to forget that someone—you /cant/. Trying to forget them is just as good as *wanting* to remember them and that alone hurts like /hell./ -
akatsuki chapter 4 . 6/7/2005
heyyo, nice fic here. are u planning on writting another fic? if so , ganbatte ne!
Jo-sen7 chapter 3 . 4/20/2003
Just read ur new fic "One Promise", stumble across your old fics "Expectations" and "Game Again". Reread the entire 2 fics all over again despite my exmas being tml... And realized how much I really love both fics!

Can u pls pls write another sequel to "Game Again"? Somehow my heart just cant lie to rest without a sequel that shows our 2 darlings together...*puppy eyes*

Really really love both fics so so much!

Exodeus chapter 4 . 1/19/2003

well good enough to kept me awake all night reading your fic..

I like this one..

it's good..

it's great..

it's special...

it's angst..


I like the way you do the POV... seems you've been getting in the characters mind quite skillfully... (is that correct?) But hey, I can see what you really feel about them.. ( You Senru fans... *grin*)

I like the way you build up angst.. but well, I would kinda like it more when you follow what you think is right or i mean what could possibly be right rather than pleasing everyone.. (well that's just my opinion.. no harm intended) Try a sad ending.. it'll enhance the way you build up angst..( anyway, angst story are always good since most of them concerns our fabricated reality neh?)

Don't limit yourself.. expectation is great, why limit this fic into 3 chapters neh? well if that's what you wnat I really can't force you..

?btw.. are u filipino? he he

You have talent.. take it from someone like me who has none ( he he ) Try improving... but don't try to be pefect.. you know what I mean...

well that's about it.. any comments on what you should do next?

Write another fic... a trilogy.. he he.. experiment on what you can do with sad, and powerful emotions.. neh? So what should you right about? why not trash up the haruko-crap and try to dabble them into love's dilemma again.. try haruko manipulating her giving birth and hanamichi still loving rukawa.. angst is good.. angst is better ( but don't have a death fic for crying out loud..) explore.. voyage.. discover how much love can take under circumstances of fate's illusion...

Add reality.. try putting some pressure on homosexual relationships...

better yet, don't do anything I just said... just write what you think...

Ok.. it's getting too long...


and well.. read my fic after I upload it neh?

(i-endorse pa daw.. ha ha ha)
Minoko Shinomori chapter 4 . 10/30/2002
Great story although the Hanamichi and Haruko think was quite unexpected but I guess U had to give Rukawa and Hanamichi a reason to split up.

And Y does Rukawa have to go? He should've stayed w/ Sendoh. *sniffles* But I twas a good ending and even happy.
yumeyana chapter 4 . 10/20/2002
This is so great and it brought tears to my eyes the way you did it. it is truly a great work.
akira22 chapter 4 . 10/19/2002



i like da ending now...

...cudnt haf been better...


though it still iz kinda...well...

bitin...or so to say...abruptly cut...

specially for me...a once homophobic to senru fanatic...

make another sequel...

in which kaede comes back to akira-kun...

or where akira goes to his future...and to kaede-kun


so hope to see something soon...

ja! -mikawa akira
sLL chapter 4 . 10/17/2002
Really good!



Nice ending!

Just wish Rukawa stayed with Sendoh...P

Jo-sen7 chapter 4 . 10/16/2002
Miku-san! Can I just strangle another chapter out from you? One that shows kaede coming back and reuniting with akira?

Okie, back to this chap...its great! I really love the way everyone came and see kaede off...its really touching in a way..

Love this fic to bits!
Megane-chan chapter 4 . 10/16/2002

*shocked by the turn of events*

oh my... you're one heck of a writer! you made me love Rukawa more! sigh... i guess this ending will do for a happy ending gomen ne... i'm just a sucker for really happy endings ;

i love the way you wrote about Koshino, sad as it may be... *sniff*

mimi chapter 4 . 10/16/2002

Well, u are quite cruel. I dunno whether I should kill u or not. But your fic is quite good, anyway. i do not think that u should write Hana's POV. He has enough in the other fic already.

that's it. Next time do not torture poor Rukawa and Sendoh again, neh? I am not again HanaRu, but if Sendoh comes into the picture as another candidate, well, I think SenRu is much better, dunno why though. Hahaha. Good luck to u. I write too long, right? Sorry.
Nakkie chapter 4 . 10/16/2002
Oh Dear! I don't know what to say! That was too sudden! Haruko entering all of a sudden! Hana not caring about Ru when he slept with Haruko! I feel that you took the easy way out! But then again, this fic is difficult isn't it? I didn't like the ending to be honest. Not because it was SenRu since I knew all along that it would end that way (except for that little part of my brain hoping that it might still be otherwise!) but the way Hana was portrayed! He is not a traitor and that role does not suit him! I find it very difficult to picture him that way, especially after watching the Aota-episode just recently, where Hana refused to join Judo claiming that he's a b-ball player! See! The role of a traitor just doesn't suit him! Did you do that just so that you could make Ru look good and justify his feelings for Sendoh? The story seems to imply that Hana's love for Ru is not as strong as Sen's love for Ru. I thought that it would take a lot more to fall in love with your enemy than your friend! Anyway, do continue writing other fics, OK? I like your style of writing! I still don't like SenRu though.
Nakkie chapter 3 . 10/15/2002
Out of all the chapters you wrote, including those from 'Expectations', I like this the most! Poor Kosh! He deserves a lot more you know? Curse that Sendoh!

Sendoh: How could you say that Nakkie-san? I thought that I was your favourite character!

Nakkie: Baka! Hana's my favourite! And he'll always be no matter how he appears in fics! But you! Well you are my next favourite but you are so stupid in this fic to pine for Rukawa! Worse, you hate Hana!

Sendoh: Nakkie-san! *Wails* I don't hate Hana! How can I hate such a kawaii red-head?

Nakkie: Oi! Oi! I'm not Rukawa you know! I don't fall for such tricks!

Sendoh: *Wails more* It's true!

Nakkie: You're the last person I'd trust! Especially after what you've done to Koshino!

Sendoh: *Eyes swollen from all the tears due to losing a fan* Demo it's not my fault! I don't control the fic! I love everyone!

Nakkie: *Eyebrows twitching* I knew it! HENTAI!

Sendoh thinks: (Is it ever possible to please her?)
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