Reviews for The Sting of Summer's Winter
Tania Hylian chapter 40 . 5/9
Sooo... I am guessing you quit this story? I mean, it's been too long since you last updated. I hope I'm wrong though, because seriously this is one of my favorite fanfics and you are such an amazing writer and you just stopped in the worst part to drop the story.
Please, if you can, continue this fanfic and update soon. Please? :)
NSC98 chapter 1 . 5/9
OMG! I'm new to fanfic and it took me forever to find the review button. Anyway, I love your fanfic BTW and idk if you can comment back but I do want some tips on writing as yours are just, splendid. The uses of words, the grammar, the story, its just almost perfect. It'll help a lot if you can help me out. Again, fantastic story and I'll have high hope for ur next chapter.
suroir chapter 40 . 5/4
PsiRadish chapter 40 . 4/29
As ridiculous as the plot and characters get sometimes just so you can meet your angst quotas, the actual writing is generally pretty damn good. Your words, sentences, metaphors, etc. are consistently well-chosen (except for "tomato impression land", which you've used at least twice) and evocative and sometimes downright beautiful. It's actually kind of frustrating at times, because even when I want to skip over yet another large block of circular, self-destructive introspection appearing in the middle of an important conversation, I know that doing so will probably also mean skipping over some very well-written prose. In other words, even the bits I find silly and excessive are well-written enough that I sometimes read them anyway.

If you could temper your pursuit of angst so it no longer comes at the expense of believability and, perhaps, pacing, you could probably be a pretty amazing author. Though I admit, I'm not very familiar with the intricacies of angst-as-its-own-genre, so perhaps you make these sacrifices knowingly as the genre allows, and I'm basically criticizing the entire genre instead of just one work in it. Which is not what I wish to do, so if that is what I'm doing, someone let me know so I can stop .
FrozenFan2 chapter 40 . 4/21
Update please :)
PsiRadish chapter 26 . 4/18
Not sure what you thought was so hate-inspiring about this chapter in your A/N; it's actually one of the more satisfying. I was kinda hoping mom would end up losing the company, too, but oh well.
chimmychimney chapter 40 . 4/17
This story is genius, everything about it is amazing. I loved how in the story Elsa get delirious on cough meds when in Frozen Fever she actually legit gets high on them. Please continue this story made me feel so many emotions and I love it.
Guest chapter 40 . 4/8
please... I'd appreciate VERY VERY MUCH if you updated soon

Guest chapter 39 . 3/28
This story is amazing! Please update soon ️
Guest chapter 21 . 3/22
HI! I think somethings wrong about chapter 21, it is exactly the same as 22! And a part of the plot is missing obviously haha. I hope you fix it quickly, i SO want to continue reading...
(By the way, amazing...)
jocilynparis chapter 40 . 3/21
Obviously this is a fanfic and probably shouldn't resemble reality but... after having dated someone who suffers from haphephobia, it feels more than a little unlikely that Elsa would be able to fully reciprocate Anna's physical needs. You don't overcome that sort of damage just because you fall in love and want to satisfy your partner. It's a painful reality, but it feels problematic that Elsa could divest herself so easily of the fear of contact. If the next chapter is smut or implied consummation, i think it definitely stretches credulity in my mind.
Guest chapter 40 . 3/18
Eagerly waiting for the next chapter.
Guest chapter 40 . 2/22
So when's the next chapter?
Lance58 chapter 40 . 2/21
FLIPS TABLE! THE CLIFFHANGER! AGHHHHHH im like FINALLY FINALLY THEN... please update soon.. This story is one rollercoaster ride of feels... cant stop reading! my god.. you got me addicted
Saro2775 chapter 34 . 2/19
I know the struggle of writing, but your tale is too powerful, to all-consuming to just stop in the middle of it! It's as addictive as breaking bad - you can't stop but binge watch (in this case binge read it).
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