Reviews for Masen Manor
ChristyWIX chapter 22 . 8/11
I originally chose Alice, Bella and Leah as his death cards. Alice did strike one off. Still more red eyes, should mean Bella in their future. I can't imagine the family begin him to leave Bella behind like this, to help Alice. Yes, Alice truly needs Edward's help, I get that. However, Carlisle knows the pain of not being with your mate. He gets to flit back and forth and see his Esme. Edward won't be able to get that luxury. I just hope he is able to keep his promise to be with her when she goes back home for the summer. It is too dangerous for her not to have him there. I still think that she should avoid home like the plague . . . and have herself a vacation somewhere safe, away from Phil. Of course, I realize the story can't be told that way and that she will have to face that demon and come out the other side. Will we even get time as them together and both vampires? Or, will it be cut off and mentioned in the epilogue? That would be sad, to not enjoy them together and fully mated.
ChristyWIX chapter 21 . 8/11
That was very intense. I'm elated that they got Victoria and killed her off. Too bad she couldn't give Edward what he needed. I was oh so glad that Jasper didn't take what Edward said and believe it. I agree with him, he would feel if Alice was lost forever. He most likely would've collapsed from the grief, right mid-hunt of Victoria if she had passed away. Bella holding out hope just the same as Jasper made me smile. Edward, not so much. Although, he did see what he saw, so you can't blame him for that. The sadness and brooding he was going through was tragic. Bella was trying to get him to see that Grandma Mary saw this. It was really good that they decided to go for that walk right then. Edward smelling Jacob and Jasper and the new scent. So, if Jasper is there, how did he manage to let Alice get loose near all those humans? Yikes. I can't imagine why Alice would be looking at Edward with hate right now . . . except that he told Jasper she was dead. Going on to find out . . .
ChristyWIX chapter 20 . 8/11
Well, so much for my wish of remorse for Mike and Jessica, as those two have no morals whatsoever. Malicious and evil. Mike is pissed because Bella never wanted him the way he wanted her. Jessica is pissed because Mike wanted Bella in the first place. Add to that, their evil way of thinking that nothing they've done is wrong or, that they should be held accountable for it. Nope, they are spoiled and twisted and will walk away from this unscathed. Bummer. I feel so very sorry for Rose and Esme in this, more so than Bella. Rose has absolutely no idea what's happened and will lose Alice along with Alice's family, forever. Esme and Bella at least have the wisdom of what is really going on to help alleviate some of their worry. They will have Alice forever, once everyone finds her and eliminates Victoria. They have to find that bitch, we don't need the unbelievability of Eclipse and having twelve vampires and even more wolves, unable to catch her. This though, would be believable, with only one wolf and a handful of vampires. However, if this Victoria escapes will she just go on with her life, or be hell bent like the other one? She wasn't truly mated to James, she just thinks she is. They need to rid the world of her. Of course Grandma Mary would see Alice with the 'angels' . . . she even saw Bella with them moments before. Unfortunately, Bella's overtaxed and exhausted mind didn't compute that and she passed out. I have a feeling that Victoria will come directly to the castle. There is a method to your having Bella learn those passageways . . . more that sneaking into and out of Edward's and their quarters.
ChristyWIX chapter 19 . 8/11
Wow, just wow. That was one helluva chapter. Okay, let's start with the wonderful reading that Leah gave Bella. That was so good. And, to have it through EPOV with his ability to see things . . . just so good. I loved that she pointed out what I've felt through your writing. That Bella and Edward as a team, are unstoppable. That everything will be fine for them That justice will be served and she will have everything. The beautiful image he saw of her with golden eyes . . . YAY! Then him in his shower . . . holy hotness. I love me a self pleasuring Edward. *shakes head to get it clear* The part with her so very comfortable in his home, was so good. Then, that news report of the found woman with Carlisle immediately there. I really love that he suggested what I had in a previous review. She needed to learn the secret passages . . . and she did. I love that she is using them all the time now. Alice's visions becoming blurrier and blurrier and when she tried to force them, they went black. Her knowing she shouldn't go to Hunter's Lake and had even promised both Jasper and Bella, yet seeing herself there. It was almost as if she was drawn there by her visions. Mike and Messica screwing with her . . . and ultimately causing her 'death' . . . I just hope this screws up both of their heads, permanently! That Messica is catatonic or something. Mike becoming worthless and kicked out of his family. Even if eventually, this means that Alice becomes a Cullen. Which I think is what is about to happen. At least Alice had the knowledge beforehand that the Cullen's are 'different', with Bella's confirmation of 'amazingly different', delivered with a smile upon her face. Her awakening and the visions that most likely will fly harder and faster at her, yet her new brain will be able to handle that. I imagine she'll be able to see herself succeeding at the vegetarian lifestyle. You've got me excited and nervous all at once. What an amazing chapter!
Guest chapter 18 . 8/10
Them meeting each other again in that piano room, was intense. His simple, 'don't fight it, love' . . . GAH! Then them coming to his quarters and finding Jacob and Jasper playing video games, was classic. I loved that she spoke to all of them. She's so comfortable with everyone. I love it. Jacob was so happy she spoke to him, awwww. The cafeteria part was strange. A lot happening there. The news report, barely being spoken about did that mean that not one of the Cullen's noticed it? I hope they saw it for what it was. Food, for who they're searching for. Then the whole part with Messica and Mike and their revenge plot. At least they are keeping high school true to it's name. Sniveling twerps. Loved Esme's punishment for Alice . . . it was more of a punishment for Jasper . . . oh, to be a fly on that wall. Edward being in Bella's room was awfully cute. I like that they are seeing Leah. So effing funny the way Jacob was playing with Bella in his wolf form . . . I was seriously laughing so loud. Too funny. Loved that Leah knew they were moving to visit her . . . of course she did. Looking forward to reading that.
Guest chapter 17 . 8/10
I loved that Carlisle pointed out to Bella that she's been speaking more and more to almost everyone. Him also pointing out that it isn't a speaking issue, it's a trust issue. This is what I've been thinking the whole time. So to read you writing that in there made me feel really good. Mike and Messica, their threats are empty. Between the mind reader and psychic in the castle, good luck with that. I'm still voting for them getting eaten by the visiting vamps. The only thing with that though, is their parents would sue them. Loved your Tanya! When Carlisle was trying to convince Edward to take Jasper with him, I immediately thought, what about a Denali? I'm sure Tanya would help. So, I'm thrilled that you wrote that! Loved the way she handled him . . . and Edward, for that matter. He really may not have been able to do that alone. So glad Tanya was there. Not sure what they'll do with that knife. Hopefully the leather has Charlie's blood embedded into it. With Carlisle giving Bella that card, it confirmed my theory that Phil will do something drastic, when she gets home for the summer. Why should she even go home. Can't they decides to 'tour Europe' together and simply stay behind at the castle? I'm quite sure Renee would agree to it if it makes her baby girl happy and keeps her talking. However, you need her to go home, so this part can happen. Whatever it may be.
Guest chapter 16 . 8/10
I'm glad you brought emancipation in this chapter, as it was sitting in the back of my brain. If Phil makes a move, it'll be in the summer months. Edward will be right there in his old college home. All of Edward's reassurances that not only she will be okay but, what's owed to her, is reassuring your reader at the same time. With all of Ohil's access to drugs, it wouldn't surprise me at all, if he drugged her somehow this summer. Desperate times and all. Have you brought James and Victoria in to change Alice? It was quite odd that James made it all the way to the get, yet ran away. I'm glad they're tracking him and keeping patrol. Too bad there wasn't one more Jacob! I really like that you've also shown Bella the passages but, not how to use them. Meaning they are there if she needs them. Which may be more of what this is . . . luring Jacob, Jasper, Edward, Esme and Carlisle away from the castle, to get to the students. Let them eat Mike and Messica . . . hehehe.
ChristyWIX chapter 15 . 8/10
I really liked the conversation between Chelsea and Bella. Her encouragement and love with Bella, is wonderful to read. Renee was kind to Bella and for that I am grateful. She has never been mean to Bella, there is just so many questions there, that I'm hesitant to trust her at all. Edward was so cute when he first saw Bella all dressed up. That was really fun to read. I liked that he settled her down with what her mother was thinking from upstairs. I really like the benefit and what she said to Jasper and how is resonated with him. Them dancing and talking was very lovely. Then his brownstone and the reason he renovated and kept it . . . swoon. The fireworks and they own fire was fantastic to read. I love that he kisses her with his tongue . . . that always bugged me from THE books. So much more passionate when our tongues get involved. Beautiful chapter.
ChristyWIX chapter 14 . 8/10
I really liked that Bella was on board with Edward and the others continuing to search. That not only was she okay with it, she was swept up by his caring so much about her that he would do this. So wonderful. It was interesting that Phil's head is muddled to Edward. That Phil can't keep his thoughts in one place long enough. I still wonder if Renee was in on this. If she wasn't and Phil used her from the beginning as well, I would not be surprised. He targeted Charlie's wife, to get the details of whens and wheres, so that he could do exactly what he did. Thing is Charlie was a very smart man and busted the two of them before his (their?) plan got of the ground. Changing his will to completely Bella. Love Charlie's way of thinking. Creating no loopholes. Iron clad. Thing is, Phil is desperate enough for that money, to incapacitate Bella. He may not need to get her back to the mental ward, as now he may just hurt her in a very different way. Felix seemed too easy to me. I guess he really was a nobody on their totem pole. Alec may be a different thing altogether. Either way, they've all met their match in Edward and the Cullen's. Interesting.
ChristyWIX chapter 13 . 8/10
Clearly the friends of Phil's from work, are the very same men that killed Charlie and attacked Bella. It really is too bad that Edward wasn't pulling his gargoyle impression the night of that dinner. Although, how would he know, as Bella hadn't called him . . . they were still only texting here and there. I can only imagine the thoughts going through that mans head the whole time he was sitting across from her eating, like he didn't try to kill her. That was the reason for her panic attack the year prior. She noticed his voice and most likely his eyes. Her brain is still in lockdown so, this is why she's not remembering. I imagine, it'll pop open rather quickly at one point. Even though it pained her to learn this, I'm very glad she did. Now she will have no issues, leaving behind a mother that was so callous as to cheat. Bitch. I would love to say she was probably out with Phil that night but, we already know she was truly out with her friends, as she alibied out. Poop. I was so glad that she ran to him. Chelsea telling her to go and she'd take care of her mom and Phil . . . love that woman. Can you have her come work at Masen Manor? Please. They KISSED! It was brilliant and perfect. I'd forgotten to mention that I love that Edward waited to do everything with Bella. The full 100 years, he's really, truly, been waiting for her. Swoon.
ChristyWIX chapter 12 . 8/10
I can see why she thinks it is her fault now. I do not agree that it is her fault at all. She was a victim of circumstance. Yes, she knew what to do in this situation but, at twelve, nearly thirteen, there is no way that situation would do anything but frighten the hell out of her. She was damn lucky she survived it. Charlie would be absolutely thrilled that she lived. Any parent would sacrifice themselves, if it means the child gets to live. Edward was wonderful in this chapter. When she fell asleep and he flew to Esme and Carlisle's quarters, it was amusing. He was desperate to get her something to drink and Esme just pushed him aside . . . it made me giggle. I love that you are writing your Carlisle as ready to help Edward destroy the people that did this to Bella and Charlie. I liked the idea of him being her boyfriend for the trip to her mom and Phil. Not mentioning that he's her piano tutor, is the smart way to go. Him playing that he's only eighteen, was a great idea too. They are wonderful together. I really like how you are writing this.
ChristyWIX chapter 11 . 8/10
I have to say that the images you provided on your blogspot are really helping in the telling of the story. I have that open in one screen and your story in the other. What a beautiful room he brought her too. They are really coming so far in this chapter. The openness and the understanding. Moving past the mistake of the journal and into what will be an open communication is beautiful to read. I still hope that he plans to follow her home for the holiday. His gargoyle act will be a welcomed one, I would think, from her. This chapter and her getting all of her answers was very good. Very well done.
ChristyWIX chapter 10 . 8/10
I'm sad that she is going away for three weeks away from him and back to those awful parents of hers. Hopefully, she'll get a lot of Chelsea love in while she is home. I was not surprised that she didn't figure out the smell sooner. Like she mentioned, it was concentrated in his living quarters. In his presence, it would be muted down. However, she sure as hell noticed it this time, coming straight from there and her thoughts already taking shape and putting MC and Edward together. I really liked that he insisted she listen to him before leaving for home. I really loved that she knew she wanted answers but, had to get away first, to get her thoughts in order. Most importantly, I am so very glad you did this at this point in the story, not much later. They were getting a stronger and stronger bond between them and I was worried if it happened much later, she would feel absolutely betrayed by him. As it was, she still felt a slight loss of trust at first. His response was completely expected. Well actually, I expected him to have a mini meltdown and break some things. So, I was glad he didn't. Jasper was perfect in this, letting Edward know how she truly felt and hate was not one of the emotions. I love that she did come to him and that she is still speaking to him. He will have to show her a different way to enter and leave his wing. Others could see her at the entry point. With all of the other ways to get in, he should give her safer passage entry. Well, provided after they talk, she still wants to come to him.
Guest chapter 9 . 8/9
He settled her night terror, that's something. Wonder if he was with her nightly, like canon BxE, if she would sleep through the night with no terrors? He answered, yet created even more questions. I was hoping she'd share that with Alice, for them to figure out the clues again, together. Then she hid the journal in a vow to keep his secrets. Bummer, I wanted to read BxA going all Nancy Drew on that reply. Her not being all there at piano lesson time, was funny to read. Their banter was really cute. I liked Esme getting to see them first hand. Edward and Carlisle going over everything was frustrating. I still think that Edward just needs to take a quick trip to visit them in person . . . heavily disguised, of course, as an attorney . . . bring up something about the will . . . and watch their minds fly with everything they've done, to get this money they desperately want. It could all be Phil and I'm just presuming Renee is involved. Could also be how Renee met and moved forward so quickly with Phil too. It's all just too neatly packaged.
Guest chapter 8 . 8/9
Her mother and Phil ignoring her and traveling. Not wanting her home for Thanksgiving. Still makes me think Renee was behind this whole Charlie thing. At least Alice will be there for Thanksgiving. Alice and Bella were so funny, spotting Edward and Jasper out side and commenting on their looks. Then Alice and her having the conversation, with Alice reading Bella's words. You know that Edward was listening and reading through Alice. Loved that part. She started that piano session of theirs with no words and anger. Then ended up giving so much to him by the end of the very same session . . . such progress. She was jealously thinking he'd been away with a woman, yet he sensed something and gave her his reason for being away. I'm wondering if he went to get that police report. Okay, so now I'm convinced that Renee was behind Charlie. She must've found out what he did with his will . . . or, she would've had Bella killed as well. Then, somehow, these occasional nightmares she has, must be drug induced somehow. Almost as if she sees Bella is getting stronger, and knocks her back with a nightmare. Especially when Bella said she just wakes up in a hospital. Disgusting that she is doing this to her own daughter. I'm glad that Edward and Jasper spoke of trust and Bella may get pissed when she finds out Edward is MG. Forgot about Renee giving them the one year for this school. Too bad for Renee that this school's owner has been waiting for her for 100 years. Mind reading Edward needs to pay Renee and Phil a visit in person.
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