Reviews for Over The Counter
CoppertopJ chapter 30 . 6/28
Wow, 30 chapters in and the married couple have yet to consummate their marriage. You really know how to drag something out.
jk chapter 4 . 6/21
so Edwards super immature...its really hard to read him like that. Hes 25 and a doctor...yaaa sure anyway hes 25 and making all these assumptions and acting stupid...

you two characters are written exctly the same! you need to work on that shit
jk chapter 3 . 6/21
Why does bella talk and act like a spoiled teenager?

that "tantrum" was pathetic..."he sounds like a loser" really? cause they didn't tell you even ONE thing about him...soooooo how does that work exactly?
KakaLove chapter 54 . 6/11
This was one of the best stories ever it made me cry to see it end :'(
bella's beta chapter 54 . 4/30
Great story! Couldnt stop reading it!
michigangal0223 chapter 51 . 4/19
I enjoyed reading even thought at times I wanted to slap bella her attitude was horrible at times but a wonderful ending
lilmstran chapter 51 . 4/12
loved it
twlightbella chapter 54 . 3/22
twlightbella chapter 51 . 3/22
Edward and Bella had their son Ethan anthony cullen
twlightbella chapter 50 . 3/21
Bella is pregnant
twlightbella chapter 49 . 3/21
Emmett and rosalie and they had their daughter and alice and Jasper got married
twlightbella chapter 46 . 3/21
Edward prposed to bella and they are getting married again
twlightbella chapter 45 . 3/21
Bella wants to renew her wedding to edward
twlightbella chapter 44 . 3/21
Edward and Bella make love
twlightbella chapter 42 . 3/21
Bella and Edward love each other
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