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IvyMasonCullen chapter 14 . 7/17
I'm not sure I like this Bella!

At the beginning she spoke about her independence and the whole thing with Jacob and after she fought with her family and his about her not marrying him and then she just says "yeah why not" I'll marry a guy I've never met before because "I trust you" didn't even put up much of a fight and tbf has been a bit of a bitch to Edward since coming back to the apartment having a go about carrying her from the car and then when he answers back says "he's being a jerk again" erm no you can't speak to somebody like shit for doing something nice and not expect a negative response!

I'm going to try read a few more chapters but honestly Bella is getting on my nerves!

Ps Not a flame! You're story is well written and thought out so far, I just really dislike Bella!

Keep Writing,
IvyMasonCullen 3
Bakergrama chapter 54 . 6/19
Guest chapter 7 . 4/25
It's a fanfic! You don't need to be like "no offense to blonde people!" Everytime there's a blonde joke.
sagajunkie chapter 54 . 4/27
Yeah! I finished. Great story.
sagajunkie chapter 48 . 4/26
Liked the honeymoon. All the places of his childhood.
Guest chapter 35 . 4/24
little by little;)
sagajunkie chapter 40 . 4/25
Love Tanya's outrage. She and Jacob make a great pair. Wonder what happened to Jake?
sagajunkie chapter 34 . 4/24
The parents boo-booed.
sagajunkie chapter 33 . 4/24
Relieved that both finally admitted their stories to each other.
sagajunkie chapter 22 . 4/12
Well, at least they talked Just a kiss and B's fine? Really? She's batty, but ay least she listened and realized the truth.
sagajunkie chapter 21 . 4/12
Yes, and Rosalie and Emmett. Em's always a jerk and only thinks about sex and looks down on anyone who doesn't. Rosalie is so mad at E that she hasn't ASKED him what's going on, just hating him for B's sake. A is giving me whiplash. She's heard SOME of E's side and is sympathetic, then turns in B's company. E is thrown into a situation and has no help, but is getting gripped at at every turn because B's not happy. He's confused and B's taking EVERYTHING wrong and turns it against E. Rrrrrrr...
sagajunkie chapter 19 . 4/11
Alice is a sweet mess. Gotta love her when you're not hating her
sagajunkie chapter 17 . 4/11
I sooo want to slap Bella She van dish it out, but isn't supposed to have to take it? If she'd chill and see some humor in it or better yet, be honest with herself and E, things might just work themselves out. E isn't innocent, but she seems to start a lot.
sagajunkie chapter 15 . 4/11
Noooooo it can't get any worse. Lol. (can't you just feel the sarcasm?)
sagajunkie chapter 13 . 4/9
Good Job. What traditions occur at a wedding reception in your country?
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