Reviews for Domesticated Dead
Raina1985 chapter 3 . 2/21
Hi there,
Love the fic. You sure don't see enough Buddy/Leon fics out there. Hope you do more in the future. You're a good writer!
Maiafay chapter 1 . 4/9/2014
I think your writing (which is what most normal people comment on) has improved a great deal over the few yours that I've known you. It flows well, and you have picked up the subtleties when engaged in dialogue. Nice use of expressions and body language and introspection. Leon is solid here, and very Leon. Like the bits with Buddy's rat snack, and flecks of blood on his chin. "Jeez, he's going to be a fun roommate" is so very IC, lol.

There's some nice sexual tension here in both Ada and Buddy's interactions with Leon. I like how he still has a thing for her, but didn't exactly quail at Buddy invading his personal space. Buddy right now seems pretty desperate, on edge. I'm just wondering if maybe Leon should reconsider taking home this puppy *wink*. Just think of all the mice he'll have to buy. Or does Buddy move on to bigger and better things? Or, does Buddy's tastes change? I know he claims he doesn't want humans, and Ada mentioned the dog, but I can't see his appetite being appeased with only rats. Then again, maybe you have something else in mind?

I can't imagine the horror Buddy went through waking up inside his own grave. And next to Irina. That's gotta leave a mark mentally. He really needs some TLC after that.

I wonder how Leon is going to get him home? I suppose it doesn't matter...Leon has his mysterious ways, and government contacts. This is a temporary solution, obviously, and I'm looking forward to how this spectacularly blows up in Leon's face. I'm sure Buddy is going to get in all sorts of trouble, and I'm guessing Leon will try to find a cure - or some permanent solution to the plaga problem.

A great start to this. I look forward to the next chapter and will be following your progress and faving :)

The Fox Familiar chapter 1 . 4/8/2014
Let's just say I've visited your Adult Fanfiction page, and I will say this:

You are a piece of sub-human scum. Writing rape, hardcore anal sex, male humiliation, and all the other trinkets that fall in well with LGBT literature does not, and never will, make you an author. Instead, it makes you a sick fuck undeserving of life. The fact is, stuff like yours isn't new; in fact it's the sinqua non of all homosexual literature. All mainstream homosexual 'writers' publish stuff like yours, and rape is by far the best past time of it. What I find odd, though, is the double standards that float around. Women - actually, no, I won't call you a woman, I'll call you what you are - like you like to write male rape, yet abhor female rape.

Let's change the genders and see what we get.

Add on to the fact that these pairings aren't even human. Why am I not surprised? Why am I not surprised at a backwards, disgusting piece of shit like you who writes rape, male domination, and utterly spits on the male self while shitting on the female self?

Makes total sense. But why don't we add some facts?

The anus isn't meant for a penis, and the things you write make porn stars look clean. The anus is a one-cell thick system that is meant to eliminate waste, and without cleansing or proper hygiene, oral sex or fingering will lead to parasitic transmissions and infection. We don't need to go far in order to find that fecal matter does wonders to the human body. The anus also does not have natural lubricants or immuno-suppressors, so therefore, semen mounts and immune response, creating infection and inflammation.

But the best part, is that homosexuality breeds some nasty diseases, most of which are highly infectious and deadly. No PR campaign, though. Oh, and I don't need to mention that it's a mental illness. I also don't need to explain how you're a rape-lover who deserves a taste of her own medicine. You like rape? Go out and experience it for yourself, and you can stand there and speak to real rape victims - especially MALE ones - and tell them how awesome it is.

And since you're from Britain, I'm surprised you haven't found yourself in a grooming ring yet. But based on your writing 'style', your disrespect for all things human, and your glorification of rape, I have nothing to say but this:

Fuck you. I don't care if your rape porn isn't on here, it still exists and to ordinary people it shows that there is something wrong with you. I never wish humiliation upon anyone, but in cases like you, I wish it dearly. You're not human. You're a savage. Get off of my planet and out of my race.