Reviews for Back to the Marauders
MiNiGiIOI chapter 33 . 9/10
Just caught up again, I thought it was clear at the time that the prof thought the salye was Hermione, but it was not explained if one knew it was one or if there was a specific species they are born to (wizard, muggle, veela etc) so I'm inclined to believe it's not Hermione and that she was a distraction. Didn't she get her scented candour from dumbledoor? I'm very interested to know who our kidnapper is, but I'll admit I don't recall who all is attending at this point. Shouldn't Lucius and Bella be graduated? I thought they were older than you meant she taught them in the past(?) but the whole day curse would suggest otherwise. I like that you have Lucius's behaviour like his sons, it humanizes him in a way many are uninspired to do. I'm really not into the turn that the Remus Hermione relationship took bc, a) way unhealthy and b) love? I feel like they did a rather air job of taking it out with "Ive killed and wasn't sorry" not being a logical placation to "I had my innocence and life stolen at 5". There are certainly ways they could have more overtly connected their issues that would have made forgiveness more understandable ("I am a monster" "so to did o become one even before this disease, for I have faces the disease that is war") but I feel that hate kissing was not a natural progression. I would get frustration kissing to be glad that the feelings are all out in the open and to be relieved to have the other back, and think the natural move from before that spot would have been mutual collapse and actually communicating workout interrupting to disagree pettily declaring you know how the other party feels against what they have to say (cough Remus) and gradually, slowly, starting again with their relationship, plenty of time for licking wounds and eating back into the more delicate, breakable relationship (there is no healing in your canon, they haven't really moved pay it and it would come up again, the old wounds.) but I would accept this second "could have" not happening due to lycanthropic, full-moon volatility at the time. That said im looking forward to the next chapter and will see you then, you've put really good suspense on Mindy. (:
awesomeninja09 chapter 33 . 8/14
The Sayle is probably James, but the kidnapper... I want to say Regulus (Sirius's brother), but I doubt it... Not sure. Can't wait for the next chapter!
Neakco chapter 33 . 8/8
Just read all 33 chapters and wow. I love what I have read so far. My guess is Lily. And possibly Snape.
Sparky She-Demon chapter 33 . 8/7
Wow! That was quite a chapter. Well worth the wait. Love how you're writing everybody.

Can't wait for more!
Guest chapter 32 . 7/21
I read this all in one day. I have no life. What am I supposed to do now? Please update soon!
Bewitching-Incalescence-4ever chapter 32 . 6/7
Brr the fight reminded me of my parents fighting. But it didn't end like this. Good job on the drama. Also, any tips on letting go of a crush?
Luna Nyx Swan chapter 32 . 6/3
love it! please continue.
awesomeninja09 chapter 32 . 6/3
That was amazing! Thank you SO MUCH for updating and including that paragraph that I sort of edited a little! Only, I thought that Remus was bitten when he was four... oh well! I might've been wrong.

Epic! I loved every word!

Sparky She-Demon chapter 32 . 5/23
Love this chapter, can't wait for more!
sammy smith chapter 32 . 5/23
Love it, can't wait for the next chapter. I can't wait to see what happens to them all :)
unicornz.334 chapter 31 . 4/8
I love this story sm!
unicornz.334 chapter 14 . 3/29
With Remus
unicornz.334 chapter 13 . 3/29
"She needs to sort out her priorities." I just forgot to breathe! Fantastic!
awesomeninja09 chapter 31 . 2/19
I completely agree! Great chapter. ;P I can't wait for the next one... Do you have any idea of when it'll be up? Sorry if I'm replying a little late!
Guest chapter 31 . 2/14
Great chapter. Update soon and God Bless
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