Reviews for Panther King with Wings
TheJSmooth chapter 3 . 10/11
winddemon199 chapter 8 . 4/3
Yeah except Pantera means panther period. Change that an O an the word means pointer
hoper chapter 1 . 9/5/2017
i hope you decide to continue this awsome story.
Guest chapter 17 . 6/13/2016
Please dont leave the story hanging like this continue pleaseeee
Guest chapter 3 . 4/18/2016
Nah mate, you can't bring in all the espada - that's stupid. Stick to just Grimmjow, no one likes the other Espada.
Guest 907 chapter 13 . 12/14/2015
But Szayel sealed away the extra power, so I guess not
Guest 907 chapter 12 . 12/13/2015
Okay, you've already established Grimmjow as stronger than Laxus, who could shrug off a hit from Gajeel like nothing, so how could Gajeel possibly hurt Grimmjow?
Also, you did say in an earlier chapter that Grimmjow was a 9 when Ulquiorra was a 9.5, so that should make him stronger than Noittra now, right?
Guest chapter 8 . 11/20/2015
Yes I want more
jessiesalinas2000 chapter 1 . 11/20/2015
I want... More Erzie and Grimmy
Ixpizel chapter 17 . 8/20/2015
Hehe. I forgot to answer the question: so maybe Yammy? Or Nel, if she's still alive. I'm using guest cuz I can't post more than one review per chapter. Oops.
ixpizel chapter 17 . 8/20/2015
Please please please please update! Amazing story!
Guest chapter 1 . 8/11/2015
this is is really goodm i love the detail. make grimmjow stronger, stronger than gildart, laxus, erza, and natsu combined.
Guest chapter 17 . 7/29/2015
Guest chapter 17 . 7/26/2015
This is awesome I want to see Erza Scarlet X Grimmjow Jaegerjaques
Guest chapter 17 . 7/16/2015
I know you haven't update for a while, but I just rediscovered this story and I really really love it and please just update!
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