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Amollygamation chapter 25 . 8/26
Hi! I quite like this story, which surprises me as I NEVER thought I would ship Elsanna. I mean, Elsa is just learning to be her own person. A relationship with her sister? Never crossed my mind. But they're so cute together! So, thank you for writing this! My favorite part was Elsa's speech; it was lovely. Last thing: I'm dying to know what Anna's surprise was. I just need confirmation (I'm that person, who has to know). Thanks!
aeluna21 chapter 5 . 8/20
ohmygosh... desire.. I'm giggling so hard. and of course Hans was told to him. lmao.
Someone chapter 22 . 7/21
That was a damn good chapter. Especially the way you ended it. Ice Queen Elsa can totally rock.
Dichotomus chapter 15 . 7/19
So I'm re-reading a lot of this fic, and I can't remember if I left reviews for the earlier chapters.

So why not write one anyway?

I really like the adorable fluff you're putting in the middle chapters (and the villain you're building up in Hans).

Also you really nailed how you brought Olaf into your business-universe.
Alene with an E chapter 25 . 6/29
Loooved it 3
Shadowglyder chapter 21 . 6/10
Ok, lots going on here...damn Hans! I knew he would do something like this.
I do have a question though. How did Olaf and Marsh know about the recording?
DM92 chapter 20 . 6/8
Ok so this is a general review of what I've read so far, not just this chapter.
It is very. Very. Good.
You don't know how many multi chapter elsanna fics I've gotten my hopes up over, only to find them poorly written, rife with maddening grammar and spelling mistakes; the characters completely ooc or laughable caricatures of themselves; and the plot clumsy and rushed or uninteresting.
But you, bless you, somehow have managed to dodge almost every one of these pitfalls and deliver a story that is both well written and engrossing.
I love Anna's enthusiasm and her sense of humor, as well as how she is so comfortable with who she is. And by contrast, I love how Elsa is so incredibly ill at ease with herself and how she exactly mirrors every symptom of my anxiety, and how Anna works with her to overcome it. I adore the amount of trust and cooperation and support in their relationship.
Possibly my favorite au adaptation of yours is how you've made olaf and marshmallow (Marshall?! What a stroke of genius!) actual brothers, and yet kept them so utterly in character-olaf oblivious and cheerful, marshmallow grumpy and reticent.
And now, the part where I burst your bubble. Although your plot and characterizations are impeccable, your grammar (or maybe it would be spelling) is not. There at least 4 or 5 instances in each chapter where you use the wrong word, usually a homophone of the correct one. Normally I would let these go, but after 20 chapters of consistently distracting errors, I had to speak up. This is not to embarrass you in any way, but at least for me personally, it really takes away from the enjoyment of the story when I have to keep pulling myself out of your wonderful scenes to mentally correct a sentence before carrying on.
Anyway, tl;dr: excellent story that far exceeded my expectations, but LOTS of distracting errors that would be easy to fix.
Thanks for this wonderful story!
Wait chapter 24 . 6/8
NononononoNo, what's Anna's surprise? Is it a ring, which I'm thinking no? Is it a strap-on? What is it? I have so much curiousity it's not funny. Also nice writing. I like the story. And yeah... Modern AUs can be hit or miss. I'm not sure what my first ship was... I know I kinda shipped things before, but ... I think elsanna might be the first ship that I shipped myself. Instead of like, finding it and going "I could see that" it was like "what do you mean they're related they're perfect for each other it's true love". I'm also very greatful for the rather large number of high quality fics for it of which yours is part. Thanks for writing
Priscila senpai chapter 18 . 6/7
Hey its me again, remember me? XD maybe not, but still... hi!
i just came because i remembered this chapter and omg, i just remembered to how much i love you and admire ya! you are awesome! and i really appreciate that you had made this wonderfull fic! I even want to print it just for reading in my university XD hahaha
i love you! keep being an awesome human being!
ZacAttackX chapter 18 . 5/24
I am on chapter 18 atm...
Somecall the doctor i think i just laughed out my lungs! Tacos or hotdogs...thats rrly funny. I haven't heard that term before, tacos xD
Well, i gtg back to reading the rest. Byyeee xD
kari-chan15 chapter 25 . 5/22
Its the first fanfic I read in English and I've been pleasantly surprised . As hispanic reader is very difficult to part away their native language , but we must accept that there are many great stories to be read in English, like yours.
Congratulations, interesting story. You respected the original personalities of the characters and making them more interesting. But I would like to make a big mention to your sense of humor. My laughters have been many. I like to think that your story is a perfect parallel to the original film, obvious in the current world. Following the main theme about a girl who has been raised to shut the world out and how to be rescued by the one she loves. I hope to read more of your stories . Sorry for my awful english. Besos.
ZacAttackX chapter 4 . 5/22
i am loving this story atm! I normally dont read fics under 100k words...but i made an exception for this one! I was hooked on this story since chapters 1 and 2. I cant wait for more! I know I will be done reading this in a short time and wanting more after like a greedy bastard xD
This has many follows, reviews and favs...include mine in that as well :P
You have captured plenty in what i have read so far...4 chapters xD
Great job! Ill be continuing to read this fic.
cultstatus chapter 8 . 5/10
This is the first frozen fanfiction I've ever read and OMG I LOVE IT SO SO MUCH. I usually don't like fluffy romances, mostly because they try to be too serious and end up being really lame, but the way you have written the characters is just perfect. The story is light and funny, and the whole time I am picturing what's happening in my head (not sure how to explain that exactly... But it's a good thing).
Anyway, Hans is so annoying and I bet there is going to be some drama there which already has me on edge! Hopefully it will all work out in the end..
Ceides chapter 17 . 5/3
GOD ! O_O That was one of the bestly wrote and hottest thing I ever had to read... Even Carey's Kushiel ain't that breathtaking when it comes to fluff, and I'm telling about my favorite writer there...
You're not "good" at writing. No. That word don't even get close to the reality. Nor even "amazing". Maybe Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious...
Ceides chapter 13 . 5/2
It's f***ing 5:00am, I didn't slept, I work in 3 hours and I'm only at chapter 13 out of 25. I won't even be able to read it all before I leave...

I hate you _
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