Reviews for I Belong With You
vampirelady13 chapter 2 . 3/24/2021
What no Charlie in this story. Well that sucks. I hate Rene poor Charlie
LunaBev chapter 35 . 12/20/2020
Thank you for writing such a wonderful story. This is without doubt one of the sweetest Edwards I've ever read.
BlondFerretGirl chapter 35 . 12/6/2020
Love It!
Toni Masen chapter 35 . 4/30/2020
Awwwww, I'm sad to get to the end of this story! Loved the little mention of HP, another favourite of mine. Thank you for writing. :-)
Jesstew chapter 35 . 10/27/2019
So sweet
Guest chapter 6 . 10/17/2019
why the fuck did he kiss her? He's known her all of literally 30 seconds! That's just trashy.
Just Sus chapter 31 . 6/15/2019
I'm loving this story so much! This made me cry! They are such a great couple, amd really communicate well. Sometimes I forget how young they them!
Lafemmevegeta chapter 35 . 5/15/2019
This was a wonderful read, thank you!
Gigileexo chapter 35 . 2/16/2019
Such a sweet read! Edward was just the cutest, thank you for sharing!
Ashlie Christine chapter 35 . 1/23/2019
Sweet story! Loved it!

Much love,
Ashlie Christine
BellaLaila87 chapter 35 . 12/23/2018
Wow. This is the perfect. Down to every detail this is THE perfect story I’m so envious oh my god brilliant writing! I love it! This is one of those stories I will come back to and reread. I loved it!

Valya 001 chapter 35 . 9/9/2018
Wow, this was such a sweet beautiful story...I loved every single chapter of it!
Thanku so much for sharing...
karunakannu1999 chapter 35 . 5/4/2018
Loved the story.
Thank you
cbzoo chapter 33 . 2/3/2018
what bothers me is, that I love this story and in about 30 chapters they have only gone thru half a year of school and now this last couple of chapters have been short drabbles and there are only 2 chapters left, I hope there is a sequel
twilightnaley19 chapter 35 . 1/27/2018
Enjoyed reading this story. Glad Bella got a happy ever after.
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