Reviews for The Greengrass Contract
FierceDeityLinkMask chapter 11 . 18h
I actually like the story, and knowing that you're in my age group (at the time of you writing this) makes me feel good.
brennan.mholmich chapter 14 . 11/11
Yet another shit cliffhanger because yet again "author" can't stand to finish their story. Shame, your pretty mediocre story turned awful at that. Don't start a story you've no faith in finishing.
brennan.mholmich chapter 3 . 11/11
No, most people didn't refer to the Killing Curse as Avada Kedavra
Midnight May chapter 1 . 10/31
I really really really don't like this. It's on the borderline between "don't like" and "hate". Actually, I think I hate this. I wonder how you got so many "favorites". This story was actually okay 'till you made Harry cheat with Fleur and with such a poor excuse. At that point, you made me not like the story. But I hate leaving a story unfinished so I scrolled fast to see what will happen but then you just had to "finish" this with a cliffhanger. Now, that made me hate this. This is actually the first time I've bashed this bad. I'm sorry.
Phillies2 chapter 1 . 9/18
I can't believe that both their wills left what they did.50,000 gallons to Dumbledore from Sirius, why? Petergrew deserved that more than Dumbledore, he was a friend though to you apparently "follower". Dumbledore was only Sirius's headmaster/leader of the order and he gave 5 times as much to Dumbledore than as to Remus?! It also says James and Lily's will was observed by Dumbledore and Remus, so they would know Petergrew was the secret keeper in the first place. Other than the wills and the Goblin not making up his mind what to call Harry it was a good intro to the story
Swifteagle chapter 15 . 9/3
Oh, that was just evil.
Cerberus01 chapter 15 . 8/25
You need to sequel this asap
Cosrad chapter 15 . 7/25
Aight, so here's my couple of cents. Your writing is excellent compared to many writers out there. The grammatical/spelling errors are far and few in between that they can be overlooked and not interrupt the flow of the story. However, the quality of the story wasn't as well done. I understand that you hated the story, but if you don't like it, don't continue it. As the author you have the power to choose how the story goes and if you aren't going to have a good time writing it, trust me, nobody is going to enjoy reading it. That's the beauty of fanfictions, they are supposed to be fun for both author and reader. Don't feel like you have an obligation to finish something you hate for the benefit of others especially if you'll end up butchering it. Even though the real world asks that you finish what you start, this is a place for you to relax and let loose your creative juices.

I will have to agree with the other reviews that the story was going very well, up until the point where Harry started cheating on Daphne with Fleur and then explaining it with a weak excuse. I can understand drama being needed to keep a story fresh but not if it's unnecessary and not well thought out. The part with Angela was understandable as we can't expect Harry to fall in love with Daphne right away, especially if he feels trapped by the contract. The ending was shoddy and we can all tell you were rushing to end it. Sadly, a cliffhanger as a finale is not the way to do it. You should give stories a proper closure, it doesn't matter what Harry chooses as long as we know what it is he chose. That way instead of angering/disappointing all of your readers, you'll only do it to half of them :)

Remember that if you don't like the story, stop writing it, maybe even let someone else who will enjoy it continue the story. Otherwise, keep writing what you love because you are a pretty good writer and I hope to see you improve in your future works!
Abetterwritertu chapter 15 . 7/10
You're a piece of shit. Don't write a story if you don't plan of finishing it. Because, no matter what you're dambass says, this is not a full and complete story.
Guest chapter 15 . 6/29
I will never read another one of your stories again. There was no warning that you would purposefully leave it on a cliffhanger and because of that I will not be looking in your direction in the future.
Guest chapter 15 . 6/22
I do not care for the way you have chosen to end this fanfiction. I can understand wanting to leave some questions unanswered, but when you, the author, are too lazy or apathetic to resolve the major conflict of the entire goddamn story, I find that sort of thing uncondonable.
TL:DR- Fuck you, sir or madam. Fuck you.
Raven.D.Crow chapter 3 . 6/21
I'm not sure but in 3 chapter there's a mistake. Padma is Ravenclaw .Parvati is Griffindor.
Haji the Monster chapter 15 . 6/20
the fact that you wasted all of our time with a story you had no plans to complete, (seriously, you DID NOT complete this story), agitates me to no end. I liked the storynbefor eyou had Harry cheat and then gave some half-thought excuse of the soul piece affecting him. Then it just kept going downhill until the craptastic non ending. i have lost these last 2 hours of my life and shall never again get them back.
Guest chapter 15 . 6/7
Really? You wasted 15 chapters to tell us that Harry terminated the contract? One of the most stupid stories about a marriage between Harry and smb.
Mikuni.Kaneko chapter 1 . 5/18
You know, not to be mean but why would you end it like that? I was looking forward to the choice but you just end it? One thing you need to learn is that everyone hates cliffhangers but it's even worse when we never get to find out who he chooses
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