Reviews for Entwined
Adahmel chapter 12 . 8/5
Well done, that was a lovely chapter and a good twist!
I am Awesauce chapter 11 . 7/31
Your writing is great, I love the way it flows
Emjezz chapter 16 . 7/22
My favourite line? "I have to shave my legs!"of course :-D
Diana chapter 9 . 7/16
I love these FFs! I love the scenarios so intense! Keep on writing!
saltqueen chapter 36 . 7/5
please update!
lakita2 chapter 6 . 7/3
This is wonderful. You build the characters very good and it feels like a puzzle. You know everything falling into place. Kudos
SaruwatariAsuka chapter 36 . 7/1
Honestly love this fic and I have done a whole read through in 3 days. It's wonderful I love the ship, the characters and just your overall writing is amazing. This fix definitely deserves the awards it got! Really hope you update soon! C:
Farrah Veelacov chapter 11 . 5/16
Guest chapter 29 . 5/4
Leah's pregnant!
Lily chapter 16 . 4/26
Hi justabitoftime. Well I just wanted to say that I love this fanfiction. It's amazing and I love Bella. I am currently on chapter 14 but you have already updated 30 chapters and an interlude. I just wanted to ask you if you could give us a heads-up when you write lemons so that I can um... skip them because I don't necessarily want to read them. Anyways thank you for reading this.
Lily chapter 11 . 4/26
Crimson Rhage chapter 36 . 4/15
To all potential readers out there: this story is 100% absolutely amazing. It is well thought out, well developed, and very well executed. The characters are mature and not raging psychopaths nor whiny/angry/immature teenagers. This story is so much more then the traditional Twilight fanfiction with the inclusion of greek mythology. This version of Bella is awesome and the Volturi is amazingly soft-hearted and caring while still living up to their reputations. All in all it is an amazing story.
kim87mcc chapter 36 . 4/12
This is an awesome story. The best one I have come across so far, I hope you finish this soon.
SessysGirl219 chapter 36 . 4/2
This story is great. Are you still going to finish it?
skyeza chapter 36 . 3/27
Please continue. I think Jane is super sweet wanting to take care of Seth like that. I have really enjoyed reading this, I thought it was brilliant and completely unique /one of a kind story. I have never come across a story like this before, its totally different and out there. I had loved every minute of it. I am hoping that you continue and uploaded the whole completeffinished story. I needs to know what happens next. I found the Three Kings adorable and dear in there own ways. I have really loved them, I think they are wicked awesome.
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