Reviews for This Cruel Reality
leylinjan chapter 40 . 3/14
Wow -I love this story so much! I'm definitely going to read it again - several times. It wasperfect. The perfect mix of adventure & tension, and fluff & friendship. It wasn't overtly lovey-dovey, but you somehow managed to have so much emotional depth in this story while still not forgetting about the threat of walkers and people alike. I loved this story - thanks for posting it here :)
TheDarkerSide123 chapter 40 . 2/23
I could write paragraphs upon paragraphs here, and I still wouldn't be able to encompass all of my feelings about this story. It was an amazing read. Everything about it stuck to the universe of The Walking Dead, from the personalities of the characters to the hardships they faced to everything else. Tanner was an amazing character too, and he fit in with the characters from the show perfectly. I look forward to reading the sequel!
Cotton Strings chapter 40 . 2/20
I don't usually like coming-of-age stories, in any format, or teen love stories for that matter, but you managed to combine two of my favourite things and make something awesome: 1. Zombies 2. Solid relationships built on a foundation of trust and love. This was honestly a great read. Thank you!
Prettyprincess45 chapter 40 . 12/20/2014
Great story! I enjoyed reading it so much!
thewalkerinme chapter 40 . 12/15/2014
I read this story a while back, and it inspired me to write my fanfiction. I absolutely adore this and I recommend it to all of my internet friends who like Carl, too!
Your writing is flawless and your original story telling is absolutely amazing! This, is everything you'd want in a fanfiction and you definitely did it complete justice and then some!
Love, love, love this! Thanks for writing it! I am also reading the sequel, too!
T.Redd chapter 40 . 10/20/2014
That was so the best story I've ever read
Chris n Brian chapter 20 . 9/29/2014
I love the way they care for each other, it is so tender. you have done a masterful job my friend. Well my eyes are bloodshot, my mind is getting confused some, I'm feeling drugged sooooooooooo that means if I don't go lay down for awhile I going to pass out soon my friend. so I'll be back in a few hours or more. Now I have something beautiful to dream about, Tanner and Carl ;-) I have your story page "bookmarked" so see you later LOL
Chris n Brian chapter 19 . 9/29/2014
well I'm halfway through these wonderful chapters. I have to make a comment though on the sex scenes, they are not "smut" at all but rather they are a scene of true love making. Because you always infuse raw emotion and their love for each other into every one of them. I've read "smut" before and this ain't it my friend. This is more along the lines of a very explicit Harlequin romance. And I mean that as a compliment too. LOL The affection you have them showing each other is always appreciated. I love the way they are growing into their relationship, more and more. Plus the way they are becoming more comfortable with their PDA in front of Rick. It's funny that in this world of death and suffering these two have discovered that life is often to damn short, and their desire to be together is what is most important to them, what everyone else may think be damned. This story actually goes a long way to preach that message. Oh well onto ch 20 ;-)
Chris n Brian chapter 18 . 9/29/2014
Excellent my friend EXCELLENT! I was surprised to discover that Carl would become such a fierce bottom LOL but I did enjoy it to the max LOL There has not been one boring chapter so far. I am loving this novel of yours my friend. so onto ch 19 ;-)
Chris n Brian chapter 17 . 9/29/2014
loved it...gotta keep going's going to be a long ass night. But an enjoyable one at that. LOL onto ch 18 ;-)
Chris n Brian chapter 16 . 9/29/2014
Well here we go...cliffhanger. I hate Nat, I hope she gets eaten slowly by the herd. Sad that she became such a monster but she decided her fate when she allowed herself to turn like that. Tanner didn't let it happen to him, nor did Carl either. I wish the show would allow Carl's character to come out as gay, because that would be so awesome. A young gay man fighting everyday to remain true to himself as a human being while all around him the world slips more and more into death and cruelty. Kinda like what a lot of gay kids go through now. What an icon he would become for all the kids looking for a hero that fights and wins to be human in a world that is less and less human everyday. But that'll probably never happen, hell we'll be lucky if they have Daryl come out of the closet in 2015 LOL oh well onto ch 17 ;-) You know I do feel like Sebastian from "The Neverending Story" LOL I haven't left my apt since I started reading this novel of yours my friend. I wonder what the end of this story will be, OMG I'm so nervous. I'm scared to death to find out, but I can't stop. LOL
Chris n Brian chapter 15 . 9/29/2014
My heart has been ripped and torn by what happening to Carl and Tanner. But I knew something like this was coming. I am moved by their continued love for each other and the crazy sacrifices they're willing to make for one another. But being teenagers they think with their heart instead of their head. I'm gonna need a new box of Kleenex soon LOL thanks to you my friend. Well onto ch 16 ;-) looks like another all-niter again LOL
Chris n Brian chapter 14 . 9/29/2014
I really like the way you've brought drama and suspense into Carl and Tanners relationship. I also like how we get to see them continue to grow as a couple in every chapter instead of a 100% perfect relationship after a couple of chapters. We see them continue to struggle together and yet because of their love for each other they never think twice about the struggle, they just learn and adjust because of it. This comes across as more realistic to me. I am thoroughly enjoying myself or maybe it's because I've only had 2 hours sleep since yesterday LOL so onto ch 15 ;-)
Chris n Brian chapter 13 . 9/29/2014
well well well and slowly the screw turns, have you thought about putting this into some kind of book or something we all could buy and own for our library. I would love that. onto ch 14 ;-)
Chris n Brian chapter 12 . 9/29/2014
I am amazed at how real this was. Even the awkward moments were cute but very real. I relived my first time with someone I loved very much, but is he is gone now. He passed away awhile ago. But reading your chapter has been such a joy for me, because it took me back. I pray I find that kind of love once again. I know it's what he would want. I am a mess of emotions right now, I can't describe how I feel. I am happy and yet I have tears running down my face. Thank you for making this possible for me once again. I will be forever grateful to you my friend. Even now I remember his eyes when he looked at me while made love and I remember his breath and the feel of his lips and hands the smell of his skin. The shudder as he reached his climax and his eyes closing so slowly and the smile on his face. Those memories I've not had for some time now, but your writing has brought them all back to me. You are a true gift my friend, and now it's on to the rest of the story. ch 13 on the way ;-)
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