Reviews for Moments
cosette141 chapter 4 . 10/17/2017
Aw this is adorable! I'll never get over how clever you are and how amazing a writer you are! I hope you write for Pokémon again someday :)
DragonLover1551 chapter 4 . 2/14/2016
I would reallt like if you could write more things about when Ash is in Kalos. Maybe Misty comes to visit him? Or something like that.
ultra94 chapter 4 . 12/13/2015
Absolutely fantastic drabbles you've got here! Realistic too!
Ready to fly chapter 4 . 3/16/2014
Oh misty. It's okay. I just want to give her a big hug! This chapter was short but sweet. I liked it a lot :)
Ready to fly chapter 3 . 3/4/2014
Yep, I could defiantly picture this happening XD ashy boy gets way too jealous but then again so does misty...haha they're perfect for eachother. Haha I love your work :)
Dwittz chapter 3 . 2/27/2014
Why does this seem familiar..Oh yea! I saw this on tumblr :D :P
Ready to fly chapter 2 . 2/25/2014
Oh ash XD I feel for ya misty! But there's no winning when he pulls a stunt like that;) this was really sweet, and funny I loved it. I'm super psyched to read more of your work :D I'll stay in touch
SapphiRubyCrys chapter 1 . 2/21/2014
Ready to fly chapter 1 . 2/17/2014
Oh ashy ashy ashy what are we gonna do with you? XD this was awww I liked it a lot :)