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BamItsTyler chapter 26 . 11/17/2014
That was a good Monday night read :D. There was a rising action, a giant climax then a falling action.

Nessa: Awwwh . . . poor Nessa, you were right about her softness and how it brought a "flare?" to the story, I got pretty attached to her character the past couple of chappies and I'll miss her. Did she even have a weapon? I don't think so.

Slate: There was A LOT of action in this segment. The way he killed Nessa though . . . :(, his reaction was very human as well. Ummm . . . Idk, there was a lot of emotions going on in this segment to be quite honest, I thought Slate was committing suicide until Jinx rushed in, then she gets killed which is surprising . . . Percy #DatAimDoe.

Arthur: Here we have the falling action in this chapter. His quirky nature shines through quite a lot! Willa is a giant eh for me rn . . .

Surtr: Lux will most likely dieee by the next two chappies due to the cow incident. Other than thaaaaaat, Idk.

Favourites: Nessa, Slate. My least favourite has to be Arthur's because of the lack of action x)

Favourite lines?: Ehhhhh I have none that I fancy too much xD.

Predictions?: I'm not too sure. I think I have the victor figured out. ;). Lux might die due to her injuries she took.

Shockers?: Arthur and Surtr as top eight? hmm I find Surtr bland and Arthur comical (a good comical) too comical to survive for as long as he has.

This chapter was GREAT! Pat on the back and cookies 4 u. You write emotions well.


Seacrest out!
Lya200 chapter 26 . 11/17/2014
Ha that was awesome and the final 8? Fight for the title of the victor of the 71st hunger games
magikmajic chapter 26 . 11/17/2014
1) Loved all of them, as usual. I think this might have been one of the best chapters you've written, honestly. I'm a sucker for good writing, and this was it. Favorite was Nessa, for sure. It had such a great emotional feel, and her death was truly sad.
2) Nessa: "Did I scream them? Was that me? Why was I not conscious of anything?" "I regret what I said earlier about being deadweight! I want to live!"
Slate: "Do your family and district proud. Do this one thing, Slate." "Was I ever the leader, though?"
Arthur: "I want to win. I want all of us to win." "'You have to be happy.'"
Surtr: "We've made it so far." "A weapon, I've got my pocketknife!"
3) I got nothin'...but I'm sure we're gonna get something on Connie.
4) I was a little shocked at Jinx, but I suppose one of our stronger competitors had to go down.
5) Fabulous writing, loved it as usual!
Clove'sAllies chapter 23 . 10/28/2014
I've been meaning to catch up on reviewing for quite a bit

Nessa- I'm glad you decided to kill Alexis in this chapter because like you said her storyline revolved around her head injury and how she and her allies dealt with it. I also think Nessa will not be able to kill anyone else in the games.

Willa- Cool chapter, it flowed really well and I like Willa's thought process on why she decided to split with her teammates. I also think it gives you a lot more flexibility with what to do with these three as they all seem like major players in these games.

Slate- So Slate wants to use Brucite's paranoia and the distrust with the other careers to his advantage, interesting. I think him and Constance are the two strongest careers in the pack this year and I hope that their joking spills into when they eventually face off.

Arthur- Arthur is so idealistic it makes me want to vomit. Watching him just think that mutts are simple dogs makes me doubt him I mean he's definitely watched the games before. Alister is someone I won't really miss but too bad he went down with little fight. I think Arthur will be Willa's new Annabelle.

Nubu- Odd that they rejoins, we'll see what happens here. Nubu isn't my favorite narrator so this wasn't one of my favorites.

Constance- I actually really enjoy this point of few as she's one of the favorites to watch in this story. Constance might be injured and thus handicapped in her fights. I still hope she does well when the pack splits, I want her to survive very badly.
SpaceAgeDino chapter 25 . 10/12/2014
Coral - That sponsor gift saved her from what I imagine would've been a slow and painful death. Constance's sponsor gift was suspicious and in retrospect will not make the other career mentors very happy. I'm glad to see Coral hint at her feelings for Percy. Her conversation about Percy with Constance was realistic. Having read the chapter, Coral confession was a sign that she would die. Foreshadowing FTW!

Constance - Sleeping tonics a caffeine pill is very sneaky. Constance always seemed like the one who would try to kill Brucite in his sleeping. Having to kill Coral in self-defense, even if the discussion about Percy and the sleeping tonic contributed to Coral's bout of craziness; puts Constance in a difficult position. I found it ironic that Constance's taunts apply more to herself than Coral. Constance should've taken her rondel with her.

Francis - There's my hallucinogenic dreamer. I liked how he was finally able to discuss his visions with somebody. More foreshadowing, yes. His vision of his mother is probably of her attending his funeral. I love that he ultimately foresaw the coming rebellion.

Willa - I'm surprised how sympathetic and friendly she is towards Arthur who I thought she would be annoyed by. Her fight with Francis and Nessa was interesting because neither side truly wanted to kill. Willa beiing tag-teamed was amusing. Francis, no! I suspected his time would be ending, but he was my most unique tribute and I enjoyed reading his POVs. Willa killing Francis has darkened her into a more complex and less bland character.
howlingillusions chapter 25 . 10/8/2014
I wanted to read this, but I got SUPER distracted by BoO. I suppose I'll get right to the questions:
1. Coral- I guess I'm glad she's healing up well. The bonfire totally reminds me of Camp Half-Blood, with the dangerous kids and wounds and campfire. I totally feel like Constance wants to kill Brucite. And it's a little bit cute how Coral likes Percy. And I love how "popular girl" Constance is being about it. The comment about getting a boyfriend in the middle of the Hunger Games is on point.

Constance- OHHH SNEAKY LITTLE WITCH(not really). But I totally saw this coming. Did she accidently get Percy, is Coral truly insane. GEEZ INTENSE FIGHT THEIR! My goodness, insane Coral, and wow I can't believe Constance killed her that way! I now wonder what the Career's will do, and Constance.

Francis- They are so cute! Nessa is so innocent, even after she killed Alexis, and Francis is sweet. If not a bit crazy, his ending line is so adorable! These two are cute, and I'm surprised Francis has lasted this far.

Willa- She really has evolved. And poor Arthur, he seems so young. I was surprised that Nessa and Francis fought back, but I'm proud of Nessa(even if she did run away). Poor Francis, I guess he didn't survive this long. I'm glad to know one of his visions came true.

2. Oh geez I don't know. I liked Coral's quote like I put on observations of POVs and Francis' last line; and Willa's.

3. Like I have said, I'm not good with predictions; though I think the Careers will split, probably ending with Brucite's death.

4. I am pretty satisfied with the top ten. I'm surprised Brucite has lived to here, considering his allies opinion of him. And I was shocked that Alister didn't get further.

5. I actually loved all he POVs in this chapter, all very interesting/insightful.
magikmajic chapter 25 . 10/8/2014
NOOOOOOOOOOooooOOOOooooOOOOooooooOOOOOoooOooOoOoOoOoOoOOOoooOOooOooOOOoOOOooOOoOOonononononononononOOOOnoooONOOOOOOOOOO!r :'(
But in all seriousness, I forgive you :) I totally understand, it really was her time to pass on. Her naivety and innocence had to get to her at some point, but I REALLY never would have imagined it would be at the hands of Constance, one of the people she was closest to. I had hoped that we could have seen a little more on Percy and Coral, but I definitely know that you did the right and realistic thing by having Coral's end be here.
1) Is it bad to say that my favorite was Coral's because I'm super biased because it was her last POV ever ? :'( All of them were really good, and I especially liked Coral and Connie's because they brought out a sort of more emotional feel.
2) I'm so glad we got something so beautiful out of Coral before she died. "I never wanted to leave, not really. I want to get out of here. And nothing, absolutely nothing, is going to stop me." (Except Constance, unfortunately)
3) I'm not sure, but I'm eager to see the other careers' reactions at Coral's death and Constance's disappearance (I assume she's not coming back). I especially want to see Percy's reaction to Coral.
4) It's a nice mix, and the only real surprises are Nessa, Surtr, and Arthur, but of course there have to be some of the more vulnerable tributes to have a realistic mix.
5) Fabulous writing, as usual. I'm terribly upset but I love you anyway. :)
LokiThisIsMadness chapter 25 . 10/8/2014

You are the ultimate bae. xoxoxoxo

Essay C, I think? Okay, where we go!

Coral- Okay, so everyone will probably hate me for this, but Coral is a bit boring currently. She was fun at the beggining, yes, but I'm getting tired of her now. Blah, Percy is cute, blah, Percy has got nice cheeks. Please, they were fun in the beggining but I have to say no. Their relationship is getting really really boring, since neither of them makes a move on. And yes, Coral is the weakest of the current Career pack without any doubt. I mean, she's all innocent and stuff but I'm sorry, I'm really done with Coral. She's boring and eh, I don't like her anymore. And if something doesn't happen with Percy soon, he'll go in the same way that Coral did. He's becoming quite boring too, if I must say. Slate is still interesting as always and Connie, well, you know :P They are the only 2 Careers that I am currently interested in. Eh, and Coral says Connie is the false one. She was pretending to be all friendly with her and then planning on stabbing all her allies in the back. Okay, you can go and die now, Coral. :) 1/10.

Constance- And here she is. :D Okay, now I must take a little break from commeting and thank you, Sophia bby, for the wonderful and amazing and beautiful and perfect job you've been doing with Connie so far. Really, you, I have no words. Her feelings for Gloss, her personality, backstory, you've been doing it in such a perfect way. I have no words for it, seriously. You are such a perfect writer. :D Okay, now back into this lovely POV. Finally, THANK YOU BBY CONNIE. That Coral bitch is going down, finally. Drugging the boys to make them sleep was a genious move, for sure, so hands down to Connie and to your brilliant mind too, Sophia bby. I thought she was going to try and kill Percy or Slate, I don't know. But it turned out to be Brucite in the end, yeah,it makes sense. Coral is going downnnnnnn. I can't really say I'm sad to see her go, not Bye Bitch. CONNIE, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! NOT TAKING YOUR WEAPON, WTF?! ARE YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND, YOUNG LADY? WHAT THE HELL WOULD GLOSS THINK?! Okay, enough with my training. I can't wait until many many chapters from now when we see her POV again. 10/10 ftw.

So, where we have our nutty boy. I can't say I don't like Francis but yeah, he isn't that much realistic. I mean, those visions? Not something that would happen to a normal and simple person, for sure. But yeah, his dynamic with Nessa is the best thing in this POV. He's cool, honestly. And they are a great alliance, too. Their individual personality goes well with the other's, and yeah, but I don't think they will last much longer as an alliance. Okay, sorry that this one is a bit short but I don't have much to say. His vision about his mother, yeah. 7/10.

Willa- If I have to be honest, this POV changed my opinions on both Willa and Arthur so much. I started to respect Willa so much in this chapter, you have no idea. She laughs at Arthur's jokes, even if they suck sometimes, and I really can see why you made them be allies. They devoloped so much as a character, mostly Willa because she had the most devolopment since she left Jinx and Nubu and joined Arthur. And him too! I actually started to think that he isn't that boring anymore. He's just a child, trying to get back home. Like all of them. FRANCIS AND NESSA ;_; Why did they have to meet? Now at least one of them will dieeeee ;_; Okay, so they are fighting now. And Willa is going to kill someone, I'm very sure of it. BYEEEE FRANCIS ;_; I ACTUALLY LIKED YOU IN THIS CHAPTER. 9/10 for Willa.

Okayyyy, done!

Here's a little chat with the final 10!

Baesss- Connie (bias), Slate.
Like- Arthur, Willa.
Neutral- Lux, Jinx, Surtr.
Dislike- Nessa.
Die soon- Brucite, Percy.


Favorite- Connie. She's my bae, duh.
Least Favorite- Coral. Glad she's dead now.
1) "I promise, I'll help you get the man. God, I'm good at that."
2) "You're being snarky, but I know you have a crush on him. I know it."
3) "Myself. Victory. Family. Gloss."
1) "One day, he will be hauted by it. I swear."
2) "You think I'm crazy?"
3) "It's nice to be trusted."
1) "I never wanted to do this."
2) "She won't hate you."
3) "/And I'm not intending on letting him go free."
3. No idea. Maybe we'll see... it?
4. Very happy, indeed.
5. Your writing is perfection.

I have to finish Ceri, byeee.

Update Contrary, k thanks.

BamItsTyler chapter 25 . 10/8/2014
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...FRANCISSSSS WHYYYY!111!1111!

Sophia, you're tugging my heartstrings. :(

Coral: The Careers seem to be at odds with each other over every small thing...its funny sometimes. Ha! Coral and Percy sitting in a tree! Too bad they weren't upfront with each other. they acted like any other teenager having crushes on one another.

Constance; :O she drugged our tributes! I knew she was going to try and kill Brucite, her own district partner. OH NOW Coral defends Percy...psh, girls. The fight scene was good, although the way Constance killed Coral was unpleasant. And now... I wonder what'll be next for our Careers...hmph, she still has gloss so she isnt entirely screwed...or is she? I liked Coralll! :( Poor Coral.

Francis!: My favorite little in this story :(. I love the dynamic between both him and Nessa. About his "episodes", more specifically the episode with his mother...that means his mother committed suicide!? that's what I'm getting from it all...or so I think. The mist part was cute :3.

Willa: I'm surprised Arthur isn't dead...Im beginning to think he has more than ADHD. I detest willa for killing off Francis! What of Nessa now!? I'm hoping she overcomes. I thought Francis and Nessa would double team her (which would've been cool to see xD) but instead francis is ded.


Ummm I dont have any favourite quotes!

Predictions?; Jinx will be on the prowl for tribs, (Surtr, Lux), The boys will be in search of constance, I hope to see Nessa develop more.

Umm...yeah, this top ten is Okay, I would swap out a few people and replace them with the likes of Camo and Annabell, etc. Nubu as well.

Your writing is Perf! :D.

Byeeee! I cant wait for Contrary...and TI :D.
Lya200 chapter 25 . 10/7/2014
1) least favorite is Constance cuz she killed Coral. No general favorite
2) umm...
3) we will see Lux and Surtr maybe
10) yes except Constance grr
Love this story so much :)
SpaceAgeDino chapter 24 . 10/2/2014
Percy - It doesn't bode well for the career alliance when the only thing they do together is hunting for other tributes. Percy taking charge will serve his fellow careers well. Percy and Coral's interactions are both amusing and adorable. I was wondering how long it would take the careers to search the silo area.

Surtr - A rather boring POV to be honest. Surtr is a bland character whose only role seems to be providing emotional support to his ally. I really want to see Lux go far and a bow battle between her and Percy.

Nubu - I had a feeling he and Jinx would run into the careers. Jinx did well in her fight against Coral. I'm surprised the trap didn't come into play during the battle. I can't believe I predicted how Nubu would die and who would kill him.

Brucite - It doesn't look good for Coral, she'll probably on the downward spiral now. Brucite probably won't last much longer now that Slate doesn't trust him anymore.

1) Done

2) My least favorite POV was Surtr's because it was rather boring. Jinx's was my favorite on account of the action scene, but Brucite's was an interesting look at the sad state of the career alliance.

3) I liked: Percy's line about like and admiration; Jinx's about Coral's time being up; and Nubu's final words of losing one's wits.

4) I'll break down my predictions for each alliance.

Willa & Arthur (?) - I think Arthur will beg to be allied with Willa. Willa will probably reluctantly allow Arthur to tag along as long as he isn't a nuisance and doesn't slow her done. I don't think Willa will kill Arthur.

Francis & Nessa - They'll probably be travelling through the woods and find the tree that Francis saw in his vision. I fear that they'll probably have a bad encounter with Constance (careers going on the warpath), Jinx (transforming into a sadistic huntress), or mutts. My guess is that either Nessa dies first or they die together.

Lux & Surtr - I suspect they'll be in the same general area as Francis & Nessa, but I don't think there will be a confrontation. My guess is that they'll narrowly avoid either Jinx or the careers.

Careers - I think the careers are in jeopardy with Coral in grave health and Brucite not being trusted. Brucite will probably be killed in the night or after Coral dies, assuming the other careers blame him for her death. Without a sponsor gift, I think Coral will slowly bleed out, maybe dying during the night. In light of both situations, I think the careers will have a much smaller alliance soon. Once Brucite and Coral are dead, the remaining careers will probably split amicably or go on a prolonged hunting trip. I don't think the careers can hold the Cornucopia much longer.

5) None of them.

6) Awesome as usual.
LokiThisIsMadness chapter 24 . 9/27/2014

I know that is probably weird for me to say, but I'm kinda getting bored with some members of this Career Pack. I used to like him a lot, I really did, but then he started to become really boring, alongside with Brucite. For me, they are the most boring in the Career Pack. I do like Slate, because of his backstory, and I like Connie and Coral too. I seriously wouldn't mind if Percy and Brucite died soon enough. Brucite is still the typical cocky Career and he's awfully ridiculous too. I hope he doesn't win, sweety. I really do. Anyways, some of this POV was cool. Percy, well, he has the potential to become a little less boring in the future, if he makes it there. And Slate is someone I would truly like to hear more about. And Connie, too. ;_; Since you know, yeah. But anyway, this was a good POV and I hope we hear more from them soon. 6/10.

He's cool, yeah, but he is not my type. I don't know, but to be honest, Surtr is boring for me. Yeah, sure, he is a nice guy and all, but being friendly doesn't win the Hunger Games for sure. I like Lux a lot more than him, and I hope we can see a POV from her sooon enough, to see her thoughts on Alexis' death, of course. Anyways, I don't see this alliance making it very far anymore. They might go far, but I see them breaking in the future in caseit comes down to both of them. 5/10.

Oh, the Career fight against their alliance. It was a bit expected ,but I'm surprised that more of them didn't die. Jinx really was a bit cracked up at Nubu's death, uh? That's character devolopment at it's best. Ohhh, Coral got injured. I feel like she might die soon, as she is probably the weakest of the Careers. Oh, poor Jinx. She's all alone now, no allies. I can't wait to see how Jinx will cope with rest of the Games, and see how far she goes. If she comes against the Carees again, I don't feel like she'll survive. She might be a strong tribute, but I don't feel like she would survive against 5 Careers, if they are all alive by that time. A 7/10 for Jinx, because I actually like her a lot.

And here we have the most boring tribute of the 71st Hunger Games! I mean, Brucite is so ridiculous at this point I just want to see die in the hands of someone like Willla or another Career. He is really annoying and so ridiculous and boring, that I just hate him a lot. Blahh, blahh, whatif they hate me? Blah, blah, what if they think I tried to kill them? Go and die, Brucite. He was already annoying back in the Capitol,but I'm sp done with Brucite. I really am. He is annoying, and such a bad character sometimes. Just annoying. I wish the Careers would all team up and kill him in his sleep or something. Anything to get rid of Brucite for good. XD Please, kill him soon enough? *puppy eyes* 1/10 for Brucite.


1. Done.
2. Favorite- Jinx; Least Favorite- Brucite. I started to like Jinx a lot more and Brucite is my least Favorite tribute in the final 12.
3. I'm only going to do my favorites in this chapter-
1) "Like and Admiration are two completly different things."
2) "If I jump down, nobody would blame me."
3) "Mutters of assent."
1) "You must've lost your wits."
2) "By being insane, he's kept me sane."
3) "It's all I can think off."
4. No idea.
5. Little Talks, Holiday, Somebody told me, Hall of Fame, More of You.
6. Beautiful writing, as always. XD

howlingillusions chapter 24 . 9/22/2014
Hey! I'm glad you updated, maybe it will give me some inspiration! I have writers block. -_-

1. Percy- the power thing is interesting, I'm glad someone is taking charge! Seriously, the Careers are just waiting to explode. The bit about the blood in the barn was so creepy! I can't believed some of the Careers were... intrigued by it! But geez, I would never climb that Silo! I would fall to my death before I reached the ladder. Percy has turned out to be a pretty good leader, and brave. I'm so glad he didn't fall! I like him, and the end was kind of sad.

Surtr- He is so sweet and genuine! I do have a honest feeling he will last longer than Lux, despite his age. It is true that most of the tributes use knives or bows and arrows! This POV wasn't too interesting, but Surtr really is a sweet kid.

Jinx- she is freaky, but she is kick butt and I love it. This trap wasn't going to end well, but maybe the Careers will activate it later. Coral is probably going to be dead soon, she is too insecure. I love he Jonx plays with the emotions of her enemies to disarm them! And Nubu's death was really sad, I liked the guy when he was same. I have a feeling Jinx is now going to hunt, show her really sadistic side.

Brucite- Oh gosh, Coral is going to go downhill. I can't believe they thought Brucite did that! Geez, when did he have time to do that? Put two and two together people!

2. Um I really loved Jinx's because that was interesting and awesome, and Brucite's because his was involved and dramatic. I wonder about his past? My least favorite was probably Surtr's, it just seemed like a filler to me.

3. Woah, I have no clue! Okay, I'll just do it for each character POV for this chapter. Percy: "Like and admiration are two completely different things, a line I'm never going to cross." "The gruff voice is Slate is music to my ears." I like this not necessarily because it was about Slate, but because Percy drew such encouragement from his Allies. "Not with the knowledge that is dark, thati am going to have to kill somebody else sooner or later, but pride and happiness." Surtr: "My past isn't something I should worry her about." And then the last paragraph, he's a pretty optimistic fellow. Jinx: "...and though I may be sadistic, I'm not a complete idiot." "I can't help but drag him closer to me gently, like he is a doll or a cat or something." "By being insane, he's kept me sane." Jinx is just a really great character. Brucite: "How can I be reduced to that, when all my life, I've been the one to beat?" "This is a lot worse than drama, this is hell." "All I want is to be accepted, to be admired for what I'm worth." Brucite isn't a unfeeling killing machine.

4. PAH! I have no clue, I, so bad at guessing. Maybe Coral will get worse and feelings will be revealed?

5. Um, none. I mostly listen to soundtracks.

6. Um, I can't wait to see Nessa and Francis, I wish we saw how they got out of the barn with Surtr and Lux. Your writing was superb!
symphorophilia chapter 24 . 9/20/2014
Sophia, bae, you really need to work on that Closs fic I mentioned. I miss the smut. ;) And Cashmere could totally comfort Gloss- if you know what I'm saying. ;D Please, Sophia? For your Min-Min and 'loe?
Lya200 chapter 24 . 9/20/2014
Haha those gamekeepers kept the body for a while gross poor nubby though
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