Reviews for A Shot in the Dark
magikmajic chapter 24 . 9/20/2014
Before I review, I have to tell you how SORRY I am that I haven't reviewed for like 20 million chapters! We were moving houses, and school got me super busy, and our internet was down because of the house switch, and omg I'm soooooo sorryyyyyyyy! Anyways...
1) Percy-I loved it! It was nice to see a development of Percy's character and I like how his relationship with Coral is evolving (Coral my baby :)) Surtr and Lux was super cute 3 I like the reflection on their lives and how Surtr is comforting Lux. Jinx reflected her personality quite well, and I liked the sweet moment at the end with Nubu. I really did like him :( Oh well. And Bruce...well you gotta feel sorry for him. I feel terrible about how the Careers don't trust him, but I love the development of his character as he grows.
2) ermmm...they're all my favorites? They were all fabulous, really.
3) wat...well I'm still kind of confused about this question, so I'll do the best I can...and I don't know if you want all the characters, or just the ones in this chapter, so I'll stick to the latter. And is it okay if I say I'm too lazy to do three per character? Because I am :P
Percy: "I can't help but admit that yes, I am checking her out a bit, but in no way does that mean I like her. Like and admiration are two completely different things, a line that I am never going to cross."-super cute, even though I'm kinda hoping he will cross that line, if you catch my drift ;)
Surtr: "And of course, I was there to soothe her. It's all I'm good for, really, despite the fact that her head on my shoulder was nerve-wracking and terrifying at the same time." -Idk, I just thought this was super adorable.
Jinx: "He's the only thing that's kept me calm, through these numbered days in the arena. By being insane, he's kept me sane." -Aww, Jinx's human is showing 3
Brucite: "All I want is to be accepted, to be admired for what I'm worth. And here? They're not accepting me..." Poor Brucite, really brings out his insecurity.
4) Well, idk really, but I'm worried about Coral, my baby. What's that wound going to do to her? I'm hoping to see something develop between Percy and Coral too 3
5) None, honestly, but I actually knew most of them.
6) Wonderful writing, and I'm really excited for next chapter!
Lya200 chapter 23 . 9/11/2014
hello again i am back yay so yeah i love how Alexis died from a shove to the shoulder (me and my sick mind) so yeah awesome chapter :)
SpaceAgeDino chapter 23 . 9/9/2014
Nessa - So passes Alexis. I was wondering if her previous head injury would be "corrected." Nessa sticking up for herself was a good bit of character development. I wonder what will happen to both alliances. Being exhausted they might come to an uneasy truce. If anyone does any killing it will probably be Lux.

Willa - I guess her dream-team wasn't as good as she thought. Losing Annabell, her closest ally, probably filled her with doubt. Leaving the alliance probably saved her from being stabbed in the back; however, her next encounter with the ex-allies probably won't end well.

Slate - An interesting career POV. Their split hunting parties show the beginnings of alliance division. I liked the conversation between Slate and Percy.

Arthur - Sheepdog mutts...creepy. Arthur is so oblivious. Willa coming to the rescue spiced the scene up with some action. Poor Alister, mauled to death. I expected him to last a little longer.

Nubu - I felt sorry for him when he realized that he was alone. It's interesting how he suspects he's losing his wits. A Nubu and Jinx alliance, huh. I dub them the Crazy Ones. Traps! This will be bloody.

Constance - Her desire to prove herself is admirable, but she's taking a risk going out on her own. Gloss certainly saved the day. Panem suspects the career alliance is breaking apart...interesting.


1) Done

2) Done

3) Nessa's POV was my favorite because it was tense, dramatic, and saddening. Slate's was my least favorite because it was a standard career alliance POV. Important, but not very interesting.

4) An uneasy stalemate between Francis Nessa and Lux Surtr. Brucite being caught by Nubu's traps and killed by Jinx. Willa leaving Arthur to fend for himself. Constance will probably kill a weak tribute. Francis, Nessa, and Surtr are possible victims. There will probably be more tension in the career alliance.

5) I think Nessa, Brucite, Arthur, and either Surtr or Francis will die next. Jinx, Nubu, Brucite, and Arthur are who I'd like to see die before the top ten.
Mindnight Ink chapter 23 . 9/2/2014
Nessa-I did not see that coming. I wonder how she's going to deal with that.
Willa-Aw, poor Willa feeling all lonely. I'm surprised that she decide to split the alliance up though. I figured Jinx or Nubu would snap and that'd be that.
Slate-I'm surprised no one's killed Brucite yet. (I mean, every but Slate wants to, but still.) I wonder if Percy and Coral will get together.
Arthur-AW FUCK *sobs for four hours* Dammit Alister... okay, that was really sad. Like /really/ fucking sad. Well, at least he died a dramatic death... poor guy. RIP Alister, you're one of my favorites to create. Onto other matters... I wonder how well the alliance with Arthur and Willa will work out. I don't see them lasting much longer than their last alliances.
Nubu-Wow, he and Jinx met back up. I don't think they'll last too long. Are they thinking about attacking the Careers though? That won't end well.
Constance-Wonder what the hell that fence is made out of. And I feel like that cut might end up infected.

2) I figured Alexis was going soon, with that head wound, but I didn't see that coming! Wonder how everyone's going to deal with the aftermath. I'm sad about Alister though. The whole POV made me cry IT WAS JUST SO TOUCHING.

3) Fav- Arthur (biased) and Willa. Least-Constance.

4) I have no idea.
howlingillusions chapter 23 . 8/28/2014
SO EXCITED! Almost all the stories I'm following updated in one day!

Nessa: Oh geez, I totally though a raging fire was going to burn down the whole building. Silly me. But Nessa oh my goodness that was wow! That's my girl, all observant and hopeful. Francis and her are actually really cute! I liked how he was holding her hand. I do feel bad for her, she genuinely didn't mean to kill Alexis. I feel bad for Surtr and Lux too, they lost an ally; even if she was in a bad way. I wonder how Francis and Nessa will get out of there without conflict.

Willa: Wow, I did not see Willa as the one to break the alliance, but I guess it makes sense. She was so close to Annabell, almost like a sister. Jinx is still scaring me, but I was really touched by Nubu's display of affections. Though now Willa is weapon less in the arena with two crazy kids with weapons who might have an vendetta gaits her for breaking up the alliance. Things aren't looking good for her.

Slate: I like him more and more, his levelheaded -ness will get him far in this group. Constance is just meh to me, very flirty and girly. Brucite is bound to get killed still, there is no way around it. I think it's sad and good for his character that Slate is feeling guilty about killing. I also really enjoyed him and Percy's talk. I like Percy, it was funny to see him get all flustered.

Arthur: OH MY GOODNESS YOU MADE ME CRY! I never cry in these stories but Alister was back to his gentle self and poor childish Arthur! ;-; Ouch, I'm crying. I really liked the real Alister, and I expected Arthur to die, not him. I was shocked Willa saved them, and I think Arthur was being especially childish with the whole puppy thing. Bit poor guy. Rest in peace Alister, you were an amazing tribute.

Nubu: His other side is interesting, it's like he has split personalities. This does not bode well for Willa. For now though, I think they will be occupied with setting a trap for the careers. Jinx and Nubu are smart, they'll make formidable allies.

Constance: Well, that was stupid. But she alright. Obviously she's well loved in the Capitol for people to send her healing supplies so quickly. I do love her and Gloss, they are super cute together!

2. It was Alexis' time to go, that head wound would have killed her off soon anyways. And ALISTER DARLING YOU WERE AMAZING I LOVED THE REAL YOU TALON KNOWS YOU LOVE HER REST IN PEACE. His death made me cry.

3. My favorite was probably Arthur's and my least favorite was Constance's because that stab was totally her fault.

4. Ummm, one or more Career will be killed by Nubu and Jinx's traps, and maybe Willa will ally with Arthur...?

5. I predict Arthur, Constance, Brucite, Surtr, Willa, and maybe Nessa will die. You never know. I REALLY want Brucite, Nubu, and Constance to die.
BamItsTyler chapter 23 . 8/28/2014
H3Y S0PHI4! W4zzZup!?

Woo hoo an update! Schools starting for us though! :( ugh man. Eh, I hope your workloads aren't as heavy so you can continue writing.


Oh No Nessa! You killed alexis! crap. She lost her innocence somewhat, but then again it was Alexis' fault for being a little too adventurous. The clunk in the head was eventually her downfall. So what of Lux and - and . . . surtr? LOL even now I cant type his name without going back to it. Are they in an alliance? I wonder. I also wonder about little Francis and his visions . . .

Willa: when she ended the alliance I expected Nubu and jinx to kill her off, but she got away. Umm . . . good, very good. Hopefully one of the two psycho's gets picked off eventually . . .

Slate: :D. One thing confuses me about him. I think you're version of a scythe and mine are different (I think)! When I gave him a scythe as a Wep of choice, I was picturing one of those grim reaper ones. When I read your writing it sounds like one of those medium ones (hand held). not that I have a problem! So! Percy and Slate along with brucey have a man talk! Ugh I know . . . girls are so difficult! first they're all talkative with you then they flip on you. Ugh . . . I think I ran my mouth too much :(. LOL. umm . . . there is time to "make up" *wink, wink*. Overall I enjoyed this segment.

Arthur: He's so childish it makes me think he has more than ADHD, or was it mentioned he was mentally "different"? hm. I think his childishness costed Alister a shot at victory in the end . . . So! out with alister and in with Willa! I wonder how they'll go hand in hand.

Nubu: I see he's gone further off the deep end! and back with Jinx . . . I also wonder what you have in stored for these two wackos . . . The ending of his segment made me think that a career was going to die! :(

Constance: Continuing on the traps . . . It made me think that she would wander off and die falling for nubu and Jinx . . . but instead she gets cut by a razor wire. She should prob's get a tetanus shot b4 itz 2 l8! Another Closs moment with the sponsor meds and note . . . hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


Alexis; unfortunate . . . Poor Nessa :(.

Alister; Eh . . . no thoughts here, maybe you should have chose better when it came to allies.

I had no least favourite POV! all were good/enjoyable.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm No predictions for the upcoming chapter, maybe another vision and maybe nessa and francis team up with district 12 and lux. (maybe).

errrrrrrrrrrrr I can see Lux, surtr, nessa or francis along with arthur and willa dying. . . (Most likely being the first two.) I'd like to see Jinx or nubu kick the bucket! maybe even a career dies . . . idk really, everything is a wildcard when it comes to SYOT's, I've come to learn that now . . .

great job! :P
LokiThisIsMadness chapter 23 . 8/28/2014
I said I wouldn't but here I am ;D

Okay, the little girl is turning into a murderer, what? ;o I never saw that coming, to be honest. It was Alexis' fault, really. If she wasn't stupid and listened to Lux and Surtr or whatever his name is, she would still be alive. Honestly, if I was in the arena, I would listen to my allies. Alexis was kinda stupid in here, really. I never liked her and I can't say I'm sad to see her go. Now, let's talk about character devolopement. Nessa, one of our younger tributes on here or the youngest, don't know, was responsable for the death of another tribute. Then there's poor Francis, who I predicted would be dead by now, dying in the bloodbath. I can't predict anything anymore, really. They never come out right, for sure. But honestly, this was good. We'll get to see how Lux and Surtr will deal with the Games without Alexis, who was always the happy one. And how Nessa will deal with the guilt, of course.

Oh, so their alliance is splitting? Good. That will be easier for the Careers to kill them, if they are not together. Nothing against Nubu, but Willa and Jinx are currently on my dislike list. So, yeah, I'm happy. That usually happens, Willa. When someone in their alliance dies, the leader usually feels guilty more than the other members because it was their job to protect the members in their alliance. Willa seemed quite naive in here, really. She was only thinking of herself, and not her allies when she decided to break the alliance. I mean, we all know what would happen to poor Nubu if Willa left him alone with Jinx. He would be dead in less than a day. He would probably fight back, but Jinx would surely take him. So yeah, end of the alliance.

Finally ;D The Careers. Like Gloss said in his note to Connie, the Careers will surely break soon. You can feel the tension with Brucite. I wouldn't be suprised if he recieved a knife in the back in the middle of the night. From who? Well, I don't know. Let's go over it. Right now, I think Slate or Connie would be the ones to kill him, if it came down to it. Slate because he was Serafina's district partner and Brucite is just another person jn the way of him getting back to his daughter and girlfriend. And Connie, well, she's more than done with Brucite and will do anything to get back to Gloss, so yeah. I don't see Percy or Coral killing him because well, they don't have it in them. Uhm, Slate has a point. Percy and Coral? Frankly, I don't see that happening. Eh for anything romance that isn't Closs ;P

Ah, the boy alliance. It's good to hear from them, even if I don't think they'll last long enought together. I can their alliance breaking up soon, and Alister will probably be the one to do it. Ah, the mutts. That's a good away for that alliance to end. But which one of them will die? Let's see, then. Willa is here, oh. If one of them dies, I can see the other allying with Willa. Probably Arthur, yeah. Awww, I knew it. Poor Alister, even thought he was a repeat tribute. I did like their alliance in those last moments of Alister. He must know that Arthur won't win, probably. But yet, Talon was watching the Games so she heard what he said. RIP Alister, you were a good guy. Ahhh, they said I love you to each other. That was so sad, really ;_; I hope Arthur allys with Willa, they will make a good team.

Ahh, poor Nubu. If he stumbled across a Career, I feel like he would probably be already dead. Anyways, I do like Nubu so far. I feel like he'll have a better chance to devolop if he'a without allies. You know, that way, he won't stay in Willa and Jinx's shadows. Ohhhh, so he joined Jinx again? I wasn't sure if she would want to join Nubu again. Jinx always seemed like a loner to me, really. But I feel like they'll make a good team without Willa's personality in here. They are watching the Careers, uh? I like their dynamic, and I can't wait to see what will happen in the future with them.

Haii bby gurlll xD So Connie decided to go hunt a bit on her own? That's good, yeah. I feel like she'll do better on her own, without people like Coral and Brucite to slow her down. Ahh , she's thinking about Gloss, ohhhhhh. I want to get to the final 8 soon, so we'll see the family interviews and hopefully see how Gloss is doing without her. I feel like Connie might be leaving the Careers soon, I don't know why. Probably because of Gloss' note? No idea. She stabbed herself. *facepalm* What the hell, Connie bby gurl? That's what happens when you wonder out in the woods while thinking of Gloss. -.- Don't do that again, honey, or you might get yourself killed and never see Gloss again. -.- Seriously, love. Don't do it. He sent her the medicine. Thanks Gloss. ;D The note ;_; THE NOTE.

I'm not okay.

"I love you."



Anyways, questions.

1. Done.
2. Done as well.
3. Favorite was Connie's and least favorite was Nessa's.
4. A Career or more will die, Willa and Arthur will find Jinx and Nubu. I don't know, really.
Think- Francis, Arthur, Surtr.
Want- Coral, Brucite, Jinx.

Great job, bae.

K, bye.
SpaceAgeDino chapter 22 . 8/16/2014

Alister - Not a very exciting POV, but I liked how it provided a moment of levity. Alister and Arthur complement each other nicely in terms of their personalities. The cornfield area has lots of possibilities. It'll be interesting to see how an encounter with other tributes or mutts will turn out.

Annabell - A very good POV. I loved the team dynamics, Annabell's reflection on her life, and the fight scene.

Coral - She's becoming quite the killer. It was interesting seeing the careers admit defeat. Brucite is becoming easier to pity. I'm glad he's taking initiative to repent for his mistake.

Francis - This POV was cute and amusing. Nessa and Francis make good allies and Francis's paranoia was amusing.

Lux - What are the Hunger Games without a splash of chaos? The thunderstorm was cool...I had a feeling the silo wouldn't last long. Their reactions were very believable.

2) I agree with what other reviewers have said.

3) Serafina dying in the bloodbath.


- Alexis, Lux, and Surtr runniing into Francis and Nessa. I don't think there will be a death, unless someone panics and falls from the loft. I think they'll stick together for the night and then part ways in the morning.

- A mutt attack will probably occur soon because I don''t forsee many fights between tributes in the immediate future. The careers will not likely go against Willa's alliance again and don't seem ready to kill Brucite; Alister and Arthur will be difficult to locate; and the other tributes are likely in an uneasy truce. As for the type of mutt, I suspect something fast and vicious (possibly something that can fly).

- I think the following tributes are in the most danger of dying: Brucite, Alexis, Francis, and Nessa. Brucite will either be killed by his allies or die fighting impossible odds because he feels like he owes his allies. Alexis has to either die or have her condition improve, lest she'll become a stale character. Francis will probably only have one more vision come true and it will likely end in his death. Nessa is a limited and un-interesting character who is unlikely to survive much longer.

5) Annabell's POV was my favorite because it had well-written variety to it. My least favorite POV was either Alister or Coral, but both were still decent.
GloryToTheWind chapter 22 . 8/4/2014
That's ok about Annabell. I understand that there can't be 24 victors. And sorry about the late review

But, onto the questions!
1. All great (tiredness takes over)

2. Annabell, you were a great tribute and will be missed. :(
Some deaths shocked me (Serafina) but others were clear and not a surprise.
3. APART FROM DEATH! (I do understand tho, don't worry)

4. I'm going to make a victor prediction now because I can. Constance or Slate. Bam

5. Annabell's and Annabell's

BamItsTyler chapter 22 . 7/25/2014
Alister; I dislike the way he is with Arthur. . . I wonder how he and him are going to fair within the coming chapters...Maybe the careers will try for them next? or they might interact with another alliance.

Annabell; her death is legitimate and justified, there wasn't too much you could do with a mute tribute. The combat scenes were extremely fluent! kudos to you Sophia for great combat dialogue. Willa's coo-coo alliance needs to be eradicated at all costs!?1/1!?1?!1?

Coral: She's somewhat proving herself as a "stronger force" in the career pack. She does have her moments of freezing up but quickly compensates for it. At times when I read I feel like she's going to die, but she proves me wrong... :/ She's come a long way since her "weak link" outlook on herself.

Francis: I enjoy Francis! I enjoy him more since he's paired up with Nessa! I love their dynamic and Francis's weird fascination with her hair and features. Hopefully they last long enough! I could picture the scene were they first meet as if it were a movie :D.

Lux: Eh, they aren't exactly my favorites...The scene where they cry through the rainstorm was awkward..yet funny. xD. I think they must've bumped up with Nessa and Francis.

...Nothing surprising.

Predictions? Nessa and Francis meet up with Alexis and Co. No deaths in mind...

No favorite or least fav or me :P all were good.
howlingillusions chapter 22 . 7/23/2014
1. Alister- Aw Arthur is so cute, although he would totally grind in my nerves too. Poor guy doesn't seem to realize the severity of the situation, or if he does it's his way as coping. And Alister is smart, and putting up a wall must be hard and hopefully it will be effective. They certainly got a good haul, I do hope no one springs up on them.

Annabell- Mm, still not fond of Willa, optimistic could lead to mistakes and laxness they can't afford. Nubu freaks me out, I could see him and Jinx stirring things up. It is kind of sad how Annabell didn't check up on him. He IS her District partner, despite her not knowing him. I truly is sad how little Annabell thinks of herself. She IS brave, and see her as rather kind in her quiet ways. Urethral Willa don't be stupid. And what is going on with Brucite? BUT OH GOODNESS SHE DIED HOW AWFUL OH. I didn't expect her to last long, but it was still very sad. And how can you forget about a trident?!

Coral- I'd say, despite her 10, Coral is a bit unskilled. I totally thought Nubu was going to kill her. And go Jinx! They did underestimate the group, though now they are one down. But the Careers are injured and strained. Let's see how this goes. I don't really have too much to say, and Constance was not NEARLY remorseful as I thought she would be, even after the action.

Francis- Woah, um paranoid much? Nessa is actually quite stubborn. And Aww that interaction with Nessa was so adorable! It was really cute how he kept wanting to paint her and was telling her how pretty she was. This alliance could be good, though I'm afraid of what will happen with Francis' unstableness.

Lux- hmm, I knew the silo wouldn't be a good place to stay... And werent Nessa and Francis up in the loft? What happened?! I do hope they made it out. The screaming was either them or Alexis.

2. Oh wow, so many deaths. Umm, I'm socked Camo didn't fight. I am so sorry for Bark, he was such a sweetheart. I'm ashamed to admit I'm glad Alessandra died, I hated her. Cohush.. Jinx did him a Cavour. Still shocked over Serafina and Savannah, and sad I didn't get to see more of Savannah. I'm glad Annabell was able to escape from her father, I really like her, may she rest in peace.

3. I was surprised that Francis and Nessa got together, but it makes sense.

4. HA .Ummm, either Alexis or Francis or Nessa dies I'm the fire. Maybe all three of them.

5. I actually really enjoyed Annabell's and Francis'. My least favotrite was Lux.
LokiThisIsMadness chapter 19 . 7/22/2014
Fith Review Today.

Okay, I'm not commenting on every POV. Outlier Districts are so boring, damn it.

2- Camo, I think. Rebels are always interesting to read about.

3- Cohush. Booooooooooooring.

4- Alexis and Surtr.

5- Brucite. Serafina. Lux. Jinx. Alister.

Happy now?

See you.

LokiThisIsMadness chapter 1 . 7/22/2014
Fourth review today, uhmm? ;)

Okay, so, Seneca was one of my favorite characters back in the Hunger Games. So, I loved him in here.

The arena idea is fun, I don't know.

I'm so terrible at review prologues. -.-

LokiThisIsMadness chapter 12 . 7/22/2014
Okay, because I'm a pretty awesome person, I decided to review every chapter I missed.

You can thank me later ;)

Only the Questions, Okay? XD

1- Bark is quite the typical District Eleven Tribute, but he's dead already so whatever. I'll comment on Nessa. She's too much like Rue, and that's boring. But yet, I like that she's observant. You don't see that very often, uhmm? ;)

2- Nessa. She's the observant one and has potential to make it out of the bloodbath. I think she'll get farter than Bark, I don't know. Jokes xD I do know. At least she made it out of the bloodbath. ;)

3- District One Escort was my favorite, as always.

4- Boring, because reapings are always boring. ;)

5- "Somebody Told Me" and "Little Talks"

LokiThisIsMadness chapter 21 . 7/22/2014



Favorite POV To Least Favorite-

Serafina- I'm a bit sad that she is dead. As you know, Careers ar bbys and I'm always sad when they died. But what we saw here with 'Fina...Damn. It was some difficult stuff. The character devolopment with Serafina was probably the best part of her POV. She just...She threw herself in front of Leaf, to save her life and both of them still died in the end. Damn it, Brucite. No kidding, Bruce really went down on my list. That monster. I hope someone kills you in your sleep, Brucite.

Brucite- Only because of the bit we saw with the Careers because dear old Bruce is now on my hate section. But really, Connie, Coral, Slate and Percy handled it very well. They don't want to break the alliance and yet, they want to avenge 'Fina. Which one of them will do it, in the end? Yes, because Brucite just signed his death contrat. Maybe Connie or Slate? I don't know, we shall see.

Jinx- Every POV that I read from her, I'm certain that she is 100% mad. Bitch knows how to fight, thought. Anyway, seeing as I've had a few mad tributes of my own, I like Jinx enough. I can see their alliance going down very soon, thought. With Jinx killing everyone, they'll be down to Jinx and Willa very soon. Again, I don't know. Only with time.

Percy- Damn it baby, don't do this to me. He was so sad with 'Fina's death but he still kept fighting. I wish Serafina had lived a bit longer to have a better relationship with Percy. They could have been friends, in the end. Damn it, Percy. He let Arthur and Alister go? *hugs Percy* Such a precious thing. Ok, so the Careers are safe. Poor 'Fina, thought. The strongest one of them all is dead. The irony, uh? XD

Still, I have no idea how the bloody hell do you spell his name. But yet, he's a cool character. Like I said in my other review, I don't see their alliance lasting very long. My favorite from this alliance, uhmmm? I think either Surtr or Lux. The other two are boring as hell.

Okay, I'm done baeeee.


1- Done.

2- Serafina, of course. I expected the others.

3- Nessa. And Arthur.

4- You have a pretty cool arena in her, bae. A plantation, uhmm? I'm thinking of Connie in her cowboy hat. Ahhh, Gloss must be enjoying the view back in the Capitol. #Closs

5- Serafina


Ok, baiiiii.

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