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King Mack chapter 4 . 4/24
I hope you continue this story along with your other stories. I have a suggestion for a new High School DxD and Evangelion Story:

High School DxD: Rise of The Satan & The Great Divine Dragons: The White Satan , The Platinum Infinite Dragon Goddess & The Onyx True Dragon Matriarch.

After Shinji Ikari rejected Third Impact and saved the world, he trying to move on with his 2 guardians Misato Katsuragi and Ritsuko Akagi when he was killed by Yeqon. He is then resurrected as a pureblooded devil and is put on to the path of Satanhood. Armed with The Divine Dividing and a peerage of beautiful ans sexy servants. With his guardians guiding him, eh shall rise to be The White Satan.

Shinji x Rias x Misato x Ritsuko x Harem

* Shinji should be raised & trained by Misato & Ritsuko after they took him in when he was a child.
* Rias & Sona should by strong be strong and they should have a strong peerage.
* Katerea Leviathan should by a good guy and rules the Underworld as the true head of The Leviathan clan.
* Vali Lucifer should have the Boosted Gear.
* Shinji should have a semi-large harem.
* This story should by a mega-crossover story.
* Misato and Ritsuko should not only be Divine Dragons , they should also be members of The Great Dragon Council.
* Shinji should be a superpowered character, but becomes a overpowered character later on in the story.
* Shinji should also get the 10 Commandments Sword from Rave Master as his second Sacred Gear.
* Shinji should find his peerage like he did in ROTS Version 2 chapter 7.
* Raynare & Kalawarner should be Ophan Class Fallen Angels.
Xearthes chapter 1 . 4/21
All your stories are awesome, but I love this one so much. Hope to see it updated someday. Good job
Guest chapter 4 . 3/21
When are going to do another ROTS Version 2 ? i freaking love THAT STORY SOMUCH! I do not have anything against Golden Satan but, ROTS Version 2 is one of the best stories you ever made.
GrumpyGrue chapter 4 . 2/23
Water element dodge, Ninefold Rakshasa and its Asura variant, Flash Sword Strike (sounds similar to Lightning Sword Flash)...I almost expected that Shinji would use Quadruple Giga when he infused 4 elements at the same time after seeing those moves from MGQ.

This Dragonliege242...did he plagiarize from Monster Girl Quest? Or the other way around? Or maybe they gave credit to each other. Or one of the game devs is the same person who made that Dragonliege242 account.

The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
GrumpyGrue chapter 3 . 2/23
Sona was a bitch during the soirée.
Kiba is cray cray. Uptight guy needs a lay.
Xenovia could splay Kiba's guts any day. Shinji calling her Xeno reminds me of the crossover "Shinji and Warhammer 40k."
Ravel will have to glue Issei back together, in Hell!
Freed's raped 5 nuns' vajayjays? Oy vey. That half-mast joke made my day.
Fallen angels really hate Japan don't they? There's the Impacts, and now they want to re-nuke it?

Is McCabeRz projecting? This community, though it may be made up of many people who think along similar lines, isn't completely filled with perverts in denial. I'm a perv, but I'm not thinking of sex every 7 seconds, thank you very much! Don't lump all pervs into the same category. Issei is a rare breed of perv. Few others are that bad IRL.

Not everyone likes to imagine that they are in a character's place. Some just like to imagine it happening in third, rather than first person. I do that as a matter of fact. And if Fujimi Shobo intended his readers to put themselves into the place of Issei...FUCK THAT! I'd rather laugh at him from the sidelines as he gets his ass beat for being an idiot. Or grimace and facepalm. Just because an author has a main character something, it doesn't mean you're expected to imagine yourself as them. Be as detached as you can be, even if it's first person, should you wish it. Or even just for a different, or preferred perspective. Some people you'd be better off not "possessing." Example: "The Catcher in the Rye." Holden is a sad, annoying mofo that nobody wants to relate to. Fuck reaaalllllly reaching to explore "universal" themes which would be better exemplified in all-around better books. Fuck putting yourself in his shoes. Fuck Holden's douchebaggery. Salinger is a cantankerous git who realized his mistake far too late. He went into hermetic seclusion and scowls at people who wish to talk about what he views as his greatest failure. The book received mixed reviews and much controversy. As cathartic and symbolic as burning it would be, I'd recycle it instead, for the environment.

Imagination varies from person to person. If every author had to get inspiration from one entertainment medium, we'd not have as much variety, or diamonds in the rough. How a person chooses to enjoy their media, whether it's more convenient, or purported to be great, is irrelevant. What's best is often subjective.

Many people gain satisfaction by seeing or making others get their comeuppance...or even just suffer. Schadenfreude and sadism.

This fanfiction is site is better with it's various genres. A fanfic doesn't have to adhere to the same genres as canon in order to be great. Issei seriously got his ass whooped for excessive perving...I like it.

Can't tell if Jose19 is trolling or just stupid. He puts a late into canon storyline Issei up on a pedestal, while complaining about the CURRENTLY immature Issei in this FANFIC. Chapter 3 isn't even past the first story arc. Chapter 4's title says it is the beginning's finale. That's the latest available chapter.

What Jose19 said about character comparisons is debatable. He contradicts himself in his review, trying to draw contrasts between Shinji, Naruto, and Issei, when he actually showed similarities. All three of them got pushed around. I suppose he meant to say is that Shinji was more of a pushover in canon compared to the other two. Well, that's what fanfic is for. And if Issei could mature throughout the canon timeline, there is no reason why Shinji can't change as well for this fanfic.

Bashing is a thing, look it up. Some authors indulge in bashing. It won't automatically mean they unknowingly did so, are deluded, or haven't read the source material well enough.

These are fun interpretations of the characters. Not too much seems out of place if you account for a couple different elements in this crossover, that you won't see in the DxD manga:
1. Shinji is there. He's got crazy fangirls, who may be yanderes, and some that objectify him. Can't expect them to know, or care about Shinji's past broodiness and angst. In fact, some may even love him more for it, like a woobie. The only thing that matters to them is what they want, whether it's a delusion or not. Since Jose19 brought up a comparison involving Naruto and Jiraya, have a look at Sasuke's fangirls for example. Fangirls/boys can be irrational, and be bitches.

2. Knowing intentions of other characters, as they think and feel (third-person omniscient)
Manga is a different medium of storytelling. A picture is worth a thousand words. Character interpretations can change because of this. You've also got unreliable narrators, and flip-flopping between perspectives when telling stories. That we managed to learn that Rias, Akeno, Sona, and Koneko are very covetous, is a bit iffy on whether it is bashing, because Shinji in this fic is a BAMF, with a reputation to match, and sometimes bitches be crazy. Devils have a tendency to be sinful anyways. If they go through with worse things, I'll consider it bashing, and love the story even more.

It's fine if Jose19's August 21, 2014 review for chapter 3 heavily implies that he dislikes bashing, or bashing of Issei at least. All three females in Rias's group were shown to be cray cray in the earliest chapter. He should've expected it Issei to act as he usually does; he's an extreme pervert whose few good qualities are understandably overshadowed by his perversion. Being stubborn in perversity doesn't translate into the same respect as being a persistent, and loyal pawn. (he still hasn't proven himself)

Issei has little self-control. What's so wrong about the consequences he's faced so far in this fanfic? By being overly perverse at inappropriate times, he truly earned that disdain the other characters give him, as well as the beatdown.

Nobody should be surprised that bashing is a trend. The author obviously knows more than Jose19 about writing.
If Jose can't tolerate bashing, he should've dropped the fic at earlier signs of it, and not expect to be taken seriously with those shitty arguments. Shitty devils.

johnazriel embuscado you silly goose/dummy! You used the word hypocrite in the wrong context (and spelling). If people wanted to get off, ecchi is just one way of many. Sometimes, porn is just an added bonus. Came for the porn, stayed for the story, so to speak. If the author gets off by bashing the main character from ecchi, that doesn't prove that he's hypocritical. He could be, but you don't know for sure.

I come for the porn, and come for the porn.

Some media doesn't have arousing content tailored to your tastes (not your fetish), but you might look through it anyways, and hate characters. And haven't you heard of people who take on jobs or hobbies that they don't enjoy? It happens. Maybe just to appease some people, or for personal growth (not that kind you perv! Ok, maybe.)

Hey, this is obvious, so it's weird that you've missed it. Issei is the main character in canon. This is fanon. And if an author gets his/her jollies by projecting him/herself into the main character, whatever. As long as it doesn't become a horrible self-insert. There are good ones, but they're rare. I like the way this fic is going currently, though it's walking a fine line of Stu-ness. I haven't read many stories by Gunman, and it's been a while, so I'm not sure how similar the styles are between these two authors. I know of the two I did read, I dropped due to Gary Stu. Both Evangelion fics. He probably has some things I'd like though, given that he's got a whopping 192 stories. Still, I've yet to see how redwarrioroflight bashing characters relates to glorifying oneself. Sexual desires, I get takes away the devils, and puts in angels, which he might prefer. Maybe the devils become desperate, and resort to bondage and torture...or rape. Bashing when done right, can be damn fun. I want to see them shitty devils get schooled.
GrumpyGrue chapter 2 . 2/22
So far, Kiba be cray, but not cray cray. Cray cray are Rias and her she-devils, who bray. Sona seems kay. Ándale!
GrumpyGrue chapter 1 . 2/22
Huzzah, you did research! All sorts of interesting details here. It's nice to see how Angels roll, since so many other fics focus on Devils. Now I want to find one with a Grigori main, Chaos Brigade, and just human.

The devil girls are funny. It's entertaining to see them rage and connive. It's a take on Rias's group that few authors go for. Deliciously sinful!
Xearthes chapter 4 . 2/16
Really cool fic. I've never seen Evangelion but it's still massively entertaining.
Greyjedi449t chapter 4 . 2/12
Good arc to read. I really love this story, so I'll look forward to the next chapter :)
ews1 chapter 4 . 2/10
I like this story it has good writing and punctuation except for the thru's littered through it
Lu Bane Na chapter 2 . 2/10
I have to point out a discrepancy in your story. You say Shinji is the one to expose the Holy Sword Project's dark truths yet Kiba was a Devil before he became an Angel. I'm guessing the HSP continued despite Kiba's escape for a few years before Shinji stopped it?
cet0x chapter 4 . 2/10
Really good chapter
Alex2909 chapter 4 . 2/9
awesome battles in this chapter. hope the peace conference is next, would be interesting to see how shinji would affect it. looking forward to next time
Reishin Amara chapter 4 . 2/9
well now,have to admit this is a good one..i LOVE what u did to Rias the peerage works nicely. vali gonna smack shinjis ass?LOL(U know her ass fetish) or is she gonna lean for issei?
KingofKings777 chapter 4 . 2/9
Fem-Vali yay... So if this is the final chapter for this story why not a story where he stays human or is both devil and angle? If not can't wait for the next chapter.
Can't wait for your Golden update.
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