Reviews for Who says Childhood Friends are Boring?
Guest chapter 1 . 3/4/2017
Awsome i love it, epilogue please
Guest chapter 1 . 12/27/2015
Your writing skills though, its amazing. Make that epilogue happen!
regfurby chapter 1 . 12/24/2014
I've always hoped to read a story where Kyosuke moves out of his home where he is oppressed and belittled daily, and into Manami's home where he is always welcomed and supported.

Of course, I'd expect his Dad to disown him for whatever reason (his Dad never struck me as the type to actually care for his 'worthless' older son, only agreeing to help him when it concerns Kirino), but then again, who needs that kind of family when a far better one is willing to take you in?

Then there would also be the inevitable confrontation between Daisuke (I think that was his Dad's name) and Tamura, where Daisuke would basically condemn Kyosuke as a worthless burden that only causes trouble for other people, and Tamura would tell Daisuke that by insulting Kyosuke he was insulting Tamura's entire family, and Daisuke was no longer welcome in their home.

As for confrontation with Kirino... I would assume that while Kyosuke would still be polite to her, he would, for once, put his foot down and stand against her if she tries to badmouth Manami, and if Kirino accuses him of hating her and thus abandoning her again, he'll just say that he's found someone he truly wishes to stay beside (which would crush her heart, but then again he doesn't know that... and Kirino hasn't really done anything to make him like her that way anyway).

Can't remember whether or not Ayase has already threatened Kyosuke at this point, been a while since I watched Ore no Imouto. If she's already threatened him, then if she threatens him again about staying away from Kirino, Kyosuke can bluntly say that he's with Manami now and has no reason to stay near Kirino. This would lead to Ayase proudly declaring the 'good news' to Kirino that she's protected her from Kyosuke, which would inevitably lead to Kirino's temper flaring up and a lot of buried truths coming to light. Sadly, I don't think Ayase's feelings for Kyosuke has developed enough by this point of time that she would feel shocked at him getting an actual girlfriend and moving out of Kirino's (and her) life, or there would be more to write...

... On the other hand, if Kyosuke simply keeps his relationship with Manami quiet (I'm pretty sure Manami doesn't want to make a big deal out of it either), then they could drag on the canon plot until a point where Kyosuke is heavily involved in Kirino's mess (and by extension Ayase too), and when they threaten him with physical violence and other shit he simply snaps and decides to leave the household that has never shown him any warmth for good and cut ties with all the people who have all but abused him in the past, an act that would shock all of his acquaintances to the core, especially when he moves in with Manami with her family's blessings.

As for Kirino's otaku friends, well, Kyosuke's a nice guy, and he could just happen to bump into them somewhere else and be introduced to them that way (maybe by helping them carry some stuff or something...).

Anyway, nice story, good job with a really rare pairing! Hope to see the epilogue if you ever write one.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/2/2014
I'm gonna be honest, the ending to the series was not only kind of disappointing to me, but it also felt kinda rushed to me, with kyousuke just starting his relationship with his sister, only for it to end just as quickly, and that isn't even taking account the loads of kuroneko/ayase fans that were kinda furious at this(there collective thoughts: she got dumped/rejected for this!? I call bull!). Not only that, but personally, I thought Manami was a better choice for him since 1. Kirino was kind of a bitch to kyosuke for the majority of the series, 2. while kyosuke did want to repair his relationship with his sister, he also wanted to live a more normal, peaceful life, and 3. He and Manami just had a stronger bond/chemistry with one another. That being said, to me, you wrote this so well that if they decide to make and OVA/Altenate route, I can actually see this kind of thing happening, and I think you should write an epilogue to this, just so we can see everyone's reactions to this.

All that said, it will be up to you whether or not you want, but it goes without saying that this kind of pairing needs a little more attention. I may not be the only one when i say this, but I would be glad to see and extension to this, again, this is really good. With that said, later and good luck.
Xuln chapter 1 . 7/19/2014
This really good and I also believe that Kyousuke and Manami should have been the end relationship Oreimo. You should keep going even if only for awhile.
K-On chapter 1 . 7/5/2014
I LOVED this! Please,Please,Please make an epilogue of this. In fact I feel you should make this a full blown story! I adore this pairing,and you are correct,it SHOULD have been canon.
basrutten chapter 1 . 3/14/2014
Wow now that is just cute, well done!
Bronyhood of Steel chapter 1 . 3/3/2014
I love this story I hope you do make an epilogue
stealthmomo chapter 1 . 2/22/2014
Okay. See, this is exactly why I love your stuff. You cut right to the heart of things and you understand how people interact with others. Out of every other choice in Kyosuke's harem, I felt that the most satisfying ending would have been Kyosuke and Manami. They had chemistry.

And the set-up you portray here is both logical and SO very truthful to both of the personalities involved.

1.) Good, realistic dialogue
2.) Fantastic portrayal of Japanese traditions and outlook.
3.) Satisfying wrap-up

If you really do an epilogue or wrap-up chapter, I sincerely hope part of it involves Manami putting Kirino in her place.

As much as I enjoyed Oreimo, I was deeply dissatisfied with the 'True Ending'. Not because it was a brother and sister getting together... after all, I had no problem with the ending of Yosuga no Sora. But in Yosuga no Sora it flowed properly with two damaged souls finding ultimate solace in each other when no one else could understand them. Oreimo's ending felt forced and unrealistic. No matter what, I just couldn't get with it. Even if Kirino WAS adopted, as was hinted at, the chemistry simply wasn't there. Sexual attraction, yes... (gods, she was a cute flouncy blonde in "sinful little blue shorts") but emotional involvement beyond the familial? No.

So, I'm just going to personally consider THIS the "True Ending" HA! Whatdaya think of THAT AIC Build? Nice one Timo. You hit it out of the park AGAIN!
Adept94 chapter 1 . 2/20/2014
Smut. Not perfect, but it works. even though sometimes your stuff looked a little bit forced. Also you used some OOCness on each of the characters. But don't get me wrong.

KyousukexManami is freaking hard to write. And that is because they are having such a good relationship already. Doing the step towards a couple doesn't seem to be a big one, because they are already so comfortable around each other. Risking that comfort won't happen until they are pressed to do it, like in the end of the story.

But well, i'm the last one to protest if people are trying new things. Keep an open mind dude, and keep writing.

TrowGundam chapter 1 . 2/20/2014
Overall, it was a pretty good story, and thanks for contributing to the Oreimo community. It kind of read like it was a translation, which is a good thing as it goes well with the feel of the Light Novels.

I can't say I like the ship though, I'm a die-hard Kirino x Kyousuke fan, although I don't mind Kuroneko x Kyousuke or Ayase x Kyousuke. And, I'm always a fan of Harem x Kyousuke (hehehe, I'm a guy what can I say), but I have an absolute hatred of Manami. Maybe that hatred is uncalled for, but she did some rather underhanded things to Kirino in my opinion. Again, I'm bit bias, I was Kirino fan from the first episode of the anime (before I even thought it would end up Kirino x Kyousuke).

Still, I look forward to whatever else you might contribute to our small community of Oreimo fans on . Good job, and keep up the good work.
edboy4926 chapter 1 . 2/20/2014
Good story
Hope you do an epilogue.