Reviews for The Shadow of the Wizarding World
CazPeak chapter 25 . 4/24
For the most part your story is entertaining. The only thing I wish you would drop is this incestuous pedophile relationship you keep toying with between Tonks and Harry. Its more than a bit repulsive.

Don't think I will actively follow it, as that aspect of the story is not only foul but pretty pointless. That you feel your story needs to devolve into salacious details that aren't really plot important is disappointing. Unless they are "plot important", in which case you've lost me anyway.

Good luck with wherever it takes you.
lalo80 chapter 8 . 4/9
Te felicito es un buen relato, porfa continualo hasta su desenlace
PRICEOFSKY chapter 25 . 3/21
very good, update fast please
InAnnaCat chapter 6 . 3/21
Loved the trial but why couldn't you write the five minute meeting of Lucius and show the dementors kiss on Lucius?
anthony chapter 8 . 3/12
I just started your story and your already 20 chapters in. I have a small issue with the scene in which Harry talks to Mrs mafloy about the draco hand shake. Draco insulted Harry's friends right before offering his hand in friendship. Harry may not have known about hid heritage but draco did and should not have made the insult regardless so I hope you also have draco apologize for his behavior. Other then that I like the storyline so far.
Daniel6 chapter 25 . 2/28
Any thoughts on creating a story with Dobby and Kreacher on the high seas? And it was a real treat to have Dobby sing the song. Johnny Depp would be proud. :-)
Daniel6 chapter 20 . 2/28
That outtake was funny as HELL! And it was a forgone conclusion that Edward Teach (aka Blackbeard) is a Black! I was hoping for the PotC song. It's nice to know you considered it.

One thing has been nagging me. Did Draco stop tutoring Hermione other than arrogance? Perhaps he started to fancy her? Anyway, I have a few suggestions for couples.

Harry and Nymphadora. Luna and Neville. Hermione and Draco. Once he gets his head out of his arse, Narcissa and Severus.
Daniel6 chapter 18 . 2/28
I love the outtakes! They make me smile! First the silver lined masseuse. Then the howler from HELL. And the Viagra commercial was too much! :-D
Daniel6 chapter 8 . 2/28
I just started reading this. So you probably already have someone for Harry. And you said no to Ginny (thank the good Lord above for that!) and Hermione (it's your call). Well, here's my short list.
Daphne. Susan. Katie. Angelina. Luna. Fleur. But king of all those (or should I say queen?) is Nymphadora. By nature I'm a harmony follower. But there is something about being with a person six years your senior.
Deathday Party Planner chapter 25 . 2/20
Marvelous! I have seriously enjoyed the growth progression of not only this story but in your own writing skills as you have developed your main character and laid down your plotlines. This is a terrific story and I look forward to reading much more as soon as your RL and muse allow. Thank you for sharing this story and your creative talents with us.
AnimeGirl80 chapter 25 . 2/19
tiny1001 chapter 25 . 2/17
Just found this fic and all I can say is keep up the great work!
bao-earthdragon chapter 13 . 2/15
Okay... you are going with this stupid notation, that muggleborns don't have a place in the wizarding world, just so that Harry can play samariter and make it better. Only problem is, that these accusions are false. While I don't know out of my head about the Hogwarts situation, there were definitly muggleborns in the ministry as minister for magic, as well as departementheads.
They are part of the culture and social life of the wizarding world.
bao-earthdragon chapter 10 . 2/14
What is wrong with love as this power... Personally I don't have any problem in giving Harry new nice powers, but everybody who tries to give him something abstract or foreign magic power as this kind of power, does not seem to understand the frightening power of love...
There is nothing greater than it in our world.
postingfromphone chapter 21 . 2/7
For some reason I feel disappointed with this story. I've stuck with it for 21 chapters but there is just no drive for me to continue reading it.

I can't find the spark in this story. To me it just feels plain, bland and boring.

The ideia is great but the execution is poor for my tastes.
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