Reviews for Summer Vacation: Happily Ever After
Twi-Fan99 chapter 315 . 10/18
Never like Tanya, she is really selfish person and shallow, she just got lucky coz Liam found her...
JazzieJ7777 chapter 315 . 10/18
I have so become devoted to this story, and I so miss my Cullen clan fix when I can't read it every day, but I guess I have to just be patient lol...But it's so dang hard dang it (not what I really wanted to say lol)...
ChocolateGal16 chapter 315 . 10/18
Another brilliant chapter!
Aleksandra24 chapter 315 . 10/17
Awwww too short. I want more more more. Poor Bella and you know what? Tanya is
BB Masen-Cullen chapter 315 . 10/17
Phew! Glad everything was sorted out! Can't wait for more! 3
1sparklygirl chapter 315 . 10/17
Awesome chapter, so worth the wait!

Thanks so much
cullengirl08 chapter 315 . 10/16
Not that its any surprise, but Edward is a really great guy. I think talking with Tanya helped put her at ease and get her to start opening up about things, though she really needs to start talking to Liam. And I'm glad that Bella came down as well, and talked to Tanya. I'm sure that made her feel a lot better as well.
sjillich chapter 314 . 10/15
cant wait for ExB next chapter! update soon please!
GemmaLouiseChester chapter 314 . 10/13
i hope liam and tanya work through it. i dont wanna see tgem split up at all. tanya just needs to talk to him. i see why bella got upset with tanya especially from wat she was saying
Guest chapter 314 . 10/11
Omg when Tanya asked about the theresome I was soo shocked but felt that Bella handled it perfectly. Can't wait for the next chapter when Edward to comes home!
Guest chapter 314 . 10/10
Awesome it
cullengirl08 chapter 314 . 10/11
Bella is majorly disappointed in Tanya and I don't blame her at all. What she did definitely goes against everything that Bella believes in. And Edward? Loved his reaction to Bella's text. "Did she need him to come home away?" He is the sweetest guy ever.
Aleksandra24 chapter 314 . 10/11
Oh what the he...? Is Tanya nuts? What got into her? I know she feesls insecure after a baby born but she just acted like a teenage stupid shallow girl. No doubt Bella was furious. I m waiting impsyiently for the next chapter.
BB Masen-Cullen chapter 314 . 10/11
Oooh Tanya Tanya! I know that Bella and Tanya will work it out though, can't wait till the next chapter and some more ExB!
1sparklygirl chapter 314 . 10/11
I know it hurts to see people deal with things wrongly. Hopefully Liam and Tanya will start talking soon!

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