Reviews for Summer Vacation: Happily Ever After
I miss you chapter 330 . 7/20
Please give us new chapters, i love this story so much!
frustrated chapter 330 . 7/18
I've been reading along with you since the first summer vacation and I love the world you have created. I am upset, however, because it has been almost a month since an update. I have to ask, respectfully, have you abandoned this story? I hope this isn't the case but I want you to know that some of your faithful readers are getting frustrated.
Guest chapter 330 . 7/12
Please update! Please finish the story! Don't just chop it off!
Guest chapter 330 . 7/11
Please update?
Priceless4 chapter 321 . 7/8
I like Carmel better than chocolate but give me Edward.
Momma Laura chapter 330 . 7/1
I waited until I had a few chapters to read, which is why I didn't comment on the other chapters. Glad to see them grow in their marriage...Playboy? Boy, that takes me back a few years! Navigating the first few months of marriage is never easy, but they seem to be tackling it just fine. Always good to see you in my inbox!
cullengirl08 chapter 330 . 6/22
Loved Bella going back and forth on the Playboy magazine...
Guest chapter 330 . 6/19
that was you.
Rookieforlife20 chapter 330 . 6/20
This a really great chapter, love this story
Aleksandra24 chapter 330 . 6/20
I really love EPOVthat was really steamy hot
1sparklygirl chapter 330 . 6/20
Loved this chapter! They are just too cute!

BB Masen-Cullen chapter 330 . 6/19
Gah. I do miss reading about these two regularly so much! But then I've been savouring and enjoying these updates. Can't wait for more of them!
Guest chapter 328 . 5/20
Please update soon
cullengirl08 chapter 329 . 5/21
Loved the chapter. I think it is so sweet how Edward just wants to protect Bella and keep her safe.

I couldn't stop laughing over that Playboy mansion setting. That was hysterical.
BB Masen-Cullen chapter 329 . 5/21
Loved the chapter! That little boy had me cracking up! Lol Can't wait for some more ExB time and fir Forks!
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