Reviews for Summer Vacation: Happily Ever After
Pizziagirl86 chapter 245 . 10/3
LIke it updated soon
1sparklygirl chapter 245 . 10/3
Camping with the brothers! !

cullengirl08 chapter 245 . 10/3
I'm glad all six of them are camping. It'll be good for them to all catch up together.
Aleksandra24 chapter 245 . 10/3
Oh ty for another chapter. That was lovely. I really adore Hale's sisters. Ant yeah it really is like three sisters and three brothers. Now im lookong forward whst's in the next part. Still camping I hope.
ChocolateGal16 chapter 245 . 10/2
Another incredible chapter!
BB Masen-Cullen chapter 245 . 10/2
I loved the chapter! I can't wait for more camping!
Twilightchick45 chapter 244 . 10/2
These two are just to cute.
ChocolateGal16 chapter 244 . 10/2
Another brilliant chapter!
cullengirl08 chapter 244 . 10/2
Great chapter. I think its great that Edward is letting Bella be her own person, not that I could ever see him doing or saying anything.
cullengirl08 chapter 243 . 10/2
I think it's great that Carlisle is so supportive of his children. He is open and encouraging, but serious when he needs to be. He has a great relationship with them.
Aleksandra24 chapter 244 . 10/2
My last review was cut so ill say sometting more here. To finish the sentence. I felt sad/ bad for Jasper because i don' t see the point why they all are pushing his so much to talk. It looks like he is not interesting in sharing the details, but yeah he is growing up and he's a guy and guys should be more confident about their sex life..
Their bond is amazing.
Girls day was also grat but im glad you added Edward and Bella's part to it because i start to miss them at that moment.
Aleksandra24 chapter 243 . 10/2
Oh it was worth waiting. Two chapters in one day. Great part. Omg i was sad for Jasper b
1sparklygirl chapter 244 . 10/1
The title was sappy couple but it could have been soapy couple!

monicaalexr chapter 244 . 10/1
I don't know what happened with your writing but it seems more and more simple
you no longer write the details
it's the details that makes us imagine the story, the place or the fellings
it seems you're just rushing the story
I'm sorry for any grammar error (I'm not english) or if I offended you - I'm just 'saying' what I feel
BB Masen-Cullen chapter 244 . 10/1
God I love these two like crazy! Loved the chapter and newlywed time! Can't wait for more!
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