Reviews for Attack On Wonderland
F Y E.enchanted chapter 2 . 3/25/2014
Forgot to mention in my other review...why did you use the name Eren? Stealing names, now?

And...such foul language from the king.
Also, you should put breaks between each scene change because, at first, I thought Levi was talking and not the king.

Aaand there's a parallel universe! Cool. Where are you going with this? Is this gonna have a sad ending?! 'Cause if it does! I'm gonna rip you like you've never been ripped before!
F Y E.enchanted chapter 1 . 3/25/2014
Wow I'm so damn curious! What's gonna happen next?! Omg!

This is too funny, boy. I really love the beginning. It seems so natural to have him coming from work, having worked a later shift and...HEARING A MAN TALK LIKE HIS BROTHER?! VOICE!MIME MUCH?!


Anyway. It was really nice. You had too many damn, fuuucking run-on sentences but I'll let you live. Also, were you going for a narrative that sounds like dialogue? That's what I got.

Other than that, I'm done. Time to see what the motherfloppin' is gonna happen next! The suspense [isn't] killing me! (You know...since you have another chapter. Unless my phone is tricking me...? It does that too often. Tells me I got mail when I don't. Okay, I'll stop now before you get too excited and think I wrote a long-ass love letter or something.)

- Ania/Fye