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SethisawesomeGT chapter 37 . 14h
I am sure that at the end of this fic, it will be like "Inside out"
Slayer chapter 72 . 7/19
Can you do Voldimorts POV in a chapter please!
Slayer chapter 70 . 7/19
This is my most favorate (is hat correct grammer) Harry Potter fanfiction
Son of sea 9 tail chapter 73 . 7/18
Guest chapter 1 . 7/17
Is this abandoned? It's been so long without an update
MarkedPariah chapter 1 . 7/16
wow "... it was like that time he used a blanket before someone saw him..." saddest sentence ever.
cztelnik chapter 71 . 7/16
What a great idea, making canon world an AU to RL explains so MUCH that was off in canon about technology and the lack of it.
cztelnik chapter 69 . 7/15
omg Harry just created a magical Google!
cztelnik chapter 68 . 7/15
Mistress Hedwig! That's right up there with a vicious Arthur Weasley.
cztelnik chapter 66 . 7/15
Wow, there's just so much going on here. Can't wait till Dumbledore gets back and attempts to control Rose P.
cztelnik chapter 63 . 7/15
The silliness would be boring except it is delightfully spiced with dangerous Arthur Weasley's alternate universes, Snapes that act more like a Pink Panther villain and Lost Mcgonagalls. So the newness works to counter the godlike powers - which are interesting too. I've not seen magic used to program before but it seems to make sense. Enjoying this fic.
cztelnik chapter 47 . 7/15
Lol, Luna's emotionally hurt imaginary pig due to his house being destroyed by loss of magical pressure. I had to read that twice but interesting that Luna could tell magic was being all used up in the area. Not sure anyone else knew why - so she can see things like Harry? See magic?
cztelnik chapter 45 . 7/15
Lovely Insanity. ") if Harry will be a godlike wizard then good he has love and family but there won't be help for anyone who incites his Wrath!

Although, somehow Wisdom seems is that?
cztelnik chapter 38 . 7/15
So the goblins will be actively looking for ways to please Harry and that means as long as Flitwick is favored by Harry he should rise in estimation too.
cztelnik chapter 35 . 7/14
Well that is interesting. Harry will be glad for copies of Snape's happy memories someday but Severus might not survive. Son Goran troll - will he know it was Quirrell?
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