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dragoro chapter 73 . 4/8
Hi, what a great Story.
May i ask if you plan to Update? Or is it dead?
Archangel Change24 chapter 73 . 3/21
I need more of this hilarious mess. Much of your fictions work and magic concepts have legitimately changed how I view and choose to do magic in my own fiction. Please continue this great work.
MattBlack chapter 30 . 3/11
Just because you're planning a pairing for Harry, doesn't mean you have to do so for Neville or Terry. Honestly tired of authors constantly elevating Neville to a main character...
jisgote chapter 73 . 3/6
please finish this story
Blue-Happens chapter 36 . 3/1
its an odd choice to adopt the troll. let him survive? makes sense for the character. make it smart? idk why you would literally ever choose that, but sure. make it your son? too much.

you've mostly done a good job tip toe-ing over the crackfic line, but you just jumped right over with this.
Blue-Happens chapter 6 . 2/29
i dont mind the duck avengers, silly duck stuff for the win! i do mind that you spend so much time in his head not really doing anything at all
Blue-Happens chapter 4 . 2/29
that makes sense for this version of harry. OG dursleys where awful, and vernon was definantly abusive on some physical level, with how roughly he grabbed harry's arm in the movie and etc.

but nothing to the level of what you describe here.
jmcninch316 chapter 58 . 2/9
pretty lost at this point. the story is moving along at a snail's pace and it doesn't ever feel like anything is happening of consequence.
Blitzstrahl chapter 38 . 2/1
Don't even get to Hogwarts till chapter 18. Here we are at chapter 38 and he's only been in school for 2 weeks.

The Philosophers Stone plot hasn't even been blinked at. So I mentioned to the people on reddit that recommended this to me. About the scale of the fic this is going to be a 150~200 chapter monster before the school year is finished. It got discontinued at 73 chapters.
LennyFaceSupplier chapter 1 . 1/25
httpsdiscord. gg/aCtqGer5
DarkSwanQueen777 chapter 37 . 1/19
is it necessary to be this descriptive everytime he helps someone? why do we need to see these small things? nevermind... i guess kts not my type if story its so boring
DarkSwanQueen777 chapter 25 . 1/18
it seems like this story mainly takes place in his mind. kind of weird because nothing around him is being shown so im a bit bored. like a slow burn to action
DarkSwanQueen777 chapter 9 . 1/17
holy moly this story got me emotional. i guess i understand when someone says im empathetic
khatre chapter 5 . 12/31/2023
not sure what to think about stories that totally remove responsibility from the actions that the Durslys took , the damage that they directly caused two small children
1998bookworm chapter 73 . 12/17/2023
is this still active?
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