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adafrog chapter 73 . 12/9
Very good, thanks.
kuraitja chapter 3 . 12/6
would they not notice that the lock of his cupboard is unlocked?
HARRY POTTER chapter 1 . 12/3
Let us all make a forum against this haters who insults our country, parents, and giving us threats just because of some grammar mistakes, spell mistakes, just because they dont like the stories doesn't mean that they would hate it, Constructive Criticism is acceptable but 'this' is beyond that and call it Justice against Trolls forum, there are many authors who have left fanfic cause of this trolls, many of them might be our friend and many of them might be our acquaintance , and they all suffer from this torment of this trolls, let us all users unite against them.

TheRealMasonMac chapter 73 . 12/3
This story is amazing lol! Also y u haf to leave it on a cliff hanger? Also can't wait for Remus Lupin, maybe one day Harry could cure werewolves
mab70 chapter 73 . 11/30
Yayy! So happy for Neville!
Very much enjoying reading your Awesome story!
Hope I get to read more!
Thank you for sharing your talent!
Ahmed chapter 19 . 11/28

THX theaceoffire for this wonderful story! Looks like I have reading to do!
mab70 chapter 57 . 11/27
WHOA, this chapter was quite the roller coaster ride!
Radio over movies? What is going on with this world?
mab70 chapter 52 . 11/27
Not really sure what happened here. I get Wrath is Death, but not the rest
mab70 chapter 42 . 11/26
LOLed until tears streamed down my face! Muffincide!
mab70 chapter 29 . 11/25
Really enjoying this AWESOME story thus far!
Yay, I was so hoping Neville would be included in Harry’s group! He really needs some good friends!
The level of detail you put in this is absolutely stunning!
96hanzo chapter 69 . 11/25
You know all this world building is really bugging me... I like it
96hanzo chapter 47 . 11/24
Ok this chapter is a real roller coaster and Arthur? Now we know where Bill got most of his fighting stuff from eh?
96hanzo chapter 43 . 11/24
You know if nathan drake went to the island, you would really get some awesome crossover
96hanzo chapter 40 . 11/24
Oh barmy dumbledore, how i love your special mind work in this one.
96hanzo chapter 34 . 11/23
You know i live my life with the fact that neville will end up together with hannah. This chapter and the previous chapter just crack it in half when you try pair neville with susan. im not saying its bad. it really good actually. Not awkward at all. The chemistry kinda work
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