Reviews for Naruto - Kitsune Of The Fist
Kyuubi Soul chapter 6 . 4/20
-clap clap-
We have a jackass over here.
Someone please take him away.
Thugs Bunny 009 chapter 1 . 4/9
That was just an info dump of stuff that really should've been revealed in later parts of the story to develop characters and such, Know-what-I-mean? Though I got an adequate laugh out of this. Kurenai barely Jounin level. I can easily see that. That twat Kishimoto didn't even give her a minor amount of sufficient fights to substantiate her position as Jounin. In fact, she only ever ended up having one fight and that was against Itachi, who stomped her with ease.

*Shrugs.* Bitch sucks.

Asuma was just casual. Sucks. He was portrayed as nothing more but a one-dimensionally laid-back individual who died before any reader could form an attachment to him. He sucks.
hippity hoppitus chapter 1 . 4/3
okay... so you hates naruto fanfic but not naruto crossover fanfic... so if I started to write crossover one can you please stop flamming my fanfic...?
YourAss chapter 1 . 4/3
Stop shoving your limp dick into other people's fanfic man. .YOURSELF! Because of you, one of my favorite author stopped his stories and left Fanfiction, possibly for good! By the way, your story SUCKS and like how you review him... Shove it up your ass FUCKFACE!
Dragon quil chapter 1 . 3/31
Well...I could criticize you for leaving such a bad review on my story, but after reading your bio, the reviews you left on other stories, as well as the majority of your own story's reviews; I decided that I don't really need to hand you whatever shred of dignity you have left. I will say that you didn't even get past the first chapter of any these stories you continuously stomp on, which leaves me to believe that you don't even read them, and that you just want to get a rise of anyone who is willing to listen to your constant bull-crap. I mean seriously; you talk so damn big for a writer who has only been able to write down four chapters, and a cruddy side note. At least I finished my story with 73 chapters, all while working full time, and going to school full time; if you spent just as much effort actually finishing this story, then blasting other writers for what they have produced, than most would probably be able to stomach this fanfic of yours. I don't care if my story is about love, hell, the title itself was self evident; what kind of loon would click on a story that they know they are going to hate? You talk about how there should be categorize so you don't end up reading non-english written stories, but let's face it; you would pick any story regardless if it was english or not. I think you have this compulsion to spew none-sense that you pull out of your ass on a whim, just so you don't die of boredom; you hate everything, not just naruto fanfics, but everything in this world. I can at least admit that I am a proud nerd that loves to write, and not a self-loathing punk, who gets some cheap, sick, thrill off of making others as mad and angry as he is.
kunt-destroyer420 chapter 6 . 3/28
This takes 'butt-hurt fanboy to a whole new level. You are a sad sad little boy.
Ninja Knight chapter 6 . 3/22
This is Ninja Knight! Thanks for your Review, Hopefully your enjoying that Bus i'm about to drive over your head, If you don't like Cannon Naruto then read something else and don't bitch about Stories from Authors that from the sound of it are far superior to you. Enjoy the hornet's nest you have stirred with your foolish words and simple mind and if you don't like it TOO BAD!
Guest chapter 2 . 3/17
Fuck this. the story makes no sense at all. not to mention it is full of cliches. Do yourself a favor and stop writing, fuckface.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/17
what the fuck is this shit? not another fucking revenge fic.
Selkadoom13 chapter 6 . 3/14
So, you just jumped over and insulted my story and told me to fuck off and die? You um... you have some anger issues man.
Kyuubi Soul chapter 1 . 3/10
"Goddamn you pieces of Kishimoto filth are like parasites and thus you need to die as such, f***."

Nice review sir.
PCStation360 chapter 6 . 3/2
If there was a Jack and Jill of fan fictions, well, this is it. This is fucking terrible, utter garbage and a complete insult to Street Fighter and Naruto, not to mention the hypocrisy you spew out. You act like such a big shot behind the computer screen, but I guarantee you wouldn't have the balls to say the things you do to someone on the street.

Furthermore, let me ask you something, if you hate the Naruto canon, then why are you writing a fanfiction involving the characters that are canon? That means you don't hate ALL of the fandom. Second, everyone has different tastes and opinions; that doesn't mean yours is fact or God's opinion. You say you'll say your opinion which I'm fine with, but then you bash anyone else's opinion and then have the gall to say you'll just delete an anon review just because they disagree.

Third, if you don't like Human in Equestria stories, then why the FUCK do you READ them? I don't hate Lord of the Rings, I just don't care for it, yet I don't watch it just to bitch about it how much I don't care for it. The only MLP stories you seem to like are the ones filled with mindless violence and sex scenes just for the sake of mindless violence and sex scenes. Fourthly, after reading your bio on your author page and some of your author notes, Walmart has to be pretty stupid to allow someone with a serious mental problem like yours work in a place that sells guns.
Gokussdesetsuno45 chapter 6 . 2/28
Why do you hate the canon of Naruto? Give even a concrete reason why so much hatred, but seriously, without using coarse language.

And yes, I'm spanish speaking and from Paraguay and I'm proud of it, you got a problem with that? For your information, the world is vast and each country has its own language: Japanese people have the Japanese language, French people have French language, Portuguese people have Portuguese language and finally, English people have English language and you Americans also have.

Above, you're a sexist, yes I personally don't like yaoi too, but I'm not going across this web page insulting innocents girls that has doing anything to me because of that. Do you think you can defame like that because people have different tastes to yours with a pathetic philosophy of 'stop liking what I don't like'?

Then grow up, man, you're old enough to be acting like a spoiled child. There are people with different tastes to yours, and that does not make idiots. By contrast, only shows ignorance here are solely you.
Guest chapter 6 . 2/18
I like this name now
One-Winged Angel of Death chapter 6 . 2/19
So you don't like Naruto's personality in the anime/ you write a Naruto fan fiction. On top of that it isn't really anything special and judging from the shear amount of name changes and your's note I think you may have an issue. Really you bash anyone who doesn't like what you like but then you act like a big shot for having 64 reviews(Half are insults). I have over 100 on a story with two chapters. One of mine got 40 in one day. So please continue writing so I can continue to laugh at you.
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