Reviews for The Case of the Man Who Was Wanted
Serpent91 chapter 25 . 9/3
Well written indeed!
ultraclosetfan chapter 25 . 8/10
Thanks for all of the hard work and time you put into this work. I can't help but feel like something terrible is going to happen to Harry now that he's taken the Hallows out of their hiding place. Is the real murderer Henry Tonks? It would make sense, he dropped out of sight for so long and he has access to a lot of secrets. Can't wait to read more, but please also take the time for self care!
Roserayrose chapter 24 . 7/31
i am LOVING this story to pieces, though since you mentioned wanting constructive feedback, I think it’d be nice to learn some more things. I think one of the subplots needs to be resolved, so there’s more focus on the main plot. The whole thing with the possessing writing would be a nice mystery to resolve in some way, or at least reveal hOw it’s connected to the rest of the plot like I assume it must be.
Roserayrose chapter 25 . 7/31
I desperately want more of this beautifully, fascinating story! Ahhhhh it’s so good - the plot, the characters, the mystery, the descriptions, everything. I would love if there was an update, I don’t mind it’s been a year since the last update, I really really would love to find out what happens next
jan chapter 23 . 7/31
I fist-pumped when they finally kissed! I was starting to feel the slow-burn would burn eternally without going anywhere wnfgkgkfkfkfkfkffi im so happy n gay ! LOVE IS REAL ! this is so cute...
supagirl27 chapter 25 . 6/29
Please finish this one...
Lila Dunmare chapter 24 . 6/27
So ?! How will it end ? I hope you'll update again sometime. I really like your fanfiction.
Uchiha Naruko chapter 25 . 6/23
I saw those comments about Teddy's Uncle being the murderer, it makes a lot of sense regarding the metamorphagus ability, but what's the motive?
Guest chapter 25 . 5/7
Came back to this story, still absolutely brilliant. I can't wait for Snape and Sherlock to meet
Polly Little chapter 1 . 4/24
You have a wonderfully distinctive voice.
Polly Little chapter 1 . 4/24
You have a wonderfully distinctive voice.
E. Chickarita chapter 25 . 3/16
Omg where is this going?
C'mon Sherlock think!
theHidden1 chapter 25 . 2/25
This story is so good! You are amazing at catching their characters. And the way they fumble about their emotions. its wonderful.
sfjoellen chapter 25 . 2/19
a very good story. I'm not much for m/m stories so I have to push past that. It's worth it for the characters, you write them beautifully, maybe a bit too dramatically, but they do have weight and I want to know what happens to them. The plot is good and the pacing of your reveals works for me.

You're a talented writer, faved and followed.
MargaritaS chapter 25 . 2/18
its been awhile but i hope you continue, there are a lot of threads left dangling and i would love to see where they were going :)
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