Reviews for The Case of the Man Who Was Wanted
Triss chapter 25 . 10/2
Really good story hope you update soon
Triss chapter 25 . 9/22
Really good story hope you update soon
Codename-SN chapter 11 . 9/19
Maybe it's just my personal experience but I can't help but feel sad for Harry. I mean I totally understand why Sherlock reacted that way. But that doesn't mean I approve considering how Harry, who has no context to go on, must've felt because of it.
purpleradiance chapter 1 . 9/8
Amazing! I don't even watch Sherlock, but this story is so good I want to. Thank you so much for writing this.
Lola Krantz chapter 25 . 8/11
I hope you will update. I'm enjoying this story.
Lola Krantz chapter 18 . 8/8
Love this story.
canela chapter 25 . 7/30
Read the story for the second time, still utterly brilliant. Please continue, I can't wait for Snape joining the gang in Baker Street
Thrushsong k'Varis chapter 25 . 7/27
Oh my god so heartbreaking! You can't leave Sev there!

Now that that's out of the way, I love this story, read the entire thing in one sitting :D
Dorkchic chapter 25 . 7/23
This story is awesome, and I cannot wait to see where it leads!
Anon chapter 25 . 7/17
Those two are so awkwardly adorable! Can't wait to see where you take this story. Great job!
Tanya chapter 25 . 7/12
I love your story can't wait to see where it goes
LG14 chapter 25 . 7/11
This story is amazing. I cannot wait for you to upload more chapters. Well done, your writing is vibrant and rich with imagery. I was fully immersed in the world you have created. I am following your story as eagerly await the next installment.
Exivus chapter 24 . 6/28
It's got to be Teddy's great uncle Henry behind all this. He's related to Teddy so he could be a metamorphmagus, with all his talk to Teddy about how useful the skill is. He would have had access to Weasly and Snape and he tried to get in Azkaban as Toadle to get to Snape.
Books85 chapter 25 . 6/26
I am delighted to have found these last few chapters; I don't recall when I last checked on this, but to find the UST finally resolved, and the mystery starting to show signs of unwinding was very welcome. It is an interesting version of the Deathly Hallows there.

Thank you, well done.
vampireluph chapter 25 . 6/24
I can't thank you enough for writing this beautiful masterpiece for me to feast my eyes upon! I will impatiently await for your next update! Thank you so very much! Xxx
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