Reviews for An Luminous Occasion
Debbie Hicks chapter 18 . 6/17/2014
Chapter 19: the Neptune Scream the Wedding had Arrived the two wwre getting Federation wedding jitter we chosen Dawn Read Spier to preside their Quad Ceremonial ritual with the Packs with ourselves going to remarry then all the sudden Ben with Tia With Super Sailor Neptune then Alll the sudden we unification of our Gifts and then all the sudden my own symbol of Betazed flared up with their own symbols to destroy one last one then all the sudden my mental shield went beyond then Betazed Timeless Deadly WHISPERS! NEPTUNE DEEP SUBMERGE! Then all the sudden a strangest mutation began then Bursting outside with as all of each planetary race and then all the sudden felt my own mental shield turning into a Very powerful weapon was summoned in my hands There is ONLY ONE! He suddenly Screamed NOW! Outers PLUTO DEADLY SCREAM! URANUS WORLD SHAKING NEPTUNE DEEP SUBMERGE! SATURN GLAIVE REVOLUTION BETAZED TIMELESS WHIPERING SCREAMS OF THE DEAD! SLICE! Took one finalist slice then CHOP! Very too loudest and earthrumbling and then a BANG! Then all the sudden shook all over so much more with them who Suddenly Burst outside Again Twice then again then with the each both Lost their bodies then it was too late thump became Immortal all of us were unaging but never changed thank the Great Fire it's over we did it then Then into the palace our Lunarians destroyed and Wiped out they Broken the Law of the Volturi coven but they Finished the Weddings of all of them theses bodies all of as very way far too much and much many more and all of them removed as very way all of them Killed with our own Witnesses and Gardeners and your own late Aunt Murdered by the Covens and the Phoenix Coven unified against us and our coven soon after the wedding then all the sudden Cloaks all of them very much more you broken our law Cullens with your own Allies our Sentence is DEATH! DESTROY THEM FELIX! Then We were Bammed and all the sudden Blasting and with as very all of the Members with as allkl of the Pack with the Tribal members with their own families all of the Sudden burst outside with as very all of the Members with the Nomads went along blasted but they all took the bodies away then vanished never returned to America then Finally arrived they broken our law they are Deceased but Exiled the Covens and their members are Exiled we have friends all of them but they revived themselves but lost the ability to mate but their hybrid children had Vampire/Werewolf hybrids with Reneesme had only 8 children are unable to mate no longer then so that was it our battle with them and we look younger again but had not aged a week and day at all but each both were gone,
kiwihipp chapter 18 . 6/18/2014
Really stupid this lunarian for trying to mess with the wolves and vampires! I wonder when the last one will make the mistake and be found out. Before the wedding or afterwards when the couples and the humans have left, please!
kiwihipp chapter 17 . 6/5/2014
Well, they are getting picked off one by one! Obviously not learning from their fellow Lunarians mistakes! Only two to go now! I hope they get them before the wedding!
Debbie Hicks chapter 16 . 5/23/2014
Chapter 17: the Wedding: soon after the Lunarians killed by a Thunderstorm who was sending the Thunderstorm and Lightening the other Five was blazed in Fire were two girls not quite human but Vulcan vampires with planetary gifts with her best friends began showing both merged one gotten away then VENUS CRECSENT BEAM! SMASH! It was Super Sailor Venus shot one then they Exploding into all flames and fire and then their own all of their Witnesses went along in Ashes with the sister of Aro then and they were clad in Sailor Suits with her best friends with his daughter suddenly Blasted the remaining more and all of the Sudden with Bella and the Rest of the Both allies Killed the very last one Snapping off their heads then killed them afterwards then a Scout reported the Cullens and their allies killed but Snapped off the Tribazillions of their heads and gained the Phoenix coven who were aided by the other Covens Guiding them their Revolution and it's terrible murdered them in cold blood Sires Wives Guards I Have Punished them they have been silenced but Burst out from their own Backs they are Forbidden To go everywhere but they have Bitten their next allies the younger 4 wolves and were much younger and youngest and who too Were Slienced by your punishment bring their Corpses to us We Volturi Punish you all of you both races the crime is DEATH! For killing our Witnesses and Aro's dear but Beloved sister and you will be Executed by ourselves it was too late they Killed us with them but from Rachel And Paul's Semen/sperm implanted into Rachel's with the rest of the 4 Pack's Women who later told their mate the news were with child Again but went into Labor then gave birth to their next generation of Werewolves suddenly evolved as Interplanetary Lycans suddenly unified their voices to the Moon were furious and Ripped the last ones in their anger and grief torn off their heads very way too violently then they Murdered us with our friends our skin healed and merged then our blood exchanged with the Animals blood then gotten up then Alice Cullen had a vision Again it was a truest premonition of doom a blast of light flashed the Volturi they are going to Forks, Washington they released the Artemista their mutated hunting vampires from our own corpses and they are Coming HERE! Thanks Mother for the Sea sound effect We were turned by yourselves and the Volturi are furious it's Alice still screaming of the Volturi's hunters are mutated vampires mess with with us your hunters are SUSHI ! Then Super Sailor Mars suddenly chanted into her Tibetan chanting smelt a lone witness she suddenly released her Very violent rage and anger and grief Screamed with the Scout MARS FIRE IGNITE! a very way hugest but largest but monstrous ball of purest fireball raged from her planetary anger rage and grief suddenly screamed into flames all of the Witnesses with the Lunarians were all Burned into a Crisp with the very all of their own souls Screamed were destroyed by a Monstrous creature reappeared from Native American myths took them all of the Souls to their otherworld were punished for evil deeds then the Volturi were furious again they torn our head off in their rage and then poisoned us unification with a dagger and forbidden the other covens to step on their lands and stopped their heart beats forever had murdered us by blazing them into as very way tribazillions as all of their ashes with ice who released more as very way all of them as very tribazillions as much many more and as very way tribazillions or all of their ten thousands or much many more and all of them and the very way all of them lost the Souls to them then all the sudden as very way tribazillions much many more and all of then suddenly made us Cullens infertile of no seeds transferred tomy own daughter with his were joined together and with theirs merged to create then merged with only 8 kids growing differently a new race to call their own then suddenly Reneeseme was clad in Red from the Handmaid's Tale she was under the Care of Luke Alan Mathews her Commander his mate welcomed her in their care wore Blue in style had a child dressed in a white dress it was a movie style wedding and she was with Child I Was infertile in blue oh man I Hate wearing movie style dressed I Gotten a swing of it then suddenly my daughter reported she was into horrible pain for ninety-six hours longer than normal was in Labor was with Dawn and the maidens then all the sudden Gave birth to a Hugest hardest-shelled egg from her chest then broken off then her only 8 children born Werewolf/Vampire hybrids from the blood she took were from as much Bitten But Turned Werewolves all of them Evolved to Interplanetary Lycans wre three pounds of all pure Muscle were Muscular their omen were trim but more leaner than normal looked well but infected oops Produced True Planetary Vampire venom made them Interplanetary Lycans ow she bit us took a Tribazillions or much many more of our granted us a new stage of our evolution Move it pee wee time Power up oh man it's WOMEN YO! Nice outfit out of the Way time to Shake things up painless SHIFT INTO TURBO Oh CRAP IT'S COMING The Moon! she over did the Both and Drank our blood they all suddenly Shook all their own mightiest might then their shaking was locked with the both then the Mounts suddenly CRASH! They were huger than normal Werewolves suddenly became the Interplanetary Lycans time to infect the white people you with us Vampires Hai! Then all the sudden they both of their races Attacked and all the Sudden Bitten both of their peoples and resumed Attacking created a Rebellion of a newborn vampire and werewolf army caused a lot of deaths and murders and the Guards reported Master something horrible on the Screen they exposed themselves to the Humans are Slienced as all of them it is my cursed But Death Serum they had Died here but burst away bring their as very all of their corpses destroy them then the very way all of the Bodies Werew all of them Taken by their own hunters and then took them away and all the Sudden theirt very way all of them later had only 4 hybrids were All of them Imprinted and the bodies were gone and vanished then they were brought here and then killed us and them as very way all of them and the Pack and the younger Pack members were ended with the hybrids and Immortal children were blazed to death and cremated and then all the sudden more of their own Kind as very way all of them stolen the blood of the humans had become as very way all of them bursted out more Artenista more followed then the very finalist ones torched us and them to death then a Letter from Aro of the Volturi"
Dear Coven members you have been warned and we of the Volturi punished you and your members you are forbidden to see your loved ones look at them they are oldest but ancient they are in my care and they will be drained of their blood and we have Grounded you beware of the Punishment you are no longer Alive we killed you but you remained undead you are Cursed with Death Begone from the lands Other covens we have Friends who will turn away from your faces you killed our Witnesses and Didyme his sister my aunt killed by the Phoenix coven and You are forbidden you have a very low coven but pack members follow the Law from the Vulcans as our Punishment. Signed" Jane of the Volturi my jaw dropped my families are lured to their deaths with their families it was too late the other covens with us 4 with the Pack were furious then the families were murdered with us Again twice then again lost the Ability to mate and reproduce had our great-grandchildren too looked young like kids We did Followed from the Vulcans as their Punishment became the Crystal Millennium then the elders were sick then ill but all the sudden they forced us with as turned as very way with hybrids suddenly had news they carried only 8 children our great-great-grandchildren suddenly hatched out as very much more were Werewolf/Vampire hybrids our coven grew but blossomed tridoubling and they never bred again we were infertile Again had a very expanding but grown coven/pack still blooming and more of the three races then the Elders died that new year of 2016 we remained young but young but as fertile flowers the young Vulcan woman was stumped by kids were holding hideous insects chirping loudest scared the crap of the Planetary race women screamed by fleeing were terrified women then all the sudden Alice my freakiest but psychic sister the Volturi are angry again our coven and pack members expanded again with more hybrids of three races it will blast out more of their kind to the Southern states by 2063 5th April we made first contact with the Vulcans Strom it's bugs they are talking again it's your gift went beyond and we were turned by Vampires and gained their trust with them they have become the Crystal Millennium coven oh my god we turned the rest of Forks, Washington into Kindred the others are Interplanetary Lycans the scout flashed back to base they did something terrible they created a mutated race known as the Kindred and Interplanetary Lycans mutated Wrtewolves and mutated vampires able to feast both animal-Vulcan blood gained Cherry red eyes are Mutated wild vampires and the others are Monstrous Werewolves WHAT?! It was Caius they murdered the Lunarians and they Expanded the both races.

Let the Both killed the rest and destroy them.
kiwihipp chapter 16 . 5/24/2014
Nice to hear that even God does not want these Lunarians to be causing havoc at the weddings! Brave Paul for wanting to support his family, but better that he stays a human until he knows it is safe to phase!
kiwihipp chapter 15 . 5/20/2014
Well, another one bites the dust! One more lunarian down. Such good news! Now we just need Edward to realise that he needs to let Bella, as a vampire, be part of the whole thing!
Debbie Hicks chapter 14 . 5/3/2014
the Wedding and the Birth of a Half-Werewolf: the Wedding was on line and Reneesme was in Surgery to look like a Vulcan female her friend donated his eyebrows and her new but pointed ears were into stitches had been eaten and then she was Massaged and oiled and bangs cut with a curl hand to go Vulcan and she made a very speediest recovery Jacob was dressed in his Starfleet uniform of a Federation officer was nervous very nervous then suddenly her voice echoed very cold but expressionless her new eyebrow were upswept For our Tomorrows for our days to you my husband it shall be who Am I I shall Make my Choice This one the Phoenix coven carried the high master of Mount Seleya of Gol with the Groomsmen rang their ancient things then the first officer witnessed the wedding of the both dressed in formal robes of his planet the two bent very slowly the young high master grand her a Sailor crown to be her student priestess who was clad in pure blood-red holiest robes with a necklace of ancient Vulcan origin looked like a Seleyan priestess of the planet Vulcan her dark eyes were ice cold her very long hair was Darker hung loose and did not get her robes dirty What Comes ye down from the heavens without change this is the Vulcan heart and this is the Vulcan soul this is our way Reneesme Cullen daughter of Edward and Bella burn ye the fires of the Pon'farr I Burn my eyes is flame my heart is flame High Master of Mount Seleya of Gol I Will stay at your temple as your priestess signed and given thee under the name of T'Selis she signed very properly grammer words Jacob do you take thy wife to burn ye in the fires of the Pon'Farr I Burn my eyes is flame my heart is flame O' High Master of Mount Seleya of Gol KAIL'FARR! Thy are wed Reneesme Black and Jacob Black go forth bring ye life T'Selis and Captain Jacob Black of USS Hercules NCC 56443 Nebula class what it is means it is time in her language we turned them into Vampires Mother meet thy husband step forth meet your family in law it is customary Reneesme you look well it is now T'Selis I Am Vulcan married a human Daughter you acted as priestess the other ceremonial ritual began it was his sister was in terrible pain was in labor Hello Leah Do not move I' T'Selis will preform the ritual of your son herself held a ritual blade then sliced it and removed the blood very gently and poured her own hands into her body very well then suddenly a wail of a strong but powerful infant Celeb your son she had done well as priestess who was dressed as a Seleyan priestess your ears they are pointed your eyebrows are Slanted you are not human nor vampire as a Vulcan woman of the planet Vulcan you appeared to be in your early 20's you speak very cold but Emotionless she chosen a Vulcan name and is a married priestess of her mate and Consort the child appears to be a hybrid of both worlds What you name him David son of Caleb son of Sue his grandmother Hello Leah who are you a priestess of Gol nice robes Sir you must not touch his wife is wed in the Vulcan way how cold she sounded like T'Lar from the planet Vulcan she can copy her voice patterns and speak in Vulcan very well in the dialects of Golic Vulcan it's Old High Vulcan Thanks Mon for the track no problem it's the Birth he is so Aborable you a uncle you okay Mom I Don't feel well it's my turn to marry her Mom meet my new mate can you speak our ritual Sis it's my wedding I Get nervous on Weddings Samantha since we met since childhood will you become my wife Yes Seth you doofus Seth do you burn ye the fires of the Pon'Farr I Burn my eyes are Flame my heart is flame T'Selis Samatha daughter of your father and mother ye burn thee in the fires of the Fires of the Pon'Farr I Burn T'Selis my eyes is flame my heart is flame T'Selis KAIL'FARR! They are married Samantha Clearwater and Seth Clearwater thy are wed My children Are mated yes it is time ye in the caves Reneesme we killed the rest of the Lunarians they were burned what is Alice the Volturi they are gong to get us after we turned a very titanic but more monstrous but massive but largest but perfect Newnorn arm of both races very way too much many more of the both races it is low yes Aunt Alice they were Spies you look like a Vulcan woman nice robes with this Sailor crown with these with a necklace Then they all retired it really happened their husbands went into heat were violent and suddenly totally interbred with their own women in private and the Volturi were totally furious of their own spies murders and all the sudden they got they wanted their eight kids with the sister was with eight again with the very rest of the pack and all the sudden the Cullens burned their own remains and totally blazed them good and the other Lunarian injected a toxic needle into the very expanded but all both races suddenly they all fell down out cold with the as very all of the turned and bitten blasted out of their own bodies and stolen them to the palace and reported to their own masters wives all of them killed them all of them with their own deformed young who had them all of them killed for crimes of making a Coven banned the former friends from their lands and had ordered all-scale martial law and the Forks vampires with the Expanded pack members later had only 8 children with the two later had only 8 children both were Wolpire other hybrids they later reported they never bred at all but one was infected suddenly blew up from one young vampire infected the last Lunarian from the outside in they were furious onto both hybrids and declared War onto the Crystal Millennium coven stole their families held them as breeders and slaves later killed his prizes and their own some and all of them tribazillions or much many more all of them escaped and were with child to America then their own children with them were turned into Vampires but lost their own bodies to the Volturi were furious again twice about their losses gained more and all of his prizes with the Bodies all of them had them all buried very way tribazillions or much many more of them were then they all had become Undead but Immortal people and they were forbidden to go to places and then the Friends were crunched but burned retook the lands by Their allies fled both were poisoned joined their expanded coven but lost their own both of three race bodies and reappeared after arrival to America then the remains of wild vampires took the lands filed a very serious report on the Crystal Millennium's new children were hybrids of both races their plan was set to declare War.

kiwihipp chapter 14 . 5/2/2014
They really are everywhere, the scumbags! Awesome that an unborn baby wolf can sense a vampire! Wow!
kiwihipp chapter 13 . 5/1/2014
Another one bites the dust! Good on the wolves for getting him/her! Good debriefing for all of them at the Cullen house. I wonder how Rosie is coping with the smell of wet dog?
kiwihipp chapter 12 . 4/30/2014
What a way to catch another Lunarian! Talking about the taste of humans and then zapping the vampire that catches onto that, totally unexpectedly. I really liked that.
Great to see that Bella and Renesmee are getting on so well, I hope that Edward finds out in time that he should let Bella do a little more 'dangerous' work.
kiwihipp chapter 11 . 4/26/2014
I would be freaking out too, if my human mother was going to be around when these awful vampires were around! Just as well that it went well this time! I hope Renee did not catch on to what had just happened!
kiwihipp chapter 10 . 4/23/2014
Your daughter? I thought it was their daughter? I do hope they get the remaining Lunarians , one by one, as the heading of this chapter suggests!
kiwihipp chapter 9 . 4/22/2014
Well, it seemed to work if they managed to catch one of the Lunarians! Scary though, as it makes one wonder if the other ones are out there and how many of them there are!
kiwihipp chapter 8 . 4/16/2014
Well, that is going to be going down well!
kiwihipp chapter 7 . 4/10/2014
An interesting mix of Harry Potter and Twilight here, but none the less a good story!
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