Reviews for Travel Secrets: Third
leylinjan chapter 31 . 12/6
And another turn has past :)
I enjoyed reading this series again and will definitely come back to it many times more :)
leylinjan chapter 6 . 12/6
Love this story. Again :)
Must be my third or fourth time reading this, at least :)
TruckersWife chapter 28 . 11/28
Did Harry not go back in time, but go to an Alternative Universe in the past that is slightly different than his own? small things that don't match up or fit and it leads me to believe this.
HSkarsgard chapter 31 . 11/25
I am bummed this was disappointed after reading so much
stealacandy chapter 27 . 11/25
Why did Harry decide to cancel his order for tongues? Did he decide not to do the language ritual? if so, why?
Hilz chapter 31 . 11/16
Just discovered your stories.
You captivated me into them. Much to the annoyance of my work mates. As I just wanted to get back to a screen to read.
See you have published since 2017.
Hope you are well and that you might be inspired once more to continue writing.

Very much enjoyed this series of yours
gh01 chapter 31 . 11/11
read through this in a few hours. thoroughly enjoyed it. i was hoping that Sirius would have met Harry before you left this
Pavic124 chapter 31 . 11/4
Although I am sad to see another great stoy unfinished, I would like to thank the author for this wonderful contribution to HP fanfic. I truly liked some of your ideas and felt that your world building was very well done and intriguing.
Maverick chapter 31 . 10/29
great story, please update!
Noobmaster6785 chapter 31 . 10/27
do continue the story i enjoyed it a lot
wiebenor chapter 31 . 10/21
This series is turning out to be really good, but unfortunately this last story appears to be abandoned... It's really a shame, honestly, since I was hoping to finish it, but oh well
OscuraCat chapter 31 . 10/16
Loved it! Really hope you continue this though it seems you’ve stopped all writing in a long while.
perlcat45 chapter 31 . 10/10
Great story!
witchealer chapter 31 . 10/6
I am so disappointed that this fic has been left here, I was really enjoying it.
I am favouriting it just in case you ever get round to picking it up again which I really hope you do.
JanuaryLestrange chapter 31 . 9/3
Such a great story… is it more complete anywhere else?
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