Reviews for Travel Secrets: Third
twilliams1797 chapter 5 . 10/15
Sorry not logged in using mobile l know its been a year since this was updated (not compiling) but I noticed something unusual. In this chapter(5) I noticed thàt you used a percent symbol ‰ Virtually every fabric L have ever read had this symbol stripped out by ffnet, ànd their format destroying publisher much like they are adding accents to several of my words. Anyway it was somewhat startling to me. I hope you and yours are well and you are not homeless a again. FWIW I am enjoying Travel! Secrets . for contact,I write under name twilliams1797,
Q. Patricia M chapter 31 . 10/16
please update! I love the story!
NoxVioleta chapter 31 . 10/15
Please continue this! I'm begging! it's amazing, so well written, I need to know what happens next!
Guest chapter 31 . 10/13
Wow. Love this. I hope you plan to continue and see it through to the end. I really want to know what happens to the Potters.
marietta chapter 31 . 10/12
A very lovely story you have going here, interesting magic, politics, history, and strange collecton of Yule guests. I hope you find it in you to continue.
tabala chapter 31 . 10/13
Very interesting story, I love it so far
Sunand chapter 31 . 10/11
Dec 31,2016 to Oct 12,2017. Don't you think that this lovely tale should be completed? If there's ratings then mine is 10/10. Wow! Please complete this
Jon chapter 31 . 10/7
Brilliant series so far. I can only hope that you continue them.
Larenars chapter 1 . 10/2
Really awesome story, great series.
BucketPirate chapter 1 . 10/1
I wonder if you will ever complete this series...I hope you do.
llyfr1 chapter 1 . 9/28
Oh, I do hope you keep working on this story and series! The whole premise is brilliant and so well done and ... well, I just have to know how you work it all out in the end. And I *must* see how Harry deals with his not-so-dead parents and (worryingly) Sirius. Please!
RoyalDream chapter 28 . 9/26
Is Fudge a secret dark wizard or a Deatheater?
Wolfprincess1995 chapter 31 . 9/23
You have me hoooked with your series! Please oh please pick it up. I've read all three in the last two days and it's sometimes really hard to find such an excellent writer. I love the wit and thought put into every character and can't wait to see the advancement. Come back to this Soon!
Praphul chapter 31 . 9/18
A very good story...
I am most intrigued in the types of magics in the story...
Please do continue it till end...
I wish you all the best for the completion of this series...
Please reply me where you post the upcoming chapters...
Thank you and all the best once again...
Nanltesystems chapter 31 . 9/17
Fascinating! Absolutely love your world building.
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