Reviews for Respectfully, CMC Dixon
Ice's butterfly's chapter 24 . 10/9
I must say that I love the fic. It is so beautiful and original and is wonderful from beginning to the last published chapter. I have no words to explain how much I liked it but I can say that made me laugh and smile like a fool and parts with sadness because it also reminded me a little of me ...
Your Beth is perfect and Daryl Daryl is a particularly IC. We are clear that it is a man who is difficult words but I see writing all that Beth because hey, are at war and it is one of the few people who care about him; it is impossible not downloaded with someone you want to hear when no one else; of course, then they grow feelings ...

I stop rambling, sorry! As I was saying I loved the fanfic and I thank you for making me live these beautiful moments with my dear Bethyl along the fanfic. It is one of the most precious World AU and will always remember this story with a smile. Congratulations wholeheartedly.

Many warm kisses and I am very glad that a book has been taken. If you come to my country I'll buy without hesitation.
nikole salvatore chapter 17 . 9/26
Love this story!
nikole salvatore chapter 2 . 9/25
I'm sorry people are so mean. Theyre probavly judt jealous and have writers block so they take it out on you. I love your story btw. I should be sleeping but I can't put it down!
celia azul chapter 24 . 7/28
Best Beth and Daryl story I've ever read.
brady66 chapter 24 . 5/31
I just read this entire story and I adored it! I didn't read any of the comments so I don't know what was said so long ago but in my opinion this was one of the best stories!

I would've loved to have had a follow see how everything went with them.
NicoleTheresa1 chapter 23 . 4/10
I just found this story a few hours ago and I must say it was amazing. I wish it was longer and showed some of the after the meeting stuff like the camping trip but this was totally amazing and I am so happy to have found it
ShatteredDragon chapter 24 . 3/26
Plz tell riain that I loved her story and it made me see the bethyl pairing in a whole new light and also that I didn't know I was such a sucker for military romance until I read this it made me laugh and son and everything in between and I will be buying her book as soon as I have the money to spare
Winged Pages chapter 24 . 2/23
Just binge read this entire story! Made me cry happy tears and smile and blush and ALL THE FEELS! It's a remarkable story and I'm so glad you wrote it!
Winged Pages chapter 2 . 2/23
Appreciation of the military jargon you used here. My parents have been active duty USMC since the Gulf, working in motor-pool too, and I grew up on base. The USMC practically raised me. This was like flashing back to childhood for a moment, but with my favorite TWD characters as an added bonus. :) Thanks for this. :) Ooorah! -W.P.
Ballykissangel chapter 1 . 1/12
Squee! I love this already
atsirk chapter 23 . 1/1
Hi Riain,

After reading the whole story, I honestly believe that you did a beautiful job in capturing their characters in an AU story. I've enjoyed every minute of it, hopefully, there's an epilogue of some sort :(

foreverwishing chapter 24 . 1/1
Smh. Wow. This is what it feels like to be slapped in the face, thanks!
foreverwishing chapter 23 . 1/1
This chapter couldn't have possibly been any better! Wow, just absolutely lovely!
foreverwishing chapter 22 . 1/1
Go, Daryl! Wo.
foreverwishing chapter 21 . 1/1
Good to see he is awake and somewhat kicking!
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