Reviews for Potter vs Malfoy: War's End
goldeneyedgirl247 chapter 21 . 4/8/2009
This was an amazing story! I really enjoyed reading it. Also, The Da Vinci Code is one of my favorite books, so I sort of guessed as soon as the Grail came into the picture and when red robes wanted Blaise in Avalon that she was a descendant of Christ and the holy grail. The ending is sort of sad. It's too bad that Harry can't play anymore! Either way, I loved it. Thanks for writing!

Brillantseeker chapter 21 . 1/17/2009
Exceptional story. Thanks for such an amazing story. I wonder how years does Harry have left. A bittersweet ending.
Godric's Heiress chapter 21 . 10/31/2008
Wow. I must say that this was an incredible story. Very very original, interesting, well written, hilarious and just plum incredible! I really really enjoyed it. I cried at the end...I read the little sequel too and I cried even more...I wish you hadn't had a sad ending, but I think that was part of what made the story so incredible, the sacrifice at the end...I loved it. Thank you so much for the incredible read. I will be adding this to my favourites list...and believe me, I don't often add stories to that list! So excellent job. It was amazing.
whatarefilms chapter 21 . 9/11/2008
I loved this story! I liked the way that you made Draco and Harry friends compared to the other stories I've read where that happens. Good job with this one!
serenity gray chapter 21 . 8/5/2008
This was bloody marvelous... but now you must write a sequel in which they find a cure for Harry...or where the kids are older that was quite entertaining in this story. your a total pro
Firecanburn chapter 21 . 7/8/2008
I remember reading this story ages ago.

It's been such a long time, I'm glad you took the time to completely finish it.

A great ending to a great story.
riskinglife chapter 21 . 7/5/2008
omg!i've just finished reading this entire is absolutely done...i'm kinda in love with
Go10 chapter 7 . 5/23/2008
Just reading through your story again.

Just had to say this made me laugh: “He’s right,” Harry cut in sharply. “We’re soaked, exhausted, and in some cases full of hot air.” (about Malfroy)


It's stuff like this that made me love your story the first time around.
fruitloops was taken chapter 14 . 5/6/2008
So I was rereading this story for about the 5o millionth time and since I don't think I've ever reviewed I just wanted to say that this line of tristy's is my favorite in the whole story:

"They're dead! You've put them in a dead bubble?"

I must have a morbid sense of humor
LittleRedOne chapter 21 . 4/12/2008
I had read this story before I had an author's account and I'm not sure if I reviewed or not. So I'll do it this time around. :)

I adore this story; which is why I came back to read it again. You made your own great characters and you wrote out pre-existing Harry Potter characters wonderfully. I think you're a brilliant writer.

As for your plot, amazing. You kept it very interesting and with each chapter you left me wondering about what would happen with a lot of things. I know the first time I read it I didn't really want to stop. Even though I clearly had other things to do. It would be getting late and I'd just be like "Oh I have time for one more" which of course turned in to two or three. That's half the reason I love this story, it can keep my attention to where I just want to hole up in my room and read it; even though I've read it before.

The ending was amazing too. I like how you switched over with the 'Bridging The Gap' parts. It filled in a lot of wonderings. And the epilogue was nice. The whole Harry thing was real sad though.

Well I think I reviewed a good amount, I don't want to go over board. So I'll sum it up again by saying that I ADORE THIS STORY!

Jarik Tentsu chapter 21 . 3/24/2008
M, found myself reading one of my favorite fics from years back. I think this is the first time I reviewed it. o.O

It was an interesting idea. The characters were well developed, and it was a rather original story. The concept was simple, but you certainly brought a lot of complexities into the plot.

All the characters were interesting, as was their respective romances. Especially the OC characters - Cedric, Tristian, Dorian and Hayden - as well as the grown up versions of the four protagonists.

The building up of friendship between Harry and Draco was interesting to say the least.

It was depressing when I realized our beloved OCs would cease to exist in this timeline. It was even more depressing in BTG to realize they were losing their memories of it. It's just so sad.

BTG was like, a completely different story, but not a bad thing! I really enjoyed it. Thinking back over the last few hours that I've been reading this almost feels nostalgic. I mean, your story is set over so many years it *does* feel like so much time has past...and gawd, it's left me with this awful depressed feeling that I got when I graduated from high school.

The last chapter, with Harry old and weak was so depressing as well. I almost expected you'd write him dying off...I was about ready to cry at that point (Yes, I am a guy) P.

Seems everything in BTG seemed to be depressing. P

But it was a lovely fic...once again, BTG only worked so well because of all the chapters in the original PvM story - because it really felt epic.


Well anyways, I loved it this time too,

miss devil's kiss chapter 21 . 3/21/2008
this is one of the best stories i've ever read :)
Arianna Elizabeth Jackson chapter 21 . 3/5/2008
This story is really good. I'm sorry I havn't rewived yet, but i kept wanting to read more. how would Tristy and Hayden be cousins,or is it just an honary thing? And hows older Tristy or Ced?
The Fayt In Purple chapter 21 . 2/17/2008
That was so cute. You definately grew as a writer during this story; there was some clear eveolution in style and proficiency between the beginning and the end. I'm also really impressed with where you went with this story: I was a little dubious about it, to tell the truth, as time travel is not easy to do well, and is a bit of an over-used/often botched plot device. You pulled it off spectacularly, though, and my hat is definately off to you. And you managed to turn out a fantastic epilogue that tied up every loose end. The grail idea was inspired; it's actually really plausible.

Basically, great job! I look forward to reading more of your work, as half way through this fic I realized I've read a few of your things before and adored them all. My poor homework is never going to get done...*le sigh*

Once more, for the record: you rock and are generally awesome as a writer.

~The Fayt -
Cris Malfoy chapter 21 . 1/29/2008
Thrilling! loved it! never seen such a nice fic involving time turners..

and you held it down to your theory all along.. impressive, girl!

Just for the record, when they were still young in the future, Draco calls Gin by Virginia, and later you name her Ginevra. Small mistake, tough.

Keep writing! Your stories are growing on me ] you might soon have the honor of being my favorite author! *Draco-ish pose*
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