Reviews for Gaining Freedom, Losing Innocence
Anime Princess chapter 17 . 5h
Don't make her leave Harry; their relationship is very important.
Vukk chapter 17 . 6h
I like the story and where your going. My only concern is you will be tired of writing halfway through the story as you haven't got to Hogwarts yet.
jenn008 chapter 17 . 7h
Update soon!
geetac chapter 17 . 10h
xXxOtAkU-444xXx chapter 17 . 13h
I really like it a lot! **
Caraline Fisher chapter 17 . 13h
Yay new chapter! I'll be waiting for more! I love this story it rocks!
mizzrazz72 chapter 17 . 15h
The talk with Hermione had helped but Harry will not get the same from Ron.
ForbbidenForest chapter 17 . 16h
Great chapter, I look forward to more, much more!
Vukk chapter 8 . 16h
Three reasons I doubt global cooling/global warming/climate change/climate disruption is heavily influenced by people:
Meteorologists have trouble two days in advance and scientists said their would be no northpole in the summer by now
Numbers are changed to suit them
We are STILL in an ice age which has lasted over a million years
I dislike charms to have clothes grow more than an inch or two. To keep a good look, where would the cloth come from. Also people add stain and durability charms, and then you have clothes for life.
Melikalilly chapter 17 . 16h
I love this story
Vukk chapter 7 . 17h
5'4" at almost 13 years of age is the average height for men and almost always grow quite a bit more (6"). Women on average are about done growing by 13-14 (around 5'5" when done).

The reason (I think) people think they are shorter is we see tall people and pay attention to them (bigger could protect/see better). Those who are shorter we don't pay as much attention to. While I am 5'11.5", I feel short as my shortest grown male relatives are all over 6'. About 5'10" is average, and yet I feel short.
annette-ella chapter 17 . 17h
Great Chapter. Please more
Pheonixs1518 chapter 17 . 18h
didn't know you where on AO3 so removing you from favs on this site and subscribing you over there _
Lucky Guard chapter 17 . 18h
great chapter. i loved it i can't wait till the next one please update soon.
Guest chapter 16 . 5/31
Please update soon
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