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Guest Alejandra chapter 29 . 3/30
I agree with my sister about the chapter. What a thrilling moment for Lis. I like when she gives Kit his hat after they rescue him. Dan deserves what Kit and Lis give to him. Lis was very strong during this whole ordeal. She could've easily had let her secret out, but if she had something bad would've happened. I'm curious about what worse thing is coming up for Lis.
Guest Melissa chapter 29 . 3/30
My review is late because I've been reviewing other stories. It's okay about the long wait, because it was worth it. Besides you still update faster than certain other writers on this site. I'm thinking of giving up on them. I like it when Kit officially makes up with Baloo and Lis. I can't believe she actually did the rude hand gesture to Dan, but he deserved it. I can't wait to see what happens next.
packmulesrus chapter 29 . 3/9
It doesn't matter if a chapter is long or short. What matters most is how good a chapter is. Great chapter by the way. :)
Carlisle Fan 22 chapter 29 . 3/9
Yes Darin' Doofus got arrested. I always hated that guy and Rebecca was nice to let them sleep in. Hey its cool about the time. I loved the chapter and keep up the excellent work. :D
packmulesrus chapter 28 . 1/21
Hurry Papa Bear! Save Kit from that creep! XD
Guest Alejandra chapter 28 . 1/21
I agree with my sister. It was clearly hard for both Lis and Baloo during this ordeal. But in different ways obviously. Rebecca sure gave Lis a hard time when she was waiting for the cop to come with the information about the creep. This episode was one of the most educational of the show. Kit certainly learned a hard lesson. Lis is kind of cool when she gets all angry with Baloo for a moment. Dan is scum for using a kid like that.
Guest Melissa chapter 28 . 1/21
Don't worry about it, because this was worth waiting for. Daring Dan is even worse than Covington was. At least Lis had someone else to support her. Baloo isn't doing as much as Molly did. All she can do is wait for the plot to continue. And Rebecca wasn't making things easier. Not only will Dan get a beating from Baloo, but he'll also get one from Lis. I like how she snapped him out of it, so they could save Kit. The next chapter will definitely be cool.
Carlisle Fan 22 chapter 28 . 1/21
I always loved how paternal Baloo is with Kit in this episode. My favorite line" When I get through with that guy, he'll be able to count all his teeth on one finger!" Nice work on this. I can't wait to read what happens next. :D
Guest Alejandra chapter 27 . 11/26/2014
I agree with my sister. I don't care how long it takes for you to update, as long as you keep writing. Lis is sure a big bind now. She sure kept cool while speaking with Kit. Hopefully she can at least attack Dan when it's over.
Guest Melissa chapter 27 . 11/26/2014
Like I keep saying, a short chapter is fine. As long you put feeling into it like you do. I understand how Lis feels, but she can't mess with the story so much. That's quite a talk she has with Kit. I look forward to the rest of the episode.
packmulesrus chapter 27 . 11/26/2014
That IS scary. What would happen after all the episodes are over? Would that world just end? Brrrr! I got chills from reading it.
Carlisle Fan 22 chapter 27 . 11/26/2014
Cool thanks for updating. I liked how Lis decided that Kit needs to learn somethings himself and let him go. I understand that things have gotten in the way. I myself haven't written in my Siblings of the Sky story for a month. I plan to but I got Final Exams coming up, with projects to finish and I still have a few regular class to get through too. Anyway keep up the excellent work, I'll see what that other story is about and I'll see ya in the next chapter of this story when you post it. :D
devildog452 chapter 27 . 11/26/2014
I'm hoping to see more don carnage chapters. He's awesome. Yes-no? I stole that line.
Master Tigeress chapter 27 . 11/26/2014
I wonder if Liz will change a few things such as becoming friends with Shere Khan
Master Tigeress chapter 26 . 11/1/2014
I love the story. Keep it up. Liz needs to shock Shere Khan such as saving his life to realize that she is tough but sweet and caring.
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