Reviews for Awakening
Guest chapter 31 . 11h
Story so far is great, however there are some realy ilogical moments.
Its definitly good that you wont give up on story, i hope that you will manage to finish it
Guest chapter 16 . 12h
Danzo only tried to kill naruto and had such a punishment and ichigo had done something much much worse and this is his only punishment.
He betrayied him in worse way
Guest chapter 15 . 12h
What The Fu**?
Up to this point i can say that ichigo is most mess up vilian in this story
Guest chapter 14 . 12h
SO narutos shinobi are loyal to him only when they want to.
IS he really leader, or is there some kind of hidden master mind ?
Hinata nooooooo chapter 13 . 12h
This is Total bullshit
Guest chapter 10 . 12h
I had such high hope for this story, but i am sure somebody else will read it, probably
Guest chapter 10 . 12h
Wtf does naruto care for hinata?
Guest chapter 9 . 12h
Gloryfying hinata buee
Guest chapter 1 . 12h
I wasted time reading this story, cannon pairing? Hinata have done nothing to avange naruto
Guest chapter 5 . 12h
Naruto should agree to help but only in exchange for danzo head
Koper chapter 4 . 13h
Its shame that naruto meant to his old friends so little that they didnt do a thing after his "death", especial tsunade - strange that she even stayied at viliage but story is awesome
Roxie.88 chapter 31 . 5/19
Lobed the chapter! But now I'm dying to know what happens next!
Yifto chapter 20 . 5/3
Oh man this is fuckin intense I read up to here non-stop I gotta go take a brake. This story is wicked. Love the namikaze family moments, and the Naru/hina moments. What is madras rogue? A traitor?
Yifto chapter 13 . 5/3
Awww fuck, man
Yifto chapter 12 . 5/3
What's happening? Why? What? Eagle no!
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