Reviews for Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze: The Afterlife
firehuman97 chapter 53 . 11/14
If and when you get the next chapter up please take a break so you can do your stuff and not worry about this story until you get over your writing block
Crodog12 chapter 8 . 11/4
So with Chapter 8 Haku has Wind as an element as well because Wind and water is what makes Ice
Plasma Dragon 312 chapter 7 . 10/31
I feel like Master M accepted to easy yet still think that it makes sense considering how grandfatherly he is in the show. Also what time is it cannon wise currently in the story?
Guest chapter 7 . 10/25
Does Konoha gets punished? you can't just let them go like dat
Guest chapter 6 . 10/13
Me estas jodiendo!?
Yo pensé: (Oh bien, un principio patético echo por un escritor perezoso pero da igual, seguramente se pondrá mejor!)
Y adivina que, estaba equivocado!
Es malditamente enserio!?
Haku una mujer!?
Santa mierda, como odio a los de tu escoria.!
Que no aguantas verlo como un hombre!? Una mierda de excusa para luego ponerlo en el puto harem giganete que esta mierda seguramente tendrá!.

Estoy fuera.
Guest chapter 3 . 10/13
Men debo admitir que al leer esto me moleste, pero prácticamente acabe tomándolo cómo una parodya cutre.
Entiendo tu puto de que es tu historia y quieres hacerlo como te da la gana pero se razonable.
No habrias recibido malas críticas si hubieras profundizado más en este "odio" tan repentino que surgió como un mal cliché de la nada.
No recibirias tanto rechazo si dieras razones desde un principio convincentes y no simplemente coger una parte del canon y de repente convertir a todos en unos ciegos egoístas que hacen el "mal."
Podrías haber echo que los aldeanos guardarán resentimiento hacia naruto por obvias razones ya que sus familiares murieron por la mano del kyubi.
No qué odieran a naruto, más bien que odieran lo que lleva dentro.
Por más que los ayudará kurama en la guerra no quita el echo de que asesino a sus familiares.
Es imposible que no guarden rencor. (Pensando de forma más coherente y dejando de lado el anime/manga/novela de naruto ya que es ficción.)
Que algún que otro no quiera nada que ver con naruto al verlo morir o algo por el estilo se entendería al no cambiar nada los sucesos del canon, pero coger todo y tirarlo a la mierda mostrando todo eso?
Dejame decirte que muy prometedor no es que se vea el fanfic con tal inicio.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/8
Immediate dislike. Grammar makes the story more than the plot so you kinda screwed yourself up here, cya. And no this isn't flaming, this is just an opinion of what I'm seeing.
Revanchist21 chapter 53 . 10/7
This story is very interesting and innovative and I really hope you will have more chapters in the near future soon because this story is getting good! Keep up the good work man!
Chin x2 chapter 7 . 10/6
2k favs... This was painful to read.
Chin x2 chapter 6 . 10/6
I kinda skimmed through the last 6 chapters since it was pretty cliché (nothing wrong with that) but these 6 chapters could and should have been covered by one (maybe two).Way too much unnecessary stuff.
chari40 chapter 41 . 9/28
you don't have to be a minion for canon but you make everyone so weak and i get naruto godlike but his aura shouldnt make everyone get on their knees killing intent wasnt that potent in any version of anime . also i get its a love as a second genre but you went a bit overboard. also you should have known a bit more about the better arcs of fairy tail before you went on hiatus either way it's an ok story
Guest chapter 37 . 9/6
Your style is too mushy. You took up a lot of words by repeating stuff
Saurito chapter 11 . 9/6
The single best chapter/thing I have ever read in my years of existence, I may or may not have cried 3 times.
Flamarow chapter 20 . 9/2
I don't see why you would think Acnologia would be overpowered in the previous scene. Naruto only went as far as he did against Timaeus, excluding using his roar against him, which puts the two dragons at around the same level which is the level you said he was at the fall of the white dragons. If anything, Acnologia should have been more powerful now due to time passing. I did find it weird that the dragon never said "How dare you strike the All Mighty Acnolotia! Die pitiful mortal!". It was kind of obvious who it was half way into the first fight after all. Of course, Naruto would never have let it get away then unless you used Guildarts or the sword noise to distract him for long enough.

Regardless, this was another great chapter and another great fruit, though I had hoped he would take Kushina and Mikoto together so he can experience their "teamwork". Maybe after he finishes giving everyone individual time? I look forward to finding out. :3
Flamarow chapter 19 . 9/1
I'm a bit disappointed that he hasn't told Erza and Mira ANYTHING yet. I agree that he maybe shouldn't tell them about the clan status yet since they would start acting a bit nuts but he just said he was going to talk about his past to them (multiple times now) and hasn't said a word even on the scene I thought he was pointing at for the last mention... sigh... oh well.

This was an entertaining twist to the chapter. The breaking of the rule barriers so easily was a bit odd but I don't know much about them so I can't complain much. I was hoping Naruto used sealing on it rather than merely punching it with excessive force. All the girls would still have the potential to break the barriers since all of them know at least some sealing (or perhaps masters in the case of Kushina) and it would have felt a bit more special. Otherwise I quite enjoyed the chapter. Poor Laxus just can't learn without a pain, can he? :P
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