Reviews for Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze: The Afterlife
DarknessIncarnate2000 chapter 53 . 12h
Loved everything but when he went into the whole depressing stage after killing Timaeus but I'm willing to admit it might be because I've never been in that situation. I'm also willing to admit I'm usually the cold hearted type, a Madara type personality if you will(without the arrogance and wanting to make whole world suffer for my loss of course.) or so I've been told.
austin.murdock3rr chapter 1 . 9/3
arabella.kennedy chapter 53 . 8/28
Hey there Mr. Talented! Your story is worth my time reading these magnificent mind boggling story of yours. You have a better future ahead. You may wonder why I say that to you, here is the reason out of it:

1. You're a very talented story writer.
2. You can make your own stories and publish it to some companies and take money out of it.

What I'm saying is that your story is very good 'cause the plot of the story really intrigued me and the way your story goes on and on, it feels like every chapter I read it improves drastically. Whenever I'm done reading the said chapter, it gives me a sadden expression that you're not going to continue writing forawhile. But I understand your situation right now, thats life for you theres always a problem to face and solve with it so you can move forward.

I hope sooner or later you will be back to continue writing these magnificent obra you've just create. I know it may take awhile but I'll wait for the next chapter to be released so wiah you luck and hope you will be back soon . :-)
Train Heartnett chapter 53 . 8/27
Awesome !
Daydreams123 chapter 10 . 8/20
Alright, pretty good thing you have going here. Just to caution you, watch out for making your characters over-react to things. For example, when Naruto is first told about his Hurricane magic, he gets really excited over the possible uses and everyone else is "shocked to their cores" about how powerful it is. Small problem with that, they were only told that it required a lot of wind manipulation and was powerful. Nothing about that is deserving of shock or awe. Also, Mavis being there is useless. She doesn't give any useful explanation of the group's magical abilities, she just says they're more powerful versions of other magics. There is no reason for her to be there, and the inclusion is simply a method to reiterate that, yes, Naruto is indeed a walking Deus Ex Machina. Also, give us a frame of reference for the power of the practice spells they perform at the end of the chapter. 'Crater' is a nice word, but it could be the size of a golf ball, bus, or a baseball stadium.
XxAmaterasuxX192 chapter 25 . 8/11
this chapter is so sad and sweet its made me cry
Toruna Kitsuneko chapter 6 . 8/4
I like it so far, but am uncomftorble with the incest. Moms should stay moms... Oh well, I'll still give the story a chance.
BlizzardWolf77 chapter 53 . 7/15
I can see the guild master of Sabertooth asking to fight the Paladin of Pergrande sometime during the magic games, all just to prove who is the true number one guild, all the while making stupid comments on never needing or just outright insulting the wives and children of Naruto, that strength is everything, I can also bet the Drunken Hawk, to challenge Naruto to a drinking match to see who is better and stronger, while almost every legal guild basically trying to challenge or do something during the 6 months before or during the magic games to naruto and his wives for some unknown reasons, cant wait for the next chapter, its one of my favorite among other N X FT stories, despite 99% of Konoha hating Naruto, i couldn't handle the fact of Hinata of all people, to really hate him, she didn't seem like the type of girl even after the 3 year time skip, it didnt seem like her
SlyFox9 chapter 5 . 7/14
Can't you get minato to be with his family
Zenith Relaxation chapter 20 . 7/12
Loved the fight scene with.
Not pleased chapter 2 . 7/11
I fail to see the purpose of this chapter, you could have written this in chapter one in a single 8 line paragraph.
Very much pleased chapter 1 . 7/11
I know it's too late to say anything that could influence the progress of the story at this point, but what the heck. Great Chapter friend
Shen The Lost Namikaze chapter 5 . 7/6
haku is a fucking guy!
master chapter 3 . 7/3
bravo bravo brilliant story great i really like it congrats man im really supporting you and that part about hinata becoming evil was great,im sticking with this ride till the end once again thank you man really good story
Grel chapter 5 . 7/1
flashback flashback flashback flashback flashback flashback flashback flashback flashback flashback flashback flashback flashback flashback flashback flashback how 'bout actually telling a story, or is that too hard?
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