Reviews for Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze: The Afterlife
TheInvader chapter 33 . 9h
This is getting really good,Edolas arc. I kinda understand Carla treatment,just hope nothing bad will happen to her,for Wendy's sake. The scene with Kurame,totally hilarious xD. Ultear has been ducked into the vortex as well,can't wait to see what will happen next. Awesome chapter and story,keep going!
NecrorexSparda Juubi-No-Kishin chapter 3 . 16h
What happened to biju
TheInvader chapter 32 . 11/30
Oh awesome,Ultear is in the harem,thanks a lot,she's my favorite character in Fairy tail hehe. Fox contract is a good idea,yeah maybe we had seen it often,but it was mostly I Naruto fanfic,not in crossover...I think xD. Well awesome chapter,time for closure with the elementals nation. Keep doing this wonderful work!
TheInvader chapter 31 . 11/30
I really hope yhat Ultear will become a part of the harem. Awesome scene with Erza. I'm really glad that Wendy will become their daughter. Awesome chapter and story,keep doing!
TheInvader chapter 30 . 11/28
Wow,that was some brutal fights...I LOVED THEM ALL! Thoses were all awesome fight,the end of the dark guilds was epic. Keep doing it like that,don't change anything in your writing, it's pure genius. Awesome chapter and story!
TheInvader chapter 29 . 11/27
That is what I call fight scene,it's crazy. Every fight was well written and expained. In all Naruto fight,the way he always taunt his opponent is hilarious. Oh poor tremens they flirt with the wrong womens. Can't wait to read next chapter. Good work on this one and awesome story!
TheInvader chapter 28 . 11/27
Awesome chapter,really good love scene with Mira,like I said in a previous review, this is love making,not smut. Awesome work, keep doing!
TheInvader chapter 27 . 11/27
Really good fight against Raven Tails. Hope to see other good fight like this and can't wait to see the alliance in action. Great chapter,keep doing!
TheInvader chapter 26 . 11/27
The fight between Naruto and Gildarts was awesome,really well written. Naruto is a father now,that's great,I just hope she will consider Naruto's ladies her mothers as well soon. Really glad that Cana confront her father,in canon I thought it was stupid for her to wait that long. Awesome chapter, awesome story, looking forward for the next arc. Keep doing this wonderful work!
TheInvader chapter 25 . 11/27
I don't have a lot to say,you really know how to touch people emotionally. This chapter was...hmmm...extremely human. Astonishing job,keep going!
TheInvader chapter 24 . 11/26
Awww cliffy...what happened to Leah? Awesome chapter,Kushina had her sweet time with Naruto,awesome scene btw. Good fight scene! Gotta read next chapter now,I wanna see what happened. Awesome story, keep going
TheInvader chapter 23 . 11/26
Holy...that chapter was mind blowing,Jellal dead,I did it saw that comming...never liked him anyway xD. All of the fighting scene were amazing,like watching an anime. Jellal-home have been uterly destroyed,with everyone in the tower as well. Awesome chapter,hope to see Ultear again soon,she is one of my favorite character in Fairy tails. Keep doing this wonderful story
TheInvader chapter 22 . 11/26
Solidifying bonds,you cannot do better than that. Expressing feeling,having nice conversation, killing demon,a night out at a restaurant and a date,awesome. Good chapter,keep going !
TheInvader chapter 21 . 11/26
That was a great chapter,but let me ask a question please :Was it a filler of some sort? But anyway it was great. I really look coward to see other great fighting scene like that and hope to see some Kushina love soon,hehe it's her turn next xD. Keep doing,its awesome !
TheInvader chapter 20 . 11/25
The lemon with Mikoto was really well written,it show deep love,really good. The battle with Acnologia was really intense and the Divine Rasenshuriken,it was epic,I can't wait to see other new move. I'm really glad that Gildarts and Naruto had bond really quickly,I just hope this will help relationship between Cana and her father,seeing that he is more open. Can't wait to read more,awesome chapter,keep doing this wonderful work !
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