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Muaha chapter 15 . 7/21
this was painful to read xD
muaha chapter 13 . 7/21
"because I like cliffhangers"
YOU DEVIL! omg I am actually nervous about reading the next chapter lmao XD
christian.nickles.3 chapter 41 . 6/23
I loved it. You haven't updated in so long I had to briefly re-read and ski through the chapters. This is easily my favorite story of all time. And I would be happy to help you in any way possible, maybe by betaing or just giving words of encouragement. I seriously wish I could write half as well as you could.

Update Sooner rather than later!
tumma chapter 40 . 6/22
Okay so I changed my mind... I recently left you a review saying that them together not being the end-game was okay. And I suddenly had this attack in which I need them to be together or something. I don't know. Something like fucking Anna confessing she can't get over Elsa and doesn't give a damn about anyone else, and needs to be with her, or... I don't know. I'm just having this mini (common) attack because I swear, this is the fanfic I need updated the most. I read all day, every day, and this one still is the one I'm waiting for. Every time I get an e-mail I check it hoping it'll be an update of this. And of 20k words or something. I'm really sorry, I guess you must dislike readers like who keep asking and requesting and stuff... and I understand. I normally don't do this. I don't like to pressure writers. But... you need to see our perspective as well. This is such an amazing story. And I'm such a greedy reader.
This attack started because I was stalking the story on google to see if you were on tumblr (oh yes I just found the link on your bio, what an idiot) or something, and read on reddit someone saying 'In your update you mentioned having an ambiguous ending that won't be obviously Elsanna' and you confirming that. And it was... I don't know. It's hard to express myself because, as I said earlier, the ending you're probably thinking is a great one. Because seriously, what makes an ending really good? Angst and realism, probably (in my opinion). But it really hurts my feelings, imagining Elsa going through all that shit, just for nothing? I'm not sure how that would turn out for her. She's really vulnerable, as well as strong, if that's possible. And I don't think your idea was for some readers to hate Anna. Maybe you have all these thoughts about how understandable Anna's actions were. But I swear... it's really hard not to hate her right now. Not 'now' actually, but... since the beginning, or something.
Anyway, I'm sorry for rambling. I doubt you understood anything I said because that was a mess. But know that I'm not looking forward to anything more than your updates. I'm actually thinking about re-reading it once it's done.
Greetings :). Oh, and followed you on tumblr, just because I'm stalking Tessellate.
tfwyouloveher chapter 13 . 6/19
WARNING: Spoilers for anyone who hasn't finished chapter 13!

I don't normally type reviews until I have finished the story, but I just finished chapter 13 (at the end of which, Elsa kisses Anna on the neck, in a not-so-sisterly way) and I can't. fucking. handle. this.

I'm glad you didn't take the r9kEiS route. As much as I liked "Implode-Explode" (and it really was one of the most anxiety-attack-inducing things I have ever read), I was excited to see another way of the whole thing playing out.

I'm going to control myself and not continue to the next chapter just yet. I need some time to bathe in this feeling of panic. I also need some time to scream violently into a pillow. But until then, I can speculate on what Anna's reaction will be... confused disgust? Almost definitely. Of course, there's always the tiny, tiny chance that she'll (somehow) interpret this as platonic, or maybe this was some crazy dream. I don't know. But I can't wait to find out...

P.S. I hate Alice. She's the one taking advantage of Elsa, not the other way around. Fuck her. Not literally; that's the opposite of what I'm trying to say.
Mozart's Starling chapter 41 . 6/17
Nice Counting Crows ref with the title. And while I must admit the direction this story went in really pissed me off, it's excellently written! And I respect it for that :) Keep up the good work
Guest chapter 41 . 6/5
I've loved this story since it first came out, I'm glad you decided to keep updating. People can get impatient all they want, but waiting a couple weeks certainly isn't as bad as waiting the couple MONTHS for a new SiS chapter to come out.
Naoto Aika chapter 41 . 6/5
This story is making me feel feels, only the best fics make me feel feels. I love this story so much, which makes me seem masochistic with the way the story plays with emotions, but I really want to read more. Can't wait for the next update, don't discontinue it please, I need a proper ending to this!
Nettlebane chapter 41 . 6/5
The original 'chapter 41' was deleted before I had the chance to read it so, admittedly, I have no idea what caused you to place a hiatus on Tesselate; still, I am glad you decided to continue this fabulous story.

It's not so much for the viewers, though I won't deny that I quite enjoy your writing... but for yourself. You've invested so much time and energy into this project that to abandon it would be a huge disservice to yourself as a writer. If you feel the need to take a break, take a break. If you want to remove your work from the internet for various reasons, remove it. But please, hold on to your work. Save it to your computer or flash drive, just hold on to it. You owe it to yourself.

Glad to have you back.
phuckinayes27 chapter 41 . 6/4
I have that extreme sinking feeling in my chest from reading this chapter. Only the best fanfics can do this effectively. You have me hooked. I really hope Elsa and Anna find a way to mend their lives, or my heart may never be.
tumma chapter 41 . 6/4
This is making me sadder than it should... And that's because I feel like they won't end up together. And you know what? If Elsa leaves, finds a nice job, maybe a new person, and barely has contact with Anna.. That'd be an amazing ending, honestly. But one that would tear my heart up. Lord... I don't know what I want. At least, if Elsa has to change her life because of Anna, make sure Anna feels like shit about it... And maybe regret it. Hehe. Please keep updating until the very end. I refollowed the story.
Ps: Don't leave an open ending, pretty please.
Kiirii chapter 41 . 6/3
Oh my god, my heart was the only organ not touched before. Y u do dis ;w; . Great chapter, thanks for the update. I'm glad Elsa could open up a bit. Also Kristoff's move was very funny xD. I feel baw for Alice a little bit but I'd never seen or heard such a twisted trick ahah. XD
Gcohen chapter 41 . 6/2
Im sorry to hear that you lost that many follows and favorites, it sucks ass.

And don't you worry about OCC this story is great and credible, I love it to pieces and it's gonna break my heart when it ends.
Seahaven1 chapter 41 . 6/1
Yaaaay an update, and it didn't torture me slowly readimg this one :D we wouldn't be mad if you decided to make this fic longer :p
malekoydaerb chapter 41 . 6/1
nice one kristoff, that was surprisingly smooth whilst being drunk.

and i REALLY hope that this is the start of anna's effort to help elsa heal, instead of just continue forward.
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