Reviews for merely mortal
fyerigurl chapter 1 . 3/5/2014
Finally, some decent Rikkai! You know, the PoT fandom has gone downhill so much, but it's fics like these that give me hope.

I really liked this, especially your use of imagery with the allusion to the tides and the ocean. Very nicely done.

Love the characterization of Yukimura as well. He's been under so much pressure, poor thing. Of course he's only human. This reminded me of The Jabberer's fic - it was called something like Suspended In Motion.

Yeah. Good Job. Looking forward to more of your work.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/4/2014
Hmm I viewed the situation you wrote as one of sanada slapping yukimura out of self-pity. Like, "get a grip Seiichi, we still have high school to prove ourselves as number one" and yukimura's apology more of an "I'm sorry I made us lose" AS WELL AS AN "I'm sorry that I'm sorry" kind of apology. But aside from that, I don't understand how this is a yukimuraxoc fic... Like this is just a oneshot of an OC's view of yukimura (and sanada haha) unless the OC has some subtle one sided crush on yukimura that I didn't realize haha