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JeBaTheHutt chapter 106 . 8/18
Chilling ending
graycup113 chapter 106 . 7/26
Wow, I’ve read through this whole series in like a week. I don’t even remember how I found it, maybe a recommended reading list. Either way, I’m glad I did. It’s a shame that the story was not finished, but I’m glad I read what I read. Thanks for the great reading material, and I hope life is treating your fair and that all is well.
Guest chapter 65 . 5/26
The world really doesn't care at all about fairness, because if it did it would not let the repulsive, vile Thing know as Rhaegar Targaryen die suffering so little
It's amazing how much this fic managed to make me hate him. I thinks the credit is entirely to the author, because the fic follows asoiaf's general tone and plot structure to a T, so it feels that much more impactful and relevant
Christ i can't belive I'm saying this but I would have preferred Robert
CritKhagan chapter 30 . 5/28
The Ironborn are irredeemable
OneDocToHealThemAll chapter 45 . 4/6
OneDocToHealThemAll chapter 38 . 4/5
Robb continues to be a noble, honourable fool. Why would he spare someone in a fight because of their sex?
OneDocToHealThemAll chapter 26 . 4/5
He broke guest right. I hope this sacrilege will have repercussions
Guest chapter 48 . 3/7
You're a pathetic man, Rhaegar. You could stand the notion that what you did is wrong and hind behind your prophecy. Lewyn was banished on a false charge, Elia was banished on a false charge. You think she should smile happily that Lewyn's family is "fine". Of course, they are fine, you need them as leverage against the woman you claimed to love, if they're not fine then what is stopping Dorne from sending assassins after assassins for your head. Elia was separated from her children over nothing, and after Oberyn's death, you just have to send that awful letter to her. It is not Elia who has no considerations for others, she has plenty of considerations, it was you who want your cake and eat it.

You could have arranged for a divorce, an agreement on the children's custody, and given her full permission to remarry and return her dowry and gifts she received when married you as Eleanor of Aquitaine did, Her children's place in the succession line would have been secured with some forms of arrangement between the Faiths, the Crown and Dorne just as Eleanor's children did. None of the hostility needs to exist if you just act a little more diplomatic. Dorne is Aegon's natural ally. There is no changing that. As long as Aegon's place in the line of succession is secured, Dorne would be fine.

The most ìnfuriating thing about this is Aegon. He didn't become a good person which is understandable considering who his father was. Apart from me always think that if he was raised in Dragonstone and with his mother present, he would avoid the craziness that comes with being a Targaryen.

Frankly, I don't want Jon on the throne. He was not at fault for his birth and he deserved a loving family like everybody else. But, Aegon and Rhaenys deserve it too. They both deserved to live with their mother and grow up in a healthy environment not constantly having to fear that their father will leave them for another woman. And their mother's family paid the price for their father's thrones. Dornishmen died for Rhaegar's throne, Elia suffered insults, humiliations and abuses from Aerys and the court and still stayed by Rhaegar's side for years before being discarded unjustly. Elia did nothing to deserve any of that, she literally did nothing wrong. Rhaegar was wrong to run away, Lyanna was wrong for getting involved with a married man (even if she is too young to comprehend the full consequence, she still makes the choice that leads to the death of her father, brother, and many people). If this were a murder then Elia would be the collateral damage, Lyanna commits involuntary manslaughter, and Rhaegar the murderer.
Guest chapter 29 . 3/7
May I remind Rhaegar that Lewyn fought for him during the rebellion and suffer permanent injuries? Rhaegar banished Lewyn on a false charge and then use his wife and children to keep the rest of his family in line after he and countless Dornishmen fought for his flings with Lyanna. My god, the entitlement of this man.
And Elia was sent away on a false charge also and now she can't even see her children or leave Dorne freely? I thing Rhaegar know that he has antagonized Elia and Dorne too much for there to be any reconciliation between the two so he keeps as much leash on them as possible - Lewyn's family, Aegon & Rhaenys, etc. He is warning them with Oberyn's death that he has all the cards. Yet, he still wants Elia to forgive him so he wrote that stupid letter to her. The balls on this men are as big as the moon.
Guest chapter 26 . 3/6
I think that Rhaegar is sick. He is seriously ill in the head. If he truly cared for Elia that much and worried for his children's safety with the Lannister in KL then just send the children to accompany Elia or just arrange for the children to live in Dragonstone and allow Elia to visit them there - Dorne can't take them hostage, they will be safe while Elia can meet her children. It is a temporary solution but still better than what he chooses to do,

In the beginning, he made it sound like he will never forgive Elia which sends her the message that she can't ever see her children again. He sent her away along with the one relative who can keep an eye on her children. He also outright told announced the intention of marrying another woman - a daughter to a very ambitious and powerful man. And, he already went to war after having an affair - a war which killed many of her people btw. Like, what is she supposed to think of this situation? Rhaenys stated it outright, she thought he was going to forsake his family for a new one. If you have a stepmother, having a stepfather is not far away. Cersei is not going to let Elia's children sit on the thrones, the moment they married, the children are dead. Elia can't negotiate with Rhaegar because he won't listen so in order to protect her children's birthright, she will kill Rhaegar or Cersei. Honestly, I would prefer she killed Rhaegar because he was the one who started this whole mess.
Of course, he can't seem to understand that people aren't chess pieces for his own game with fate.
Thu Ha Vu chapter 48 . 3/7
I really have to stop here. I enjoyed the writing of this fic immensely and I think you portrayed a delusional Rhaegar well, maybe too well because I want to kill him with every appearance. I love Rhaenys, Elia and Rhaella. Yet, Elia died, failing to get her due, Rhaenys's relationship with Aegon, her own flesh and blood, broke down, Aegon is going crazy and Rhaegar knows about Rhaella's plan. Honestly, I am just frustrated. Aegon and Rhaenys should have been natural allies, they should have stayed close to their mother. Their mother cared for them and only them, Their father cared for too many things, his precious prophecy and his new family. They're living with a stepmother who would love to kill them to make way for her children. If they were killed, you best believe that Rhaegar would make more children with Cersei as fast as possible. Sure, he'll feel sad for a while, but he would push on for his prophecy while spilling worthless platitudes to Elia and everyone else later. It is safer and wise for them to team up and build a closer relationship as they are alone in a hostile environment.
Figggle chapter 54 . 1/8
Greatly enjoyed this fic but this Ironborn wank is going on too far already, checking further chapters I see it's not even remotely close to finishing so I gotta skip the rest of this. Making the Ironborn this dangerous is utterly ridiculous.
AceArgead chapter 106 . 10/30/2022
Wonderful chapter and and above a wonderful story. One the most enjoyble reads i've had on this site if not the very best. Your ability for weaving these plotlines while maintaining such good pacing is a signpost of great writing. I do hope you haven't given up on this serie since it has been almost 3 years since the last update. I hope you are well and that life has treated well in those past years.
WARNING chapter 1 . 10/24/2022
Be warned this story has a VERY unrealistic amount of Greyjoy/Ironborn wank!
White Obama chapter 1 . 6/14/2022
Really? Jon? what stupid fucking name
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