Reviews for The Soldier and His Princess
ms.Tee2011 chapter 10 . 5/5
Great story i loved every minute of it
sfspeedy chapter 10 . 3/1
Loved it! Thank you!
Nicffwhisperer chapter 10 . 2/28
Lovely story. I was hoping he was the prince!
anafinchel chapter 10 . 2/25
such a cute story...loved it!
Anonymous chapter 10 . 2/4
A cute and lovely story. Just loved it
stephi910 chapter 10 . 2/4
absolutely love this story!
maggiegurle chapter 10 . 1/15
Wonderful story! Loved it! Thank U. :o)
Am Team Wolf chapter 10 . 11/15/2014
I love your story!
Suzy-Chapstick chapter 10 . 11/8/2014
What a great story! Thank you!
DevilsWriter chapter 1 . 11/4/2014
Ten and six is not really an age: they never spoke like that, not even before common era. Since no one really knows how they counted their years, historians suspect that they counted the seasons. For example, I'm 22 and that makes me 22 summers of birth, but only 21 winters of birth.

Other than that, I really liked you first chapter.
CharlotteCrandal chapter 1 . 10/29/2014
Back to read this again! One little thing. My parents had 20-25 olive trees. Mom cured the olives with a couple of recipes to get different flavored olives. When they were ripe on the tree they were black. When she put the black olives into the different brines they turned different colors. No one could eat one right off of the tree. They are so bitter people spit for a day or two. One of my father's favorite thing to do was to give one to some poor unsuspecting, trusting person. He liked to see their faces when the flavor coats their mouth and they spit it out. Maybe different olives don't taste like that, but whatever type of olives they had, they were not edible until they spent days or weeks in a procession of cures or brines. These two characters are magnets drawn together and I love it.
marley01 chapter 10 . 10/21/2014
Sigh, that was fucking unreal, loved it
Jwrightsc chapter 10 . 10/18/2014
Love it!
2lulu2 chapter 8 . 10/18/2014
That was a great little snippet of love!
Leila chapter 10 . 10/15/2014
Wow! Loved it! Great story!
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