Reviews for Ghosts That We Knew
lisou31 chapter 69 . 5/11
Tu as réussi à rendre la mort de Finick plus cruelle que dans les livres. Ceci n est pas une critique c est un compliment
kelaaa.xx chapter 29 . 2/22
this is my second time reading this fic and ik its really old and u probably dont read these but just wanted to say this chapter is literally so chaotic and i love it - like the ending always makes me laugh a bit because as sad as it is theres just so much going on i actually cannot
LibbyRose chapter 74 . 1/29
ಠ_ಠ had to stop reading once finnick AND prim died once again. I can't take this trauma twice over
EJ chapter 100 . 1/26
I read this over the course of like two weeks because after I got a few chapters into it, I knew I was going to be devastated by the end.
It lived up to that promise!

This was an amazing fic, and I'm so sad I'd never found it before.
Emqm9 chapter 100 . 1/2
How I regret binging this fic in the last 24 hours. Like most people I have re-entered my hunger games phase 6 years since I was last obsessed and this is the first hunger games fic I have read since. And this fic was just so good I couldn't put it down and you have set the bar too high that I honestly don't think anything could top it. Thanks for a great read!
bonesfics chapter 91 . 12/13/2023
"Because today, Arden Rose is one. And by the time she is twelve, nothing will happen to her.

I'll make sure of that."

loved that.
bonesfics chapter 88 . 12/13/2023
this chapter has brought me to tears. you've written this so beautifully.
ghedaluca chapter 100 . 12/7/2023
I just finish reading your story , it's simply incredible
lizyeh2000 chapter 100 . 11/22/2023
Love your story now following! Please update soon .
Happy superhvalp chapter 25 . 11/13/2023
Happy superhvalp chapter 22 . 11/12/2023
Anja chapter 100 . 8/19/2023
Thank you for this amazing story ! I went through all sorts of émotion.
Just a visitor chapter 100 . 3/23/2023
Dang this was really good
Nina chapter 78 . 12/27/2022
Well, if we are honest Gale, I'd say as soon as Katniss is reaped, is very much on Snow's and Coin's side when it comes to how humanity is supposed to be governed. It's basically this argument by Hobbes that humanity is in this constant state of war and therefore there need to be an all powerful government. We have seen Gale as being violent and at war with society from day one, the problem he had with society was that he had no power his society. Before that I suppose you can make an argument that he didn't think too much about it... or at least he thought if nobody would watch the Games, the people could have the power to put an end to them – which was unrealistic, since there were such things as mandatory viewings. I come at this from the point of that in the prequel novel now, there is a lot discussion in the text regarding social contract theory and are the Games even necessary and a lot the arguments are the Hobbes vs. the Locke argument (wherein the idea is that humans have in their natural state individual freedoms and there is no need to be violent against each other and that it's the state's duty to protect our liberty in principle... – sounds pretty much like modern democracies). But ultimately I think Gale was no great thinker, which is what made him the perfect soldier in 13 and I think you had this right in your chapter that both him and here Madge in your fic were fuelled by their anger due to the loss of their home and the few people they could safe from 12... and of course for Gale it must have come as point of pride that a genius like Beetee would show interest in his traps and contraptions. Especially when you want to be helpful to a cause that can be seductive. But yes ultimately, I think in the books Gale knew what he was doing with bombs and he was just angry enough. I also think that Gale and Katniss in the MJ - that's something that breaks throughout the book and the first major crack happens when Katniss realises that Madge isn't among the saved in 13 in my opinion. I always thought that no matter if she had that confused feeling of jealousy in CF, Katniss surely thought that Gale ought to have saved Madge because after all she was her only other friend and even if that wasn't enough then he just simply had to because of the morphling debt, no question... but he failed to do so. (I know she tells herself 'maybe the mayor had been evacuated to the Capitol' or some such but in her hearts of hearts she knows that is not true because Madge has told her before, when discussing her mother's condition and a possible doctor's visit, that one has to be especially invited by the Captiol and that never happened.)
Nina chapter 60 . 12/27/2022
Thirteen being what it is, I must say I find it very improbably that Madge didn't go through any sort of basic training to be honest. That she didn't complete the same thing that Katniss and Johanna completed very early on, basically upon her arrival – no matter what job they would have her assigned afterwards. I get that they wouldn't deem Annie fit necessarily. And that there are people like Prim and Mrs Everdeen who have other key qualifications like medicial training who would be exempt from this and further trained in their fields instead. But that didn't seem to be case for Madge so I thought was rather bizarre and I had hoped this to go differently.
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