Reviews for Sword Art Kingdom II: Dimensional Bonds
weasel AKA boundedsumo chapter 1 . 10/23
oh so that's how they get to non Disney worlds like FFIII
Guest chapter 27 . 8/20
Hey, any chance for a drawing of The Realm of Arrival at deviantart? I'm having a little trouble imagining how the world looks like.
AC chapter 32 . 7/31
I really like this chapter, although in the exhibition match I really loved the battle between Sora and Erza, but a thought just came into my head. What if it was Sora vs Natsu vs Kenichi, THAT WOULD'VE BE AMOSOME! It would be like Goku vs Luffy vs Toriko, like a ultimate tie. This is just a what if.
SoulNinjas chapter 18 . 5/3
Aww but the crazy mad Naruto kyuubi mode was the awesome part of the show(a favorite of mine in the Naruto anime) would have made it more funny to see the keyblader's faces when they see why the Akatsuki wanted the Tailed beasts so badly for their goals(heartless would look tame compare to what Naruto would do XD)...It funny how I recognize a lot of the animes/games that was shown so far at this point but the Pretty Cures(bad name for a group in my opinion) ones sounds like the Sailor Moon series bcz of the talking cats. Maybe blue exorcist, Dgrayman, or DNAngel worlds(I think that one would cause some minor confusion for Sora's crew with Dark/Daisuke situation...poor Daisuke bcz of Dark thieving problem XD) would make a great adventure for them. Actually DNAngel would make a great world to go to bcz of the magic problems they have...hmm ideas for me to think about late I guess.. though for the pokemon dungeon I thought Kirito more of a absol then a sneasle(I think I spelt it wrong again XP)...Still awesome story so far.
guest chapter 1 . 3/10
I always get a kick out of the Sora and Yui moments, their big brother and little sister relationship is cute.
XMinerCobra chapter 29 . 3/2
Maybe you should add more variety in the worlds you do,like from games, to anime, to cartoons. Sounds like a challenge
XMinerCobra chapter 36 . 2/17
sorarocks531 chapter 23 . 2/1
Is the Chaos Kin a real monster from Kid Icarus? Or is it inspired by Belum from Legend of Zelda phantom hourglass?
Guest chapter 35 . 1/17
This...chapter...was...INCREDIBLE! Especially the bits with the Army of Light! I felt like was watching the opening to Dissidia Final Fantasy, the invasion of Hollow Bastion, the RWBY episode "Breach", the Teen Titans episode "Titans Together", and The Great Invasion in The Subspace Emissary all at once! Okay, somebody make that into an AMV, please! I would, but I don't know how!

On top of that, VERY few typos, a great blend of action, heartwarming, humor, drama, and a crowning moment of awesome for just about everyone involved! *sigh* This chapter was like gobbling down the most satisfying dessert in existence! And I seriously hope you write an omake where, despite it technically being impossible, everyone involved in fighting against Oberon in the end gets together for one heck of a celebration! Seriously, despite them only fighting alongside each other here, so many of these characters sparked such great chemistry with each! Heck, I'd love to see Natsu and Happy try to out-eat Luffy, for example! So much potential!

Anyway, looks like I have one more chapter to read before I can start Final Mix, and I know that that's going to be one awesome read! Oh yeah!
archsage328 chapter 35 . 1/17
This...chapter...was...INCREDIBLE! Especially the parts with the army of light! It was like watching the invasion of Hollow Bastion, the opening to Dissidia Final Fantasy, The Great Invasion in The Subspace Emissary, the RWBY episode "Breach", the fourth opening to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the fight against Bahamut Sin in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete, the Teen Titans episode "Titans Together", the finale of Mega Man NT Warrior Axess, and just about every Power Rangers team-up all at once! Speaking of which, somebody needs to make that into an AMV, please! I would, but I have absolutely no idea how!

On top of that, there were few typos, and such glorious attention was given to the action sequences. Not only did all of the characters in the army of light really fight together cohesively, but their personalities bounced off off one another very well here. I would love to read an omake where they all get together and celebrate their huge victory, courtesy of two of the pros of 4th-wall smashing: Pit and Palutena! Heck, just seeing some of the characters like Luffy and Naruto try to out-eat each other would be insanely amusing!

This chapter really had a great deal: appropriate humor, drama, heartwarming scenes, and plenty of crowning moments of awesome for just about everyone involved! This is without a doubt my favorite chapter in the story, and it gets me SUPER pumped to read Final Mix! This is going to be AWESOME!
archsage328 chapter 34 . 1/16
I won't deny that I've been away for sometime, so I'm going to do my best to leave good reviews until I'm caught up.

The fight between the SAO crew and their bodies was really awesome, and I LOVED the bit with Recon unlocking the Void Gear. I wonder if that will allow him to be the only (or first) person to regain the memories of the Vanitas Replica. Also, loved Asuna's Aqua Soul transformation! It was AMAZING!

My only issue with this chapter was the fact that there were a few more typos than usual, but given the length of the chapter, that's more a nitpick than anything.
guest chapter 33 . 1/6
Glad to see Shino appear in this series. It just came to me that in KH3 it's been stated Sora will be able to transform his Keyblade into guns. I think this would be a good concept if Sinon were to ever get a Keyblade.
XMinerCobra chapter 35 . 1/1
When I opened the last chapter, an error from IGN saying that this page was in another castle. IGN must hate Kingdom Hearts so badly
bowser3000000 chapter 36 . 12/31/2014
Do you have plans of including any of the following series Saint Seiya, Fate/Stay Night Accel World, Fire Emblem, The Legend of Korra, Dragon Ball Z, Slayers, Metroid
Guest chapter 36 . 12/25/2014
Why not do a ova, where Kirito fight against Silver Crow (Haru) from the Accel World.
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