Reviews for Digimon: Rise of Class Z
Permanently Inactive chapter 1 . 4/22/2014
Cool start though I wish you'd put up as many chapters as it looked like. Thanks for accepting my OC.
EchoShade chapter 1 . 3/16/2014
I'm working on a character right now, if you still need them. I just need to make a line for Mailbirdramon (I have an MBD obsession-MBD being Mailbirdramon) Do I PM you the finished character?
Melloyellowphase chapter 2 . 3/14/2014
Name: Andrea Hojo

Age:15 soon to be 16

Gender: female

Appearance / Outfit: She is 5'3",110, with tan skin and shoulder length black hair which she keeps in a ponytail. She also has hazel colored eyes. She wears a black tank top with a blue denim jacket and black shorts. She wears black combat boots as well.

Outfit in Digital World (optional):She has goghles with green glass around her neck.

Personality:She has a loner personality that often is mistaken for being mean. Thing is, is that she isnt very good at making friends. It had always been a bit akward to her. For the most part she's very loyal abd trusting once you get to know her. She also is very smart as she likes to read to keep herself from getting bored.

Hobbies (optional):Her hobbies is drawing and reading. She likes to make up creatures and give them backstories.

Family (if worth mentioning):Her mother, she only lives with her mom as she is an only child and since her mom is a laywer; shes never home.

Basic History/Bio:Andrea was born Febuary 17. Her mom raised her as a single mom as the father remarried. For a whilr they lived with her grandmother and as a result she is much closer to her grandmother than her mom. Then when her mom got a job theu moved far away from her grandma. Because she was always left alone and to her imagenation she was a bit out of tune with the socal structure. When school started she was signaled out for it. As she got older she wasnt so bothered by it and learned to love the loner thing.


Digimon Partner: Melodomon

Partner Evolution Line:Melodomom, Remon, Symphonmon,Classicomon.

Melodomon: A round body with rest signs(music term) as ears and wings. Its round body is yellow in color with black ears and wings. Its eyes are a dark blue. It is a music type. Its two attacks are Silence boom and Bee Blast. Silence boom is simlar to that of Terriermon's Buddy Blast. Bee Blast is darts made of energy that cone out if its butt.

Remon: Wolf like digimon, its fur is black in color except for a,white underbelly and paws. Its has eigth notes as ears and tail. Right on its forehead is a whole note. Its eyes are yellow. Its attacks are 57 Growls(Its a play on words from the song 57 trabones) and Remon's Inferno.(Its a song, Dante's Inferno.) 57 Growls releases strings of diffrent blues at its opponit and wrappes around it; its squeezes untill it dies. Remon's Inferno released a flamming ball of fire from its mouth.

Symphonmon: Its is humanoid in shape, except it is dressed in a dark blue monk cloak and a Treble Cleft simbol on its forhead that is also dark blue. It is a constrast of its grey skin. Its ears are like an elf's pointed and black claws. It also has yellow Dragontype wings that it uses to fly. It's three attacks are Flight of the Dragonfly(Flight of the bumblebee), Sutra of Balance, and Dance of Blades. Flight of the Drangonfly, Symphonmon's Treble cled sign glows yellow as measure if music creates a circle around him. Then it is brought in to its prayer hands and shoots out an electro sphere. Sutra of Blance, a full moon appeares behind him as its cloak glows and eyes appear all around. This attack brings our your polar opposite and pits them againist you. Dance of Blades, he has daggers in his hand and he shoots them at you. Once in comes into contact with an object it exsplodes.

Musicomon: Its sleek, scaly, black body is that of an Drangon with 8 wings on each side. It has a yellow gem as a third eye. It is very regal and mysterious. He's attacks are Syphonic Charge, Opus's revelation , Fortissimo's Fate, Crescendo of the Heavens. Syphonic Charge, he roars and a blue engery Musicomon charges at the enemy full speed with blue fire. Then impact smashes the enemy to pieces of data. Opus's revelation, strange designs representing the 8 element circle around him. Any such attack is obsorbed, amplifed and sent right back. Fortissimo's Fate, a gaint roulette table appeares underneat the opponet, which ever it lands on is what ever happends to the enemy. Crescendo of the Heavens, Musicomon's roar stars low and get louder exponentially as it sends giant sound waves that shatter just about anything its directed 's

Personality: The partener's personality is almost the exzact opposite. Where's Andrea is a loner, Melodomon is a social butterfly.

Partner Other? None
LunaTheCat1 chapter 1 . 3/6/2014
Tamer OC

Name: Luna Mizuki
Appearance: Her skin is very light peach. She has a curly and athletic body with pale pink lips and with her wear in a bob cut but grows it past her shoulders straight and dark blue hair with sky blue eyes. She wears a black sleeveless turtleneck with the collar white and black fingerless gloves that go to her elbows and skinny jeans with black combat boots and wears black head phones
Personality: She's cold,mean, and has a rebel attitude but when you get to know her she's a bit more nice and friendly. At first glance when you met her she'll glare at you and walk off but it's because she was bullied when she has little so she became cold and mean of it. You can always find her where it's less crowded and loud or at the top of the tree. In her free time she plays sports, listens to music, or is on her skateboard. When she first got her digiegg she was off guard which verily happens and when she found out she was a happy to found out she actually had a real friend. And when it hatch she met selenemon which she took cared of and went to digimon academy. She never talks about her parents
Digivice:Dark blue/Dark Purple
Name: Selenemon
Type:Warrior digimon
Brief Physical Description: a silver cat-like digimon with four legs with a bag of small arrows her one attack is arrow claws her arrows tip turns to claws a scratches her opponent.
Brief Digimon classification backstory: She was wondering around till she got attack but a glow got around her and became a digiegg and had a short life
Name: Huntermon
Type: Animal
Description:A Silver Wolf with robot ears and tails and armor covering the body and crimson eyes. Her attacks are Silver Blackout and Hunting Wolf and Seeking Strike
Name: Silvermon
Type: Human Hybrid
Description: becomes more humanoid. She has pale skin and white hair with silver eyes and a Armor chest plate,pants, boots and arm guards and the same two wolf ears and tail but silver. Her attacks are Silver Arrows and Mad Hunter
Name: Elicipesmom
Type: Human Hybrid
Description: A crimson red dress with black arm guards and boots, with Midnight black hair that goes to her waist and Blue eyes and black gloves that go to her elbow
Attacks:Fire Elicipes Shiny Midnight and Celestial Fire
Name: Atremismon
Type:Warrior Digimon
Description: She has sky blue hair thats tied in a pony that goes to her waist with a gold circlet and a crescent on the middle top and navy blue eyes and peach skin. And wears a gold bra and a gold skirt with a gold cape and gold gloves with the edge of the glove blue and gold sandals with straps that go to her ankle and a bag of arrows
Lunar Grace
moon's temptation
twilight charm
golden arrrow
golden hunter
cry of the wolf
Animegirl257 chapter 1 . 3/6/2014
I'm not sure if I'll keep reading this read this, and while I do have Digimon OCs, I don't think any of the more interesting ones would fit very well, but I figured I'd at least comment here.
I am glad I found a Digimon school story where the stars aren't the same characters over and over. I don't specifically seek out these types of stories since usually I'm working on my own, but it sees like half the stories have at least the main character, if not the others, partnered with either a Demon Lord or Royal Knight or an already used partner, and I've usually seen the same one or two repeated again and again.
So even if I'm not a huge fan of OC Digimon, this is refreshing since it already seems somewhat different with the Z class and all.
Elegon chapter 1 . 3/6/2014

Name: Dexter Laze

Appearance: African-American male. Nearly 200 lbs. in weight, almost 6’ in height, and a muscular build resembling a quarterback, and a very softened demeanor. He has light brown eyes, nicely coated white teeth, no scars and jet black dreads that extend to his shoulder blades. He only a plain black shirt with a black jacket over it, simple black jeans and combat boots leading halfway up his shins.

Personality: Strictly and completely reckless. He often finds himself in humiliating circumstances because of his inability to think things through or because he sees something shiny. He’s very oblivious to a lot of things, to the point most people just assume he’s an idiot, but he does know how to think on his feet when crunch time comes. Incredibly friendly, mainly towards his partner and always looking to meet new people. His loyalty know no bounds and he’s always willing to stick up for a friend.

Digivice: Red/Black


Personality: He’s just as reckless as his partner and is often the reason why Dexter doesn’t think better of the stupid things he does. He’s always looking to fight and is extremely playful when it comes to meeting new Digimon. Although he hates being called a dog, he often acts like one.

In-Training: Embermon

Appearance: Small puppy with tiny black bat wings on his back. His eyes are the color of a small fire and his tail has a halo ring on the tip. His paws are black like boots, while the rest of his body is the color of crimson fire. His teeth are sharp for a pup, but he doesn’t have any claws quite yet.

Moves: Fire Fangs-His mouth erupts into fire and he bites his enemies, sinking his teeth into their flesh and leaving burn marks.

Rookie: Charcmon

Appearance: He has the body of an adult red wolf with black wings on his back. The wings aren't very big, but are big enough to carry him into the air. His legs are fire red, only to become black at the feet, which have sharp claws sticking out. His tail has twin halos at the end, instead of one. His muzzle is black around his mouth, which had four sharp fangs sticking out, then extends into his normal fire red fur.

Moves: Flaming Impact-His body will combust into flames and he charges straight toward his opponent, slamming into them and sinking his fangs into them. He uses the brute force of the impact to knock them backwards and keep them down with his bite.

Pyro-Spinout-He uses his wings to fly into the air and flies high above his enemy, using the sun to blind him from seeing him. His body will erupt into flames and he dives down, spinning like a tornado and slamming straight into them.

Champion: Blazemon

Appearance: His body resembled that of a huge wolf, with giant black wings that could easily hold himself up and allow other to fly on his back. His face was covered in white fur until it reach his neck, where it turned into a crimson fire color that spread across his body until it his feet, which were covered in black fur. The sides of his body were marked with strong orange streaks that made him seem tribal, yet incredibly faster. His head had sprouted two thick horns that were sharp enough to be used as weapons and his tail now had three haloes around it and a small fire on the tip of it.

Moves: Pyritic Impulse-Blazemon takes flight and grabs his opponent, dragging them into the air and tossing them high overhead. He breathes a torrent of fire that bathes his enemy and charges straight toward them, his horns erupting into flames and slamming into them directly.

Inferno Torrent-Blazemon blast a series of fire balls at his opponents, only to disorient them. He flies around his enemy, creating a circle of fire that erupts into a tornado and traps them while he slices them with his claws.

Ultimate: ExoGreymon

Appearance: His body becomes much more humanoid as he stands on two feet and his wings shrunk down to the point they were almost gone. His head is covered in a visor that shields his head and his horns shrink down to small nubs. His legs are covered in dark red metal braces that cover him up to his knees and his arms are covered in metal gauntlets up to his elbows. His body resembles that of a crimson werewolf with a torso that is covered with a black leather vest. His tail has five haloes with a blaze at the end that is shaped like a mace.

Moves: Burst Claw-ExoGreymon will combust into flames and move at incredible speed, slicing his claws into his opponents and leaving them with marks that can explode into fire.

Blaze Blast-ExoGreymon will tackle into his enemy and throw him at a considerable distance, then breathes a column of fire that keeps them from moving. His gauntlets will blast several volleys of fire balls that burns his opponent.

Mega: AlphaGreymon

Appearance: His entire body is covered in red Chrome Digizoid, resembling a crimson Paladin. His helmet is emblazoned with the symbol of a wolf and crowned with twin devilish horns. His shoulders have twin wolf heads and his back has two giant black wings that are able to carry his heavy armor. His legs and hands have lost their claws, but he’s gained a silver broadsword and a crimson shield that resembles Aegis. His tail has split into two and both tails have seven haloes with a flame on the end that looks like a sharp blade.

Moves: Halo Destroyer-The haloes around his tails fly towards his enemy and surrounds them in a circle, allowing AlphaGreymon to take aim of them. He creates a sphere of pure fire that he launches at his opponent and explodes on contact, bathing them in an inferno.

Agni Kai-AlphaGreymon draws his sword and sets it on fire, moving at high speeds and slashing his opponent with enough force to throw them from higher and higher. After disorienting them enough, he uses his shield to generate a powerful blast of energy that sends them flying upwards. Before they’re able to escape his range, he appears from behind and slams the blunt end of his sword into their head, effectively breaking their ascent and sending them into the ground.
AnnaleaseTurner chapter 1 . 3/6/2014
Great so far, keep up the good work. Can't wait to see more :)