Reviews for Wanted: Gray Fullbuster
bloodberi chapter 4 . 5/2
I enjoyed reading your fanfic specially the Ice cream chapter!... Teasing Gray is hilarious lol... I was just hoping that there was a little bit of Gajeel x Juvia brotp sprinkle.. Either way, I'm your fan now. :)
Catrowline chapter 7 . 3/14
I just love Dominant Gray he's so sexy xD
hotmustache chapter 4 . 1/12
This is hilarious and so pervy, I love it xD
hotmustache chapter 3 . 1/12
Lovely! So funny!
Panda Crescent chapter 8 . 10/18/2016
I laughed so much in this chapter! Wow, thank you for the great story! Xxx
havinghopeagainsthope chapter 15 . 9/6/2016
the way gray freaked out was funny! :-)
i like this story! :-)
havinghopeagainsthope chapter 14 . 9/6/2016
i like it! im glad this will work out for them! :-)
havinghopeagainsthope chapter 13 . 9/6/2016
i always snicker at gray's reaction when he realises that he has stripped! it's always funny!
havinghopeagainsthope chapter 12 . 9/6/2016
now that she has her man locked she wants everyone to find their love! :-p
havinghopeagainsthope chapter 11 . 9/6/2016
it was cute...not completely pointless!
havinghopeagainsthope chapter 10 . 9/6/2016
awwww...that's nice! Juvia better pay up! :-)
havinghopeagainsthope chapter 9 . 9/5/2016 glad juvia didn't give into her impulses! :-)
gray was so cute to her!
havinghopeagainsthope chapter 8 . 9/5/2016
hahahaahah! the bartender had a long night ah!
havinghopeagainsthope chapter 7 . 9/5/2016
i like drunk gray! i want drunk gray!
havinghopeagainsthope chapter 6 . 9/5/2016
why didn't juvia turn up?! that's so not like her!
gray must have felt so bad.
and who on earth is tying gray up in juvia's room?
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