Reviews for Ayakashi
miltoran chapter 42 . 7/25
I thought this one gonna be a weird story, but turned out it was awesome! Certainly didn't expect some of the things inside, but it was acceptable and welcomed. Thank you for writing this.
EmptySurface chapter 42 . 6/15
I have enjoyed reading this story very much! Your take on the story was interesting, and your characterizations captivating. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us :)
X59 chapter 42 . 6/15
This was a brilliant story. All the twists and turns were splendidly done and the the last Arc was just crazy awesome!
Akuma Reficul chapter 42 . 6/7
Woah...this story caught my interest and I was completely sucked in XD This story's plot is really good, especially the beginning and the end. The way you ended was also good since some times other stories ending is quite unsatisfactory. I like this story XD
Inumaru12 chapter 42 . 6/4
Gosh, this was so good. I really should have gone to bed hours ago but this was just so good i couldn't stop reading until I reached the end. Oh man, the last couple of chapters though, they had me crying. Hell, I'm still not finished crying. I could just feel all the character's emotions and desperation to save their friends and it made me cry so, so much.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful fic, I absolutely loved it to pieces.

Guest chapter 42 . 6/4
I was truly captivated by the story. I had to read this in one setting. I loved everything about it! I think I may even like this better than the cannon. :P
duchessme chapter 42 . 5/14
it was a captivating story
read this in just one sitting.
xaonrider92 chapter 42 . 5/11
I love this story so much! :D

But i can't help but wonder... Tsuna got 2 pairs of gloves made right? In the end which pair did he use? What happened to the other pair?
Madam Bakunawa chapter 42 . 5/7

Your stories never fail to hook me right in! /cries/ read this for 2 days and finished it! I really love your KHR stories because of how you portray Reborn and Tsuna's relationship-if it wasn't so late I would be crying right now, the exchange between Reborn and Tsuna during the last chap made me want to cry. But if I do my eyes would start to hurt.


Also I love your portrayal of Chrome-she's my favourite character so I've been reading it closely once the spotlight is on her x'D.

And I like how your Ryohei isn't a another 'stupid' and 'boxing is everything' type. He atleast has knowledge and doesn't always rely on his brute force.

I'm a bit sad that this is completed but I'm content since this finished the same way((kinda)) like the manga. Except this time it ended with Reborn staying with Tsuna until he recovered

How sweeettttt

I do not regret reading your stories and I will go read more! I hope to see more of your Fics!
xBud chapter 42 . 4/19
Forgot to mention I prefer this then the Canon
xBud chapter 41 . 4/19
This was heartwarming and absolutely amazing. I read this all in one sitting and oh my God.
general zargon chapter 42 . 4/18
Wow, seriously, I loved this story. It was really well-written, and there were barely any typos throughout the entire story, which is really impressive. :D I enjoyed how you wrote the various non-human aspects of the main and side-characters, and I loved the mental image of Tsuna as a fluffy little fox curled up in Reborn's hat. . It's definitely an awww worthy image! I kinda hoped we'd see more of the fights, but meh, what happened was awesome too. I'm really glad that the Arcobaleno got their adult bodies back! Thank you for posting such an amazing story, and I really hope you decide to write more for this fandom. I wish you the best of luck on your writing!
sma erDnIy lnO chapter 42 . 4/10
It took me 2 days to read through this story.

Absolutely amazing, I love it a lot.
Knowledge is a powerful tool chapter 42 . 3/27
Great story - loved it so much :D
NemesisNecrosis chapter 42 . 3/26
This is a really well done story. I'm hugely impressed by the way you tied in the ayakashi with KHR's plot, and the way it almost seems to... fit, I guess. I also love this version of Tsuna, how he's more prepared for his inheritance due to his kitsune nature. You got the tone of the different arcs really well, too, how your version of the Daily Life arc is so light and has light, silly humour, and then it gets serious. I find your solution to the Arcobaleno situation very neat, as well.
Just kudos to you, I suppose, this is a great fic. Thanks for sharing it with the world. :)
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