Reviews for Harry Potter and the Chance meeting
He-Who-Shall-Live chapter 2 . 5/28/2020
Yeah...11 year olds don't scream profanities in their heads. Draco being raised as he was wouldn't even know those words as his parents would never use vulgar muggle terms.

Dive deeper into the HP universe and think critically about it instead of going the lazy route.
Jen chapter 50 . 2/13/2019
PottyLurvesLoony chapter 48 . 3/7/2018
Well, I love this story. A lot. Therefore, you need to write more. ASAP. Please and thank you.
Kigen Dawn chapter 48 . 1/6/2018
Srtainly has been a while. Good to have things moving again and those two working out their situation even if she might be a bit reluctant
awright22 chapter 48 . 1/2/2018
Of my goodness this story has me hooked from the very beginning! I love this ship, and this story is very well written. Keep going!
dumdoc chapter 6 . 9/14/2017
Eleven year olds do not curse like you have them doing.
doglover500 chapter 47 . 8/15/2017
Keep going it's really good. Can't wait for the future chapters.
morganna12 chapter 47 . 8/15/2017
Another great chapter... don't ship them personally, but very well written!
sanbeegoldiewhitey chapter 1 . 8/15/2017
Implausible storyline.
Kigen Dawn chapter 47 . 8/15/2017
Now he has to repay harry for making him cream himself
SerpensPrincess chapter 47 . 8/15/2017
Umm, love this fic, but this chapter is in code.
KK chapter 46 . 3/17/2017
Kigen Dawn chapter 46 . 1/22/2017
That was a dumb idea, if pansy knew then she'd probably yell at him to
cyiusblack chapter 45 . 8/18/2016
update soon
Kigen Dawn chapter 45 . 8/17/2016
They sure do. Now how can they possibly get ron and mione to break up so Ron can be with pansy, cause Ron is to confused at the moment to do anything
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