Reviews for Cirque de Triomphe
Guest chapter 1 . 6/1
On my ~shameless~ fourth re-read of this fic. Its very interesting how you start with this singular view into a future where the Owl has been locked up, servant-less and weaponless. The idea is quite satisfying. I’m always curious about Grayson’s motivation here and would love to see this as an arc!
Guest chapter 94 . 5/31
The Billy/Shazam arc is absolutely amazing
Katherine chapter 96 . 3/3
Okay, first of all, I was really glad to see an update from you. Even when I stepped out it made me happy to know you were in the ring holding it down for real authorship on this site (not so familiar with app yet, here).

I love the location shiftand that it makes no difference to Talon, at this point, because he’s obviously a child and that’s the perfect age for Owlman to get into the psyche and train them in that aspect, because everything is sort of just NEW INFORMATION. Obviously he’s been trained enough to store it differently and ‘see and observe’ but also extrapolate from that and know it needs to be backed up in proof of fact... (awareness that even if no one but Bruce picked up on his reaction to Diana, that was still not acceptable) and he’s already so clever... my king, indeed... all courts were inventions if we follow history, after all. Of course, mythology and history also follow different logic patterns haha.

I really enjoy that the tension is still there with Diana and Bruce, and played out the way I think of normal comic Selina and Bruce actually, but it’s kind of hot that she pulls rank a little bit, just me here, the way I see Watson at Baskerville and then some because as you bring out through the thought process... deities or that level of super-human and men interacting in the same circles is going to be complicated or very simple, and you don’t do simple and I like it (even when I’m used to figuring out what SOMEONE is up to and you throw a wrench right in thatmaybe because of that).

What else... oh man, this is one of those chapters that calls me back to another of your stories, when J is in the Batmobile and sort of rhetorically but also philosophically says, “I wonder what makes the difference,between the sort of ‘evil/good’ counterparts), and BATMAN doesn’t have an answer, either. I get so much of how easily Batman’s persona could be Owlman, in this particular moment, if a slight shift of who know what had happened. He’s still so very utilitarian and BRUCE WAYNE CRAZY to me. It’s a difficult balance that you play with there I’m sure, how far to go. I was ALSO kind of surprised to see the idea of Owlman and TRUST, on even a small level, interacting at the beginning XD , but in a Talon-child-centric chapter it sets another shift in perspective along with location and makes an interesting contrast to my personal center of the story (The Circus, their heroism and difficulties with baking cake, life stuff hahaha those really are some of my favorite chapters... ‘Til Now’ and Alfred and sandwiches ya know? Little things in between catastrophic things are just fun. It lends a bit of realism to a work of fantasy for me).

Other moments of note... effing love Barry, and you know I’m not as educated in the DC verse as you are but I can’t imagine that’s not Dash (then again, I didn’t see the references to Ella’s destiny and it wasn’t exactly a secret you kept, either, I’m never sure where you’re going, but I’ve always enjoyed guessing lol).

I don’t know anything about Aquaman to be honest, bare absolute essential stuff. I know a lot of this chapter is going to go right by my head because of that.

Oh! ‘The old man’, Alfred obviously. It’s still both difficult and natural to reconcile this character in the universes as you know, and either supporting what Bruce does feels as crazy as Bruce is, still, but that phrase interests me. I know Bruce probably brooded a lot about how he can’t be in that position of emergency help expert forever, or even much longer, but as to how he thinks of him on the day to day as BATMAN or Owlman once they suited up? That would be an element of his identity and prominent in a mental file depicting his person next to his abilities, to both Owlman and Talon respectively, and a bit even in Batman, but obviously more in The Court than the family dynamics of their counterparts I think. It was a nice touch. Also he’s always worth noticing, Alfred lol.

And poor Bruce, we are none of Gods, except some of them are lol. Unconquerable inferiority complex can’t be evil or good probably haha.

Always you faithful fan,...
Aoi57 chapter 1 . 1/15
Awesome story
Hitokimi chapter 1 . 11/7/2019
Omg. I love that you kept Owlman as Bruce. It never made any sense to me why they made him the non existent ‘older’ Brother- when they should have just kept his Earth-3 counterpart like all the others.
Guest chapter 44 . 10/30/2019
I’ve been lost down the rabbit hole for so long I almost forgot how much I miss and love reading your work. You’re so good at getting the dynamic of the family mixed with the horrors of their ‘job,’ and if you don’t hear how amazing your work is at least daily it’s a serious injustice... I wanted to start from where I vaguely remember so I apparently have commented before and logged out to try again heh.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 96 . 10/23/2019
so on one hand yes! more story and good fun!
on the other, gah! all the characters I like as villans that are having miserable existence and lives!

yet, making a story with a bound together world!

it is quite interesting and I do enjoy that you were working with something as ridiculious as the lords having a freaking meeting, they are all so odd in their ability to work together and actually HANG OUT its kind of ridiculious.

but hey the league of doom that Luthor usually does exists so hey.

but something as simple and mundane as whos in charge of food for today... ha.

still! wondering now on the flipped parts, cause Queens both ruling right now? but how in the hell that works with the alantis queen anyway, especially when she goes out and gets her own bastard... hmmm.
hell how their dynamic, cause all that environment damage thing were rightfully angry thing!
althought ob e fair considering everyone tech and magic, all of that felt RIDICULIOUS as plot points, like really you cant fix it with all your abilities?
hmm. hell how that works cause Alantis doesn't have a counter person to take over the thrones later, meaning they are going to be a constant kingdom that is adversarial to others... hmmm.
also the whole hiding away from the world, the Olympians work in their own ways because they are usually asswholes anyway? so their characters shouldn't change that much, although if you felt like doing a heroic ares that would be... interesting. although perhaps a bit of them all being a bit more mellow..

but Talon showing the smarts! quite interesting that,.
although poor Talon on the do I even have my own will to be broken type thing? and all that.

although I have questions now on Diana cause some group made those weapons and tools for her as well right Hephestus? as well as the fact that early stuff, her big weakness was her own weapons which should be... interesting.

although I cant remember, is she Zeus daughter, or is she Hercules daughter? her mother had a bad run in with him a long time ago right? hmm. I know they said a formed from clay thing to ignore issues of censors and comic codes back in the day, bit if that is just an amazon thing that after impregnation they can then shape their child... hmmmm.

although see, now you have more so CURIOUS on what possible equivielnt of a titans group would be. the survivors of the Crime Syndicate , their aprentices and protegees forming an alliance to keep the hero groups off of their backs?

hell considering how the numbers change so much, with so many more heros outnumbering villans in this universe...

Perfect Carnage chapter 96 . 10/22/2019
The Syndicate is a lot closer than I was expecting for a group of mob bosses, you'd almost believe they liked each other or something. Thinking about Owlman, how did he get admitted to the CoO again? I had the amusing image of an owl flying through his window like the bat did but with a message attached to its leg
JaggerK chapter 96 . 10/21/2019
The cooler hand and the slip of the tongue 'her mother'. Yep. Donna is just letting secrets out left, right, and center.
T0PH4T chapter 15 . 10/7/2019
I do not review this chapter because I like it. I feel nauseated by IV drug use for a lot of reasons, and I can't say I like something when I find my eyes straying from the story to focus on literally anything else.

But I don't think this story shouldn't be written.

I like the flying Outlaws. This is an interesting dynamic. The characters feel real, and I want to know more about their team dynamic.

I just really, *really* don't like explicit IV drug use.
McStaken chapter 95 . 9/28/2019
Holy hell, trisak! Welcome back again and what a chapter you've brought us. I have no reservations in saying I cackled like a bat out of hell when I realised you had included Granny goodness. Especially Ultramans reaction to her. That was beyond cruel to do and I love you for it, I hope you know this. The chapter was indeed long but with such a huge subject matter, I can appreciate the effort you went to convey both lois' relationship to Godfrey over time and the reasoning behind her decisions.

And ill never get over granny goodness screaming "BAD BOY!" thank you for this gift.
JaggerK chapter 95 . 9/27/2019
Yes! Another chapter!

Just the thought of Ultraman 'oh hell no' and then racing away from Granny is priceless. Brilliant! Loved it! Every second.
Kaoupa chapter 95 . 9/27/2019
Interesting thing to read! And i do want to see the Earth 3 Apocalypse, now.

And Ultraman's "Oh, hell no." When he saw Granny(actually) Goodness? Made my day. I am going to be wondering for weeks what that story is like.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 95 . 9/27/2019
well religion would turn into a disasterous and interesting mess once all the Pagan equivilents, godlings of an elemental persuasion...
Or I guess the best term would be a Kami? or one of the hindu words for their gods for the equivalent.
hindu probabbly works, everyone having brahman energy or whatever.

anyway the awakrdness when you have to deal with the groups in person! best hope Heaven kept its P.R. team up to snuff.
course the whole yes indeed some people WILL get your souls...


course the reminder that most of our societies dropped most of these religions and cultures for a REASON.
like the marvel movies is so freaking akward the Thor and friends were counted as gods.. amongst SOME of the people.. and then they like, died out, got influence destroyed and the rest, which changes it to the gods retreated and left everyone out dry.
although oh dear would history get RIDICULIOUS when you have to take in the actual considerations that ZEUS LITERALLY intervened here or there,

and god Judaism, the Christianity splits, and Islam would turn... interesting.

course the good argument of noncommittal everyone don't COMFIRM anything to cause some nice panic...

but enough about me and my rambling on the disaster this turn into.

Lois Lane!

you know something? I don't think I actually like her and I LOVE IT that you've written a character consitant enough that I get her but shes not particularly... pleasant or something.

im pleased that I like your writing even when I don't like a character in that sense, but not a condemnation about hwo the character is set up or anything like that, tis set up WELL.

not sure what im trying to say, this was a good adventure and the bit on her BelEIFS about the PR bit but also her people assuming report have friends, but her determination on getting thigns done in a situation...
and that little tidbit on the LEAD THING. so many times in futurist worlds most people keep problems of now a day around when they shouldn't realistically exist at that time for no reason but WOW would that add an interesting detail to the entire argument and problems. fear and comfort and real concern.

Geanny was hilarious and I LOVE the fact that our Ultra boy is an EXCELLENT escape artist!
apparently whena problem has a STRUCTURE to it like a puzzle or a maze hes fine but not when just left to FREE FORM.

and the bit on him lerry of knocking through walls all the time is good fun.
also alll the OTHER stuff.
Lois Lane FEELS like a reporter, really good job at that. I mean I generally dont like reporter characters? but thats my own thing.

it was done WELL here, hard bitten tough chick that she is.

although all the stealth P.R.!
but yes that transformation kick off your best defences cause alot fo strength set up...
and the war analogy and someone elses forever war were done with the cold war... sorta? I iamigne while big the whole super biengs exisitng make russias fall a bit less, especially with a bunch of war lords that are alot of Victor Von Doom types in the ability to punch high outside their by rights weight class...

so anyway. I always ENJOY this alot.
part of me is sad that you dont cover the REGULAR verse in the same way? cause your perspective would be and IS amazing in alot of fics. but im more then happy ith the reverse world that is built and gets its own narrative or something.

although oh dear if reverse, all the godlings like the greek, and egyptians are probabbly REMARKABLY odd creatures now.
\although yeesh if that hodls true for like Heaven and Hell... yikes.

although you seem to fit with the cosmic forces are usually still the same irregardless of reality eeven if details changes.

that end bit about the ntocie nearly everyone is the human shape, and the hialrity that the bodies DOESNt jsut evovle into something that someone else arbitraily decides is more EFFICENT is lovely.
all share a same body type thing! all life has comon ancestor ro something!

good fun.

thank you for another chapter.

end bit on honest government is ridiculious and inefficent but has good poitns, and the autocratic DOES have issues but with everything its heavily influenced by the people invovled...

this was good fun. thank you!
Perfect Carnage chapter 95 . 9/27/2019
You're back! Ultraman's pettiness is the kind of thing I'd expect from Superboy Prime, and Darkseid is so solidly cosmic I'm not even sure you could reverse that now.
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