Reviews for You Are My Way
Riley chapter 43 . 2/16
AT LAST. Oh this is so welcome after a terrible few months. Bless!

But yea totally who was the rider in black (i got some LOTR vibes there)? What was in the bag? This story has some intense, dense design to it, just keeps building on itself. So awesome. Come back soon Autumn, we need ya.
gggg chapter 43 . 2/15
what was that rider? it looks like someone doesn't want them going to avignon and Xena is pO'd. the love these two have is such a wonder. no surprise eden can hardly believe it. you incorporate themes from the series into something new and exciting so well! please dont leave us in suspense for the next chapter!
lyndsey chapter 43 . 2/13
yes welcome back! they've left Venice now and oh that bit on the horse was scary. what is going on? Like something is following them and I'm gone bet its dorian or something related to him. with xena and gabby watching there is definitely something much bigger happening and i wonder if it might be related to one of the old olympians? yes for arielle, you get it, but eden is so proper and gentle I wonder sometimes if she really believes arielle loves her? when she brought up lust its like she's a little sad. and who is the woman of angels? another guardian? our girls just can't catch a break. I hope the next chapter opens up more of these mysteries. thank you for coming back!
rach chapter 43 . 2/13
you're back! always a happy day and oh my god their journeys are never easy. I love flirty arielle so sad they never have the time or place for it. WHO WAS THE STRANGER ON HORSEBACK? Now that's scary and I want to know what IS going on with Xena and Gabrielle? It's like Xena's mood infects Eden a little, I think? So there has to be some deep connection there. I feel terrible for the pilgrims, too, not much luck for them! Or Eden for that matter. There s so much mystery going on and I just want to sit and read this for days. Please come back soon! I love this story!
Amazonfire chapter 43 . 2/11
Terrific chapter it kept me going with the same speed as the avalanche and I find myself reaching the end breathless and wanting more and asking what else is going to be thrown at them ?
Love this story. Brilliant.
Senna chapter 43 . 2/11
Hola escritor aun estoy aqui fiel a tu relato, esperado ver cómo desarrollas la trama. me intriga saber cómo va a avanzar la historia desde aquí.
En este punto ambas sufre hipotermia sera que si logran salvarse?

mo chapter 43 . 2/11
brilliant! Bravo!
Gordoknocks chapter 42 . 1/3
this story is so swoony can we have a little more romance please? Love love love how these two are always so close but never quite go there.
Ory chapter 42 . 12/30/2017
thank you so much for continuing this wonderful story. I agree with arielle: it makes me feel alive and that's all I ever wanted. :)
XabrielleLives chapter 42 . 12/9/2017
Wow wow wow i can't get over the attention to detail about all the locations your story travels to it feels like we are there. its like you took Xena and threw in Assassins Creed with some biblical history and mythology and this LOVE STORY within a love story that spans generations and life and death, but it's still so much fun to read. That is seriously impressive. Will we learn how Xena and Gabrielle came to be the guardian's angels? As we're heading north toward France I think? I can't wait for the story to come together when Arielle returns home and I hope we see those dark threads, like Dorian and Lilith tangle them up again. It feels like there is some bigger evil lurking, getting ready to emerge. Can't wait for more!
guest chapter 42 . 12/7/2017
What I really liek about this story is the mystery at the heart of it. I hope we get closer and learn more it is so much fun and beautifully written too.
Lynds chapter 42 . 12/7/2017
can't believe this is back! so happy I'm screaming!
riley chapter 42 . 11/23/2017
You have returned! I love this story and this was a sweet little chapter with a familiar nemesis. I'm so glad Arielle and Eden have found a way back to one another i was a little worried. Thanks for coming back hope to see more soon!
Amazonfire chapter 42 . 11/23/2017
As 'always ' wonderfully written. Looking forward to the next.
guest chapter 42 . 11/22/2017
Wonderful! I had been thinking about this story. So happy to see this back!
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