Reviews for All the Strange, Strange Creatures
Mary Rose chapter 6 . 12/25/2017
I hope more comes at some point because I'm curious what the intruders are doing there. Plus I do hope they can get off the island at some point.
LittleMissSpitfire chapter 6 . 11/14/2014
Oh my! What a cliffhanger! I want more! :P
But really, please update soon!
TereseLucy384 chapter 6 . 7/29/2014
Yikes - MaryAnn's a ghost! Well, not really, but they'll think she is. Very cool, by the way ;)
EveningInHornersCorners chapter 6 . 7/26/2014
I'm continually impressed at the way you're keeping this fic a real ensemble piece, just like the show was. Though I'm sure you prefer some characters over others, you seem to be giving them all roughly equal "screentime," which really adds to the feeling of this being a long, dramatic episode of the series. (However, on a comedic note, kudos for un-lost! That's classic GI! :) )

I enjoy your style of highlighting the relationships of various characters but then bringing everyone back together in the end. They know that, for the time being, they're all each other have, and, as far as your stories are concerned, they appear to be making the most of it.

That said, Ginger and Gilligan's friendship is a favorite of mine, and you've really caught them here - they're comfortable with each other and have fun together, but they also know they can lean on each other in a crisis. I find it interesting that she ran to him first when she realized that Mary Ann was missing - then, she's right in noting that consulting the Professor or Skipper would "add fuel to their fire." We can only hope the abduction and mysterious reappearance of Mary Ann will cause those two to stop fighting and get to the bottom of this - on the other hand, though, it could have the opposite effect (especially with the new cave drawing making an appearance...)

I did NOT see that ending coming - what a twist! Knowing who's behind it, it'll be really interesting to see how this plays out. Only one thing is certain: all is not quiet on the island front.
FanOfRandomThings chapter 6 . 7/26/2014
Hm... This is getting more and more interesting! Keep it up :)
The Wild Wild Whovian chapter 6 . 7/26/2014
Oh, it just keeps getting weirder! (Looking forward to more!)
Teobi chapter 6 . 7/26/2014
Never trust anyone who says you're free to leave. Poor Mary Ann's in a predicament, but I did smile at her line, "We've been trying to leave this island for four years!"

"Why did you blow the boat up?"
"You told me to."

Ouch. :D

Cloudy's right, Gilligan and Ginger work well as a team and it's always nice to see them interacting in a way that doesn't involve her trying to seduce him. I too am picturing Mary Ann glowing luminescent green, convincing Gilligan that she's been kidnapped by Kona and is now a ghost. (with pigtails.)

Grizzly Bear Grumby and Proffy are going to have to stop being stubborn now and get cracking on this mystery!
Cyrokin chapter 6 . 7/26/2014
AHHHHHHHH Now they're gonna think Mary Ann is a ghost. :0
Clouddy chapter 6 . 7/26/2014
I like Gilligan & Ginger working together. Those two are far more clever than they get credit for.

Mary Ann is glowing! I wonder what color she is. I'm imagining a radioactive green for some reason. lol
Amaris Moon chapter 5 . 5/11/2014
Oh no! Not Mary Ann! Surely this will be the catalyst that causes the Skipper and the Professor to start working together again.

You have such a lovely writing style. I'm starting to imagine this as a made-for-TV movie (it'd be too long for a single episode). You really have the characters down pat. Well done!

Please don't take too long to update!
Amaris Moon chapter 4 . 5/11/2014
Good ol' Gilligan, trying to keep the peace. And the Howells thinking money can solve everything. Teehee.

Excellent chapter. Can't wait to find out what the minions and their leader have in store for our beloved castaways!
Amaris Moon chapter 3 . 5/11/2014
Cave exploring adventure! Yay. Oh no, not Kona! I get the feeling they should've gone with Gladys... ;)

Sorry I've been so slack with my reviews. I haven't felt like reading fanfic much lately, and I'm just starting to catch up.

I just caught one teeny mistake, in the second-to-last sentence. There's a missing word. "You can show me that thing you wanted [to] show me later, okay?"

Right. Onto chapter 4!
EveningInHornersCorners chapter 5 . 5/10/2014
Fabulous update and perfect characterization. Every word is neatly in place.

I was absolutely fascinated by Gilligan's tale of the Skipper REALLY letting his temper go. Come to think of it, that's a good explanation as to how Gilligan can stay so sedate in the face of an irritated Skipper. He knows it could be worse, and he does NOT want to go there.

Seagull eggs. I love how Mary Ann has adapted to all the island has to offer in the cooking line. Not that she has much choice, but I'm not sure everyone could manage as well as she does.

She falls, and for a minute I think it's going to be into the arms of Gilligan or the Skipper or the Professor and this is going to be some giant reveal moment. And it is, only, yikes! I have a feeling this is NOT going to be a pleasant experience for Mary Ann...
TereseLucy384 chapter 5 . 5/6/2014
Uh oh . . . I figured MaryAnn would get into a predicament, but I didn't see that one coming. .
Cyrokin chapter 5 . 5/6/2014
Ooooo snap D: THEY'VE GOT MARY ANN- *shot*

Hehehe. "Lethbridge-Stewart". I lingered on that for a while. XD And did a happy dance. With my fists, I didn't actually dance. XD

It's looking really good so far... :D
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