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Melodicsiren chapter 7 . 2/16
Those two are OCs of yours right? If you ever want someone to rant to about them, feel free! I'd love to know more about them, their pasts, how they ended up in the mafia situation, how they met- yeah. X3 Everything They're fun and interesting!
Kaoru Yukina chapter 15 . 1/6
whoaaa... this chapter makes it feel like that ep 12,5 with colored humans flying in the sky...
though actually, I'm happier even without this chapter (i tend to ignore trivias that's hard for me to understand.. like Izaya's info-broker life-too much information i don't really know how to process.. now i wonder what it feels like inside Izaya's head..)
but this really is a conclusion, huh?
i won't ask for a sequel... since it's perfect like this...
but i won't mind reading this kind of fic again... ehehe
(definitely won't mind.)
S.miyuki chapter 15 . 1/4
Hi (again)! Okay first thing first, congratulation on finishing your first multi-chaptered story!

Next, Gokurosama!
Coming up with that post-script Timeline must be quite a pain, especially considering how precise it was, so thank you for taking the time to do it!

And I like it because not only did you provide us with a reminder of everything than happened during your story, but there were some new (or not, maybe I just didn't notice or forget ahah) informations that complete the story quite nicely too.

And the trivia and "further trivia" was a nice touch too, especially the layout of Izaya's appartment. Of course it IS Izaya so everything about him is troublesome, even his appartment, ne? :p (And I wanted to congratulate you AGAIN because of your effort and the way you were paying attention to all those little details.)

And your effort was definitely worth it, because it made a very good story! So I hope you a good continuation and may your future completed multi-chaptered stories be as good (or more) as this one!

Thank you for sharing it with us! 3
S.miyuki chapter 14 . 1/4
Hi! So the next review, as promised! (sorry I would have reviewed in one go, but it was something like 4 AM and I thought you would have preffered a review that doesn't sound gibberish, ne?)

I like the first part (as in, since the start of the chapter until Shizuo started to think about the situation), it was a great reminder of the dynamic in the first few chapters, where Shizuo was basically doing anything he wanted and Izaya was forced to follow, while cursing loudly against him. And it was also funny because we've got the feeling that the two of them are speaking two differents language :p
And the "I'm an independent woman and I don't need your protection" (with Shizuo's answer) cracked me up. ahah

Then it was the same feeling during the part where Shizuo is deep in thought (well even more so, because we got Shizuo's perspective) and it was even more hilarious.
My favourite lines in there were when Izaya joked about the marriage vows and got embarassed because Shizuo didn't get it.

And then about Shizuo's conclusion, I like how it perfectly made sense. How he is aware of the shitty-ness in Izaya but also his "good" side too, how those two could fit together if it wasn't for those 'unredeeming' points. And when he is sharing his conclusion with Izaya, it's like he is giving him so some of test, which is sooooo Shizuo-like... Like if you react well, then those "unredeeming point" wouldn't be that unredeeming after all, but if you don't react the way I want then, I was right and you would always be a bastard that I can't stand. It's kind of extreme, but it's Shizuo, ne?

And Izaya's answer to that is good too. Because, of course Izaya wouldn't react the way Shizuo want. The first reaction Izaya has while confrontring himself to his own feelings is denial and rejection, after all. Because emotionnaly speaking, Izaya is still "outside in the balcony".

So yes, I agree with you it's a fitting ending (relationship-wise), because those two couldn't have possibly end as a "couple" at this state of the story. It would have been too soon and not realistical; because like Shizuo and Izaya said "One incident wouldn't change their relationship so easily..." but...

BUT, now Shizuo realised that this moment was "almost like peace", that his heart won't forget about it. It's definetly the first step. No, ONE incident won't change their relationship... But it doesn't mean that there wouldn't more incidents in the future. And one incident plus one incident plus etc... THAT would be enough to change their relationship, because one day maybe Izaya would realise too, because like Shinra said in the previous chapter "He can't stay outside forever" and THEN, maybe it'll happen.

And that's why I think it was a fitting end, in my opinion because you let it open for future 'Shizaya' development.

Okay next, Shizuo's revenge. As a pro-Izaya, I didn't appreciate it that much, because damn! Izaya was completely fooled and is being outsmart by Shizuo. Buuuut well, since you imply that Izaya will have his revenge, then I guess it's okay, because that way he'll even out the score:p
Then as an objective reader: Damn! Shizuo managed to outsmart IZAYA! that was pure genius! (funny how the same sentence used from a different perspective can sound quite different, ne?)
So yeah, I frowned, then the next second I found myself laughing along with Shizuo and Shinra :p

(Speaking of Shinra, I like how once again he found himself in the role of the "wise/observant" when he was looking at Izaya walking away. I think the effect was even more emphasized since Shinra was observing Izaya from a 'high' point... And well it's always the perfect situations to slip in a 'wise/knowing' remark, ne?)

And then, Shizuo's decision to piss Izaya off! Ah, what a paradigm shift, indeed, that was perfect! :p

And I think that's it... So yeah, thank you again for your great work and sharing it with us!
S.miyuki chapter 13 . 1/3
Okay, at first I thought I would have only reviewed the last chapter (because you know, lazy ), but then I thought that since I made you wait quite a long time for those reviews I might as well review each one I promised to do, so yeah here I am. And well I thought it might also made you feel a little bit better to have your reviews counts rised up, ne? (though admitedly 2 more reviews isn't that much, but well...)

Anyway... So what I liked about that chapter is the dynamics between the character. Or rather the slightly different dynamics between them, especially during the first part.

It wasn't Shizuo attacking Izaya who is running away and taunting him, while Simon is there trying to mediate the whole fight.
No this time Shizuo 'attacks' Simon, who tries to defend himself, while Izaya is reluctantly placed at the role of the spectator and who is trying to make Shizuo pay attention to him.
And that change in dynamics made me smile, because even if it's not the usual scheme, the characters are still very much in character.

And the fact that Izaya was so fed up with being ignored - and well he is not used to Shizuo not paying attention to him for once, ne? - that he lost his cool and yelled Shizuo's name, it was great.

I smirked when I read "Then don't go rampaging off again" because... really? Izaya - the reason number 1, Shizuo is usually rampaging off for, the man who liked to add fuel to the fire - is asking him not to go rampaging? How priceless is that, ne?

And at Shinra's, Izaya found himself again in the 'calming' role instead of his usual diametrally opposite one, when he told Shizuo not to kill Shinra. And well I like how blasé he sounded.

And OF COURSE, Izaya wasn't worried AT ALL, he is just annoyed... *snort* yeah right.

Anyway as Shinra noted, Shizuo brings out Izaya's sensitive side, though in that context rather than 'sensitive' I would go for "childish", especially the 'not' pouting part. And it's great! I like how Shizuo manage to disturb Izaya so much that it brings up his more genuine (human) side. And of course it also brings out the denial, so who am I to complain, ne?

Speaking of Shinra... I don't even have words to describe his talk with Izaya. It was... insightful... very much so. When reading his part, I was struck with the image of an old wise men, indulging/humouring the youngster, managing to see right through them and smiling knowingly at them. Especially when he talked about Izaya's selfless love for human and his selfishness in hating Shizuo.
It strikes me once again how much Shinra knows about Izaya or how much he understands Izaya.
And the way Izaya had to cut himself out, it proves that he had let partly his guard down with Shinra -his first and only friend-, ne?

And then, THEN, the "You can't stay out here forever." I know Shinra is talking about coming back inside. But, it can also be interpretated for something else, ne? Especially in that context... It just strikes me as a "You can't avoid this subject forever, one day you'll have to aknowledge or at least start to look deeper in your feelings"... So yeah, I don't know if I'm right, but that's what I felt.

And that's why I think Shinra outshined Shizuo in this chapter, because you show that side of him that I like a lot, that observant and sharp side of his that gaves us a more or less 'straight' look through Izaya's character.

So yup that's it,
Thank you for sharing that incredible work with us!
GUEST35468498465 chapter 15 . 1/2
Wow, interesting fic. I loved the ''Can I keep you''? part, was that Shizuos way to say ''Can you be my boyfriend?''?
I can imagine many things after the ending. Thanks x writing!
Sakusha Saelbu chapter 15 . 12/31/2014
I really liked this timeline, it was very informative and helped me piece together events. I also liked that you provided a layout for Izaya's complicated apartment, I could never find a source so I could accurately describe it in my stories, so thanks.
djn chapter 14 . 12/29/2014
Great job with this fix. Hope you will write other docs with this pair again soon. :):):)
Kajune chapter 14 . 12/28/2014
Ahh, finished already? Well, I really did enjoy it, and good for an old story to meet its end. :D

This story was fun to read. I wasn't too fond of the OC characters, since the plot about them was confusing for me. I had to write it on paper. Haha. Well, I simply adored the conversations between Shizuo and Izaya, they were the best parts of this story. I love reading each and every word they exchanged.

Shizuo sounds evil in this, but also loving. Haha. Not sure what I'm saying, hehe. Thank you for writing, I am glad to have found this story. I wish you good luck, hope you do well, and I'll try and be ready for any other masterpiece you may have.
pft980811 chapter 14 . 12/28/2014
Loved it buuuuuuut *sidles up to you sneakily with thoughts of a sequel in mind* what ever happened with the mafia boss? I thought for sure that you were gonna make him find Izaya at Shinra's. But overall i loved it!
Sapopepe chapter 14 . 12/28/2014
WHAAAATTTT? A-AND... AND THE KISS? WHY CAN'T YOU WRITE A HAPPY HAPPY ENDING SHIZAYA FOR ONCE! Oh, wait, forget that... I really love your stories anyway, so...
(but really, a happy happy ending, with fluff and everything)
Sakusha Saelbu chapter 14 . 12/28/2014
Well I wish that you will have a happy new year especially since DRRR Season 2 is coming out soon!

By the way I loved this last chapter, and no need to worry about a sequel some stories are good enough to stand alone as it's own story.

I thoroughly enjoyed this, seeing Izaya so angry and confused was adorable. It was also great to see Shizuo in control of the situation for a change.

Anyway sorry about your studies and injury I do hope you are feeling better.
Guest chapter 14 . 12/28/2014
Thank you for this story
I really liked it!"!"
Wragziez chapter 14 . 12/28/2014
This chapter is one of the best I've ever read. Shizuo confuising Izaya is just so funny and a good role reversal! Looking forward to reading more Shizaya fics from ya!
AsumeKona chapter 14 . 12/28/2014
I think that was a great way to bring a great story to a close. While I am slightly sad they didn't end up together at the end, I think Shizuo's new resolution to piss Izaya off was great. And I'm with Shinra laughing! I think shizuo was probably drunk, but who knows? Izaya doesn't. Hahaha. That part was really funny. Thank you for such a great story! I believe you would be able to do a sequal well enough to match this wonderful story, but I understand that you do have other stories and your life to worry about, so don't worry about having to make any (Did that make any sense?). I look forward to the timeline, but don't push yourself too hard! Enjoy you new year!
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