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momrole chapter 12 . 12/17/2015
I like it, please continue
Guest chapter 12 . 11/18/2015
This was a good story, it was very funny. Liked it.
catgrl chapter 12 . 11/9/2015
Ok so it seems Bella is a hybrid and very powerful. Can't wait for more.. Where is Mike and Charlie haven't read about them in a while...
liza chapter 1 . 11/4/2015
i feel like i'm reading a story about 5th graders rather than high schoolers.
stephmarie96 chapter 11 . 11/3/2015
Omg! Please update soon, loves this story couldn't stop laughing all the way through! Update real soon :) x
Fruits.Baskets1 chapter 11 . 7/17/2015
Add more Chapters please
Debbie Hicks chapter 11 . 4/27/2015
Chapter 12.
Bella's pov
um' ghouls I am a bitten Vampire I feel so weird I and I just pushed some very dumb but dead tree hold in got to thrust more deceased trees and Ommmmph then a hardest crunching loudest noise was heard and violently crashing CRUNCH! oops my strength is little off you are doing fine Bella your wrist other wrist both are Bleeding again you what bitten that it happened Screamed of the changing blood was entering and preparing to ascend to Vampire hood was glowin like one from Star Trek the Next Generation I was now ready to be Embrace Jasper I was in the phase too late that was more than tridoubling my Very brand-newest sexual drive was more than one then Jasper Hale suddenly Screaming his soldier head off then he said Bella control your animalist urges MINE! it was Too late I was into the blood fever known as Pon'Farr Pounced onto him was going to mate differently by using changing and sharing blood only oh my GOD! Alice had a Vision of myself breeding using blood as all of it Alice yes we will share as all mates lets make dead we will be co-mates and spouses and wives and you men are my co-husbands with the others you covens will be co-mated to each other that is intermarriage to mates then it happened it caused as all of them suddenly with as all of them then myself was the head of the Holy chasity of Noblity I was heir of holy rings of Rixx daughter of the Fifth house keeper of the Great Fire and holy eye of Heart and Courage and was Lady of the Opal seas of Betazed dressed from the Bodysuit were robes had my hair styled in three hair clippers with bangs the Betazoid way were more freshly cut had to get it some cut it was done forged a crown to wear then Ben reported hello Egyptian coven members get over here I Granted and bit her granted her some Inergalactic powers it is telepathic abilities her brain ripped itself apart into four-lobes she is acting like Lwaxana Troi she has gone into the phase too early is wearing her mating Betazoid robes from Manhunt from the Science Fiction Series Star Trek the Next Generation is officially genetically blood bonded to Jasper Hale Sir! she is Sexual active with her mate is Betazoid now oh man Jasper you okay my whole body is murder she bound herself to me yes your hair it's styled not bad Bella Swan of the Planet Betazed feel better why your eye color black it is anime Husband we are married now start bring the kids bring me uttaberries ulp yes dear all I need is a servant to carry my bag Captain she looks human is Betazoid Madam you shared both yes how Vampires breed differently her hair is styled but freshly-cut wearing three things formed a crown to wear that I mated kids your father with them it is true Alice oh my god you just what gone into the phase you are boneded by genetically by blood and this yes just a sample I am going to have very long Ten month hybrid kids of a Betazoid and a human it is longer than human oh no sir she is going to have children this young Momma mia the first officer was a very tall and Muscular grown Vulcan male the young Vulcan male who was horrified of myself acting like her Commander we got a Betazoid woman onto Earth and she is dressed in her finery wearing her thing-crown is heir of the fifth house Good god woman it's Kate gone into the official phase Whoaaaa! Sir! it's Kate took Garrett for a husband but herself invented a Last name of what it's Grax what yours Troi oh no the first officer was furious he was so angry Strom! oh yikes oh man I'm dead I am splitting city and getting out of town of him huge and Muscular the young child who was very small but was curious like a kid was ever very playful but active the each both kids Ew T'Vel kissed me Dad gross Belch the little Vulcan girl giggled but she was too little about boys yet Eeeeeep he was frightened but scared to his robes wearing low heel boots he was very nervous of the place we hid was a before/after house of my own moved as all the things from their houses it was my mansion to live in like Lwaxana Troi hoo boy I have to get use to upper life of a bitten Vampire good heavens I need a servant to carry my bag her uncle was rising his slanted eyebrow to see a painting of my own ancestor the Betazoid fashion with myself was painted next in the same robes with Onyx eyes haunted him both shared the same brown hair and robes our theme for them was on the planet Betazed was a Federation member world Captain she is now full heir of her official new ancestral home used to live her body is preserved into a tomb-like coffin of all toxics and diseases and she is not alive herself is a reincarnate of her own Ancestoress oh my god I have a Vision holy crap she is wealthy yes it is her trainee house me own her home yes you are the official full heir Momma mia you are her reincarnation yes I am I hold her spirit in my new body Sir! she is now the daughter of the fifth house of Rixx oh no what this a will she is written in Betazoid Uncle look it's the language of the Betazoids the young Vulcan woman was talking to the pack then it happened I was serving them Betazoid foods oh man food and Women then BURP! Excuse me our diet the young Vulcan woman was still talking oh god we need food again watch it can't food the Pack were very hungry again of a midday meal to give thanks to Rixx.
Debbie Hicks chapter 11 . 4/26/2015
Chapter 12.
um' Cullens She is CHANGING! Ben you what into our kind it was too late a Greatest Hand me that blood In the Name of Osiris I Crown ye thy you as our Queen cross your arms as BELLONA DE RMUS Rise from the Ground with two twin Sticks then it happened a Mightiest change was from the Bodysuit was from the 1992 movie Bram Stoker's Dracula with my own arms crossed I was Crowned fully-Crowned but fully-Protected but Fully-ordained as Queen Bellona De Remus of Washington Ruling Monarch Queen of The Vampire high Empress of my Kingdom the holy ordaining and Crowning the blood was on my head it suddenly glowing a majestic crown was in Disguise then it held my hair with freshly cut bangs the a Witness fled to base and in a speeding flash of lightening then Aro a Queen is fully-time but officially Crowned by one of the Egyptian coven in holiest royal blood with her hands and arms crossed is been ordained as Holy Empress-Queen Bellona De Remus Ruler of the Holy Vampire world Lady of the Holiest rings of Rixx Keeper of the Great Fire of the planet Betazed is now a Transitional But Ascending Vampire who acted as her priest of the blessing of a Royal woman here is a picture she is been bound to the Gods officially crowned her as their fully- crowned and more ordained ruler has Anime Red eyes are protected by a strangest milkiest film guarding gained secondary lids of her own eyes clamped from as all of ,it guarding gaining a strangest power of her own her mind and her own ancient soul is ready to Ascend the throne is dressed in a royal cloaks and a self-made crest then it came too soon but myself was dressed in my robes and crown with both shattering it is done I am now Your Queen but your eye color is Anime Crimson oh my god Bella please call me Bellona De Remus It's my royal name oh no What is it Alice we have a Crowned royal you what Crowned her as Queen I have to get use to Royal life myself had surgerial teeth merged and violently shattered but my own smile came out exploding piercing royal fangs and teeth cold Anime Red eyes stoic and Royal but strictly commanding the dress was from Return to OZ Um' I am wearing Mombi's royal dress Hello Tia get your legs on the Double I command you to me yes my Queen I will do your bidding your majesty the Newspapers reported of a newly crowned ruler in charge in the Robes from Return to OZ Then it happened the Venom was driving my royal throat crazy it was the first time uh Houston we have a problem I need to kill now then the Vampires Collided then took a calm but still breath then yelled KROYKAH! I Used the Voice Bella what came over your mind oh my GOD! You are clad how she survived without sleep I learn this Language it is Vulcan more fluently Carlisle she is unable to rest for weeks like the Phoenix Coven are her guards yes Greetings we were turned by our future ruling queen had donated the Greenish Vulcan blood into her body and Changed us into your species within the womb we have kids oh Alice she what fainted we Turned the as all of them we are into hiding we are into big trouble called the as all of them to America it really happened with the both best friends turned then the Senior Volturi guard JKilled us with as all of then then suddenly Erupted free of the Bodies very too painfully then Crashing outside but took them Away to Italy then it was no more then Roving as all of the Prizes with as all of the as each three and all of them suddenly it happened my royal Prize Exploding as Full Queen of the Volturi but had a name Mombi of the Volturi but it came too late was Venomous but very dangerous had a terrifying gift was from James was Future sight and Events from the Bite who Suddenly was frozen at death coldly turned around to see was my bones was bound with as very as all of them to her new husband Marcus that the rest as all of them all of the sudden as all of the drained and bitten and Changed Exploded as more members very far way too much as all of them Destroying his wife into as all of as all flames then much many more as all of many as all of the Vampires attended their marriage and full crowning of Queen Mombi high ranking monarch of Volterra, Italy Exploding as a Vampire queen forever bound forever more but it happened my seeds with as all of their own seeds gone then Suddenly without Seeds at all but Exploding then came too late but myself was it's first royal monarch taking action but it caused us to adopt the kids but it happened we never died at all but myself was a Royal Countess but it made us all Immortal but really old as dirt our eyes were Golden then the Volturi heard this the bodies vanished in seconds crashing downwardly into death then much many more prizes all shattered but exploding as the newly-crowned Queen Mombi's royal guards as time went on then it happened all with Mombi later had as All of fully-grown children more then it happened with herself in the third tower healed more alien but causing as all of the life force to be terminated afterwards ourselves remained in hiding I was a Scientist created a brand-new weapon as all of them but it caused me to have a host into my spinal cord it altered us as well suddenly as well and Bit it attached fully to granted me all of it's alien abilities but Flung freely then made me a different breed of Soldier a Sailor Guardian with as all of them had hosts but they all of them vanished to their hall then crashing more of them then it began showing more of my new abilities and suddenly was glowing like in a blinding inferno then suddenly my voice rang out BETAZED CRYSTAL POWER MAKE-UP! My lastest royal shout signaling a blast of lights and my lip rod charging into flames and Caught it very too hardest Then Transformed into Super Sailor Betazed then the others transformed then suddenly I made my Sentai speech I Am the Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit on the behalf of Betazed SUPER SAILOR BETAZED Walks Within the GREAT FIRE! GLORIOUSLY! On the behalf of the Moon Kingdom we will right wrongs and Triumph over EVIL WE ARE THE PRETTY GUARDIANS OF LOVE AND JUSTICE ARE HERE! Oh Eeeeeeeeek! That was Super Sailor Mercury Blushing like a Tomato Herself was Embarrassing oh dear you Moron ourselves gained a very much many more life source But we are long-lived by now lost the ablity our young had kids with Shifters were stronger now then it happened myself was new at this new life of mine but it caused me to look older than in our teenage bodies gained a very extremely much many more far longer life span causing Jessica and Stacey to flirt with Such desirous passion with Their fingers wiggling Spit! what is that Oh Man YO BOYS Women! they were Built move it Shrimp Eeeep oh no then it caused us to look younger or older really old but became Succubui officially could not die of both then it caused us to look mature but adult beings but it caused as all of them to stop aging we were now ready to fight.
catgrl chapter 11 . 4/26/2015
Interesting Mike still has blue eyes.. Oh geez it was only Kate at least it wasn't someone bad. So Bella is a bit vampire hmm interesting... Can't wait for more...
Matthias Stormcrow chapter 11 . 4/26/2015
Wow what is next.
asia.joanna.7334 chapter 11 . 4/26/2015
OMG :) I love it soooooo much that section- story !
Amazing! Simply amazing! I love your writing and i love this story! I can't wait to read more.
Please update soon! ::)
Ira Bell chapter 11 . 4/26/2015
Ahhhhh so Bella not human
Tee Hill chapter 11 . 4/26/2015
wow, plot thickens :)))
Tee Hill chapter 10 . 4/26/2015
great chapter :))
Tee Hill chapter 9 . 4/26/2015
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