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Brenden1k chapter 2 . 4/18
Headcanon, there were civilian refugees at Hoth, however between them being dressed in rebel uniforms due to lack of clothes for the cold, general lack of civilian areas, a blaster causal atmosphere, and not bothering to inform imperials under the belief they just kill them anyway means that they were under the fog of war pretty throughly to the point rebels could of not made it more confusing if they tried.
acacia59601 chapter 64 . 4/4
I've been reading this one solid for days, I can't wait for the next part!
grovepjp chapter 64 . 4/2
Red Blaze 16 chapter 64 . 3/31
Glad to see Wedge came around. Will the secret get out during this story?
Illuviar chapter 64 . 3/30
It's always a pleasure to see this story updated. Solid chapter and nicely handled revelation.
stars90 chapter 64 . 3/30
I think you got Wedge's reaction down perfectly
zedille chapter 64 . 3/30
I really enjoyed this chapter! I loved hearing from the Rogues again (well, Wedge and a mention of Janson) and it was great how Zev was there to help Luke out and put things into perspective properly. "Blame the Jedi's dubious decisions" really is a winning strategy...
multyfangirl21 chapter 64 . 3/28
Wedge has a point. Hope we'll see few more alliance members being brought into the know so the twins will have a few rings of both sides to buffer them when the family secrets get found out.
princess-rey-tano chapter 64 . 3/28
Loved it!
Daniel6 chapter 64 . 3/28
Wedge & Luke still are friends. That will never change.
agnesiona chapter 64 . 3/28
Yes, yes, yes! Wedge knows. Luke needs his best friend. It hurt so much when Luke felt he shouldnt confide in him all this time. I dread (and look forward to) what shenanigans Wedge is going to get up to now that he has this knowledge and the ability to recruit Zev and Jix-that could be an absolutely terrifing trio.
O Wes. We love you, but your friends know you too well.
You are really convincing me to move Madine into my list of favorite characters in the SW universe. Never really paid a whole lot of attention to him before in the films and EU. He always seemed an intresting, but completely background character. You are making me realize that is probably because he is phenomenal at his job. Now I want to reread my other favorite books with this new insight. (If I could, I would buy your 'book/serial' and put it on my shelf with all my other SW booksn)

As usual your story is both satisfying and unpredictable, and your characters are fun and perfectly in character.
Kay Hau chapter 64 . 3/28
Another great chapter! Great to see Wedge in on the secret now!
shukkets chapter 64 . 3/28
Potkanka chapter 64 . 3/28
Wedge has a point, the more people know before it goes public, the better. Well, people they know and trust. Also there IS the possiblity that it never goes public, or maybe much much later, when none of them are even alive anymore, but hey, wishing for the easy way out is just tempting fate... Especially when it comes to Skywalkers, I suppose :D And I'm glad Wedge got all the additional info right away (like when who found out which family members they had), so he wouldn't be later suspicious of Luke about some part of it.
Well, hopefully Vader will also consider more people knowing a good thing. Probably better not inform him of this with Wedge around, just to be sure. If only so Wedge doesn't have to go through any stress. :D
Heh, Obi-Wan's sure not being remembered fondly just about now, huh? I feel bad for him, but also this WAS a shitty thing of him to do, to try to make Luke kill his father without informing him about their relationship.
Qrs-jg chapter 64 . 3/28
Another fun chapter, glad to see it’s getting updates!
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